Backpacking Gear & Tips : Picking a Backpack for Hiking & Camping

At Bill Jackson’s, I often walk up to our
pack wall and see a customer with a blank stare as they look at all the different packs
that we have. And, pack selection is right up there with boot selection, I mean those
are, boots and packs, those are the two things that you actually have to wear, gear wise,
so they have to fit right. And, it can be overwhelming all the different packs that
there are, so, have to ask questions. You know, how long are you going out for, you
know, basically what I’m looking for is, how much weight do you need to carry, how much
weight are you willing to carry, and in that, then I can see which kind of pack. I walk
up and I have someone who is complete minimalist, they’re looking for the lightest old light
and they’re going to drill holes in their toothbrushes and, and do all that. Light little
adventure racing packs like this one, would work, but, not too many people go that way.
Then, the other end of the spectrum, you got this big weight hauler to carry up to sixty
five pounds. Do you need to do that? I try to talk customers out of it, it gets kind
of heavy on your back. So, I usually lean them towards something a little lighter. This is a common one that we sell. It’s, it’s
nice and light, it’s got a decent ventilation, but, it can carry a reasonable load. And,
so it’s something that you have to think about when you’re going up there looking for a pack.
So, when you’re there at your outfitter looking at packs, ask them, cause they know what their
packs will do.

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