Backpacking Tent Review: The Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2
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Backpacking Tent Review: The Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2

hey guys Alisha here with terradrift and we’re
coming at you with a review of the Big Agnes those were armadillos the Big Agnes Fly Creek
ul2 here’s what we love about it it’s ultra light that’s number one it packs up much smaller
than any other tent we’ve ever had before the whole thing is made out of ultralight
materials guylines zippers everything it weighs almost nothing packed up trail weight is 1
pound 15 ounces which is super light and I love that about it you’ll find a lot of backpacking
tents that claim to be ultralight but they’re really just a tarp or you have to pitch them
with trekking poles and they do really poorly in the rain or collect condensation but this
is a great all-in-one tent that functions very well in all sorts of weather the tent
poles themselves are light and small they’re all connected to one point and there are three
poles that come out the back and the the front of the sides so they pack up really small
in light as well which is super old that means it takes a very little room in our packs and
when we’re backpacking another great thing about the shape and design of this tent and
the poles is that it can withstand some serious winds we put it up in cap Rock Canyon State
Park in Texas and overnight and during the day while we were hiking the park experienced
something like 40 mile-per-hour winds and when we got back to our campsite ours was
the only tent of 3 that suffered zero damage so that was really exciting not a single bent
tent pole no tears it was still standing and staked in the ground we basically won camping
that night so that was pretty exciting another great feature is that if you remove the fly
about three-quarters of the tent itself is actually mesh so in the summer it’s really
cool when you’re sleeping and it’s warm in cool weather. Like here in Texas its really humid in the
summer it’s really nice to be able to lay in a tent with the fly off look up at the
stars and just enjoy nature and of course if the weather turns or whatever you put the
tent fly right back on and you’re all set to go we’ve also camped in this tent in relatively
cold temperature so we’ve taken a camping when it was below freezing and we woke up
to frost on the fly and honestly it was quite cozy compared to some other tents that we’ve
camped in in really cold temperatures so that was surprisingly nice do keep in mind that
the tent fly does not have any vents on it so we haven’t yet camped in it in hot rainy
conditions but if you are in a place where you can’t leave the fly off it may get a little
stuffy if it’s really warm outside but it’s really quite cozy in cool temperatures as
for the things we’re not crazy about with this tent mostly it has to do with the size
this is a two-person tent but you may notice it’s pretty snug it’s the smallest two-person
tent we’ve ever had for a more average size larger sites backpacker this is gonna be a
one-person tent for Josh and I it works okay because I’m five three he’s 5’ 6” were
pretty small people we fit all right together in this although it is quite cozy or climate
sleep pads touch and even maybe overlap just a smidge back near the the foot of the tent
where it gets a just a little bit narrower so keep that in mind if you’re either a very
tall or a very wide person looking for a backpacking tent there is a little room in sight for some
extra stuff but mostly just like headlamps shoes a water bottle maybe you could squeeze
in a small daypack or two but otherwise I wouldn’t try to cram too much stuff in there
because there’s just not that much room there is room in the vestibule area we’ve put both
of our backpacks up in here over night when we need to store them keep them out of the
weather we’ve even sort of unzipped this a bit and used it to light our stove in windy
conditions another thing I’m not super crazy about and it’s it’s the same with most of
the tents I’ve ever had in my life the zippers don’t run super smooth I mean you do have
to kind of pull and tug a little bit to get everything unzip as you can see it’s pretty
tight when Josh and I tried to squeeze in here together and sit up to play cards or
read or play game or whatever it’s a little snug it works better if we’re both laying
down there was enough Headroom for me to sit up straight but when two of us are here and
we have to sort of cram to the side you’re a little hunched but honestly once you get
down there and are laying down comfortably in your sleeping bag it’s really pleasantly
cozy this tent retails for between three hundred fifty to three hundred eighty dollars depending
on where you’re gonna find it so there you have it the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV ul2 to
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Agnes check the link in the description below wander on


  • Kamper 2020

    Really great review. I just bought the BA Fly Creek UL3. I am not a fan of the tight quarters of a 2p. With my thru hike and V-logg coming up, (A.T. 2020) my gear and the type of conditions that I will see, I just want to be more comfortable. It is about 15 oz heavier, but well worth the weight. I just clicked the red button above, thumbs up, the whole nine yards. Great job!

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