Backpacking Gear & Tips : Shell Layer Clothing for Camping & Backpacking

I’d like to talk about shells now. And what
the shell does is, it blocks wind and rain. Base layer wicks moisture away from your body.
Mid layer holds the heat in. But the shell protects you from the outside environment.
This shell happens to be very light. It’s using a microporous polyurethane coating,
so it’s breathable. But anything that is waterproof is still somewhat heat retentive. So you have
to have some venting options. This has the zipper in the front: you can open it up. It’s
got armpit ventilation right here: let some heat out. You need to make sure that you think
about venting, because if you get too hot, then you start to sweat. And the base layer
can wick and dry quick, but if you’re really, really hot, it might not do it quick enough.
So you have to think in terms of: Am I starting to sweat? I need to vent. And open it up and
let that heat out, so that you don’t overheat, sweat, and get wet. If you have any questions
about shells, give your local outfitter a holler.

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