Backpacking Gear & Tips : Shoe Fitting for Camping & Backpacking
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Backpacking Gear & Tips : Shoe Fitting for Camping & Backpacking

I’m going to talk a little bit about shoe
fit now. When you go to an outfitter, there’s going to be someone there who’s going to be
a boot fitter. And it’s their job to find the right boot or shoe for you. And their
going to have an idea of, in their stock, what the different fits are for their boots.
So pick their brain a little bit and find out what they know about the shoes that they
carry perhaps even others. When they pick out a few for you, when you get them on your
feet you?re going to have to do a couple things. The first thing your going to need to do is
walk around and notice how much your heels slip up and down. Usually a quarter inch or
less is okay. Not possible to really lock it in there and have it not move and also
not be comfortable. But remember, movement leads to friction, friction leads to blisters.
So you don’t want a lot of movement, quarter inch or less. Another thing is they usually
have, an outfitter usually has a little incline to get on. It’s like a little mini mountain
inside the store. You get on that incline and you face downhill and you take really
heavy steps walking in place. You?re doing that to see if your foot will slide forward
and bang the front of the toe box. If your toes bang in front of the toe box you would
bruise your toes. Best case scenario, black and blue toes, worst case toenails falling
off, you don’t want that. So give it a good stomp and see how it does. If there isn’t
an incline you could do it on a flat surface you just take your foot and you slam your
foot forward like that trying to push your toe to the front doing the same thing, no
toe bumping. If you have any questions, give your local outfitter a holler.

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