Backpacking Equipment Tips : Pitching Quarter Dome Tents
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Backpacking Equipment Tips : Pitching Quarter Dome Tents

I’m going to teach you how to put together
my tent, which is the REI Quarterdome UL. Most Quarterdomes go together pretty much
the same way so this could probably be applicable to many tents. First you want to lay out the
ground cloth. I’ve already done that. I usually keep my ground cloth attached to my tent like
I said before. And the first thing you’re going to want to do, especially on a windy
day like today is put stakes in. So you want to spread out the tent, all four corners,
I’ve already put three of them in. And the tent stakes have little hooks on them. So
what you want to do is you want to put them in an angle towards the tent, so that when
there’s pressure it’s going to use the hook if you understand that. So put it at an angle
towards the tent and that way you see if it comes up it’s going to catch on the hook.
Alright, after you’ve put in all the tent stakes, you don’t want them sticking up because
you could trip on them and hurt yourself. You’re going to go ahead and get the tent
poles. Tent poles are basically metal tubes that have a big long string of elastic inside
of them. So they’re really easy to put together. After you’ve put them all together, my tent
basically has a long sleeve that stops at one end so it just catches in the very corner
pocket then I have to tuck it into the other corner. And it’s two sticks, two poles that
go and cross each other and that’s how they hold the tent up. So as you’re feeding it
through, you want to be careful because tents are delicate. You want to make sure not to
tear the tent. And make sure it gets all the way into that pocket and doesn’t get stuck
on the fabric. You’re going to do the same with the other one. And then after you’ve
put both of them in, you don’t want to push them in real hard just until they stop at
the end. This is where you’re going to want to ask a friend to help you cause this part
can get really awkward. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to synchronize and both
push in the tent poles at the same time, so the tent comes up and then you’re going to
push them in, if you can see right here there’s actually a little hole that the tent pole
is going to go into. So you’re going to push it up and hold that down. And stick it right
into place and then your tent is set up.


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