Backpacking Tips – The Cat Food Can Stove
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Backpacking Tips – The Cat Food Can Stove

today we’re going to be talking about
the simplest stove I know of the cat food cans stove the cat food cans stove
is a lightweight and simple solution it costs almost nothing and it’s virtually
indestructible ok the first thing we’re going to talk about is construction how
do you make one of these things so what you’re going to need to make one of
these is an empty cat-food can pair of pliers and a church key alright so I’m
gonna start this thing off take that empty can and take that church key and
don’t go all the way in and just pop it through like you would if you were on
the top of the can okay if you do that you’re gonna have a big gash like this
okay way too low there’s no space for alcohol it’s not gonna burn right what
you want to do is put your finger on that notch and then figure out how deep
you want the hole and push it through like this pop it right once you get it
through take your pliers grab the little flap pull it all the way up as high as
you can without ripping the top of the can and then take the flap and push it
back through and be real careful not to cut yourself the cam is gonna be sharp
take your pliers now once it’s on the front side here grab that little notch
and then you just work it back and forth okay just back and forth and it’ll pop
right off and then you’ve got that hole what you want to do there is same thing
work those holes all the way around and then you’ve got your stove you’re done
it’s easy some people will use a hole punch pop-pop-pop good to go but easy
too easy to do all right now for fuel what you’re gonna
need for this is denatured alcohol denatured alcohol can be bought really
at any hardware store or most Walmart’s cost about seven eight bucks for a
canvas sighs when I’m out in the field I actually carry that denatured alcohol
and the Martinelli’s apple juice bottle this is tin fluid ounces and it’ll get
me three nights all right so now for you all you do is really fill it with
alcohol light it put your cookware right on top you don’t need a pot stand it’s
very simple and then you can just cook so Wingard might be nice but this is all
you really need so to finish this video off I’m gonna go ahead and take this
thing we’re gonna light it up see how long it takes to boil two cups of water
which is the standard amount of water for a full dehydrated meal and after
that I’ll show you clip through two different trips where I’m using this in
the actual field all right so I’m gonna take this denatured alcohol here fill
this thing up and again when you fill these up you want to put as much as you
think you need that’s too much probably but you can be as conservative as you
need as well here we go now when you’re lighting this it’s literally just touch
it and so you can’t really see the flame
but I can feel it so I know it’s on now that flame during the daytime this is
denatured alcohol so the flames going to be invisible but at night time when it
gets dark you can actually see it so let me let me shut this door actually and
see if we can see the flame a little better there it is so now as it gets dark you
can really see that flame now I can tell you when it’s wintertime it’s gonna be
harder to light if it’s cold right so you’re gonna have to hold that lighter
on it heat it up a little bit before it actually ignites but otherwise it lights
pretty easily so I’ve got 2 cups of water here in this copy I’m gonna place
it on here let’s let’s time it and see how long it takes to boil 2 cups
all right we’re 2 minutes in here and we’re boiling 2 cups of water I can
actually see little bubbles starting after 2 minutes and you can see the
stoves burning real well now it’s a little windy so I do have the wind guard
up here but I try to keep it maybe an inch off so it’s not just too tight I’m
not melting the foil all right we are five minutes in and it
is very close to boiling I should say I’m at 6000 feet elevation here as well
you know I’m not at sea level so we’re up at 6000 feet elevation that would be
high-altitude with your baking and five now five and a half minutes in and we’re
almost boiling I mean you can see the water getting ready to boil seven
minutes we are at seven minutes that water’s boiling that’s actually boiling
more than it usually is when I go to cook that’s 2 cups of water so if you’re
doing mountain house that’s exactly what you’d need and take seven minutes to
boil and here we are using this little cat food canned stove man at altitude
boiling water no problem and if you ever do want to put one of
these stoves out you can literally just cap it take the oxygen away in here in a
sec if that flame will be out so I’ve got some denatured alcohol I filled up
that little cat food stove with alcohol and then this foil just comes around it
like so well it takes a little longer but if you look here this water is
pretty much boiling and for an alcohol stove at this altitude that’s about all
I’m gonna get and let’s see if I have yeah I got a lot of fuel love


  • mashurst

    Be advised, Water boils at a lower temperature under lower pressure (higher altitude). It is because of this that things take longer to cook but water should be easier to boil at altitude, all else being equal.

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