Backpacking Gear & Tips : Base Layer Clothing for Camping & Backpacking
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Backpacking Gear & Tips : Base Layer Clothing for Camping & Backpacking

I’d like to talk a little bit now about clothing.
And the first piece of clothing I’d like to talk about is the base layer. A lot of people
call it long underwear. But the first thing I want you to remember is “no cotton.” When
I talk about clothing with customers of Bill Jackson’s, almost always the first thing I
say, “no cotton.” Cotton’s a great fiber for absorbing moisture, but it’s not so good at
drying. And so, if you have a base layer, which is this, this is the piece of clothing
in cold weather that goes right next to your skin. What it’s designed to do is to wick
moisture away from your body. Cotton will do that, but it’ll soak it up, hold onto it,
and keep it next to your skin. And that won’t keep you dry. Since this dries faster than
cotton, this will keep you dry. And that’s what long underwear does: not so much keeps
you warm, but it keeps you dry. And in keeping you dry, it keeps you warm. So, remember,
“no cotton.”


  • Victortrotska

    Nice video and advices!

    I used to think those "modern base layers" were marketing scams.
    I play soccer currently in cold and/or wet conditions.
    I used to wear a cotton tank top under my shirt: it kept the sweat and/or rain water plus it didn't cover my arms.
    So I tried out those base layers intended for cold conditions as I wanted a long sleeves shirt that was light.
    Those things are great: at the end of the match I had no sweat left on my body, the shirt was dry and I was warm in it.

  • bcoverss

    @YAHWEHisperfect This is true, without bullets it's little more than a hammer. But with bullets it can keep bears/terriorist and zombies at bay. It's a bit heavy for packing though. Best to pack a light weight high capacity pistol in .40 S&W caliber. It's light and packs quite a punch, though it would probably take 3 or 4 shots to down a charging bear.

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