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Backpacking Stoves & Cooking : Backpacking Cooking Sets

Space is a premium in your pack. When you
get your pack, you’re going to need to get one big enough to carry all your stuff, but
you don’t want to have to get a huge pack and and pack in a disorganized way. When you
get a cook set, backpacking ones tend to be nested. You’ll notice that there’s pots inside
of pots. There’s no handles coming off the side, why because they have handles that come
off and hold on just like that. It all nests inside of itself to keep things nice and compact.
If you’re in a group, and you can afford the weight, they even have utensils that will
fold up, nice and small and fit inside. If you’re solo, going by yourself, you probably
want to have a stove system that can fold up and go inside the stove. Keeping things
nice and compact makes your packing easier and keeps everything together. If you have
any questions give your local outfitter a holler.

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  • Dennis Barnes

    I Try To Keep My pack Organized check out my video of used items, I try and reuse old tin cans or even insulated bowls and cups. I just linked a video with a set for serving 2 people.

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