Backpacking Gear & Tips : Car vs. Backpack Camping
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Backpacking Gear & Tips : Car vs. Backpack Camping

At Bill Jackson’s when I have a customer come
in. I often ask what are you doing are you backpacking or are you car camping? And its
important to know the difference. In car camping weight is not as big a issue. Space might
be a issue depending on the size of your car but car camping equipment such as tents you
can actually stand up in maybe weigh twenty pounds. Stoves with two burners perhaps even
a grill. Even cots but in backpacking you have to think in terms of weight and keeping
it down. Right now pack weights are usually around thirty pounds or so. Buying the light
gear; maybe a four pound two person tent. Sleeping bags under two pounds. A stove that
you fit into the palm of your hand and a looking at everything if you take four things and
cut four ounces off of them you can knock your pack weight down a pound.


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