Backpacking & wild camping tips | What’s in my backpack (Osprey Exos 46)
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Backpacking & wild camping tips | What’s in my backpack (Osprey Exos 46)

Hi there I’m Robin Wallace and today I’m
going to be talking about what to pack for a wild camping
this video was aimed at anybody who’s interested in wild camping backpacking
or summit camping and this all weighs roughly just over six
kilograms and what we’ll do now is just get in today okay so that’s everything unpacked now
and what we’ll do now is talk about the big three if you’ve not heard of this
expression before the big three is your shelter which could be a tent a tarp
what above it it also includes your sleeping system which is your sleeping
mat and your sleeping bag and last but not least is your rucksack so the
backpacking tent you want to aim for something that’s under two kilograms and
it’s closer to one it’s possible but anything than the two is usually
manageable for backpacking next up you want to look at your sleeping system you
want to get a lightweight packable in sleeping mat this is the output code
base and it weighs under half a kilogram again there is late a sleeping mats out
there but a form pan that quite bulky so these obviously blow up and the pack of
a really small sleeping bag you want to get that under a kilogram ideally and if
you get a dome bag that’s the season that should be temperature reinvent
about – free you can use us for the three seasons and it’s big packable and
then once you get these items down and pack weight and size you can aim
obviously invest in a later rucksack that ways that’s the Osprey X or solder
version that weighs just all that a kilogram it’s dead late weight but it’s
got a good flame and it hugs my back nicely for heavier loads
know what we’ll do is we’ll go into everything else no it’s once you’ve got
the big three solid out there when you look at your cooking setup and this is
my up kit pot it’s a mai tai 650 I use a good old mess Bona never saw wait wait
there’s no cheap lights wasting five pound and that’s the stand and there the
pot shield and I’ve got a small cup for top CTO a little dram and these are just
the old bags for holding that stuff them this is just a lid to squat out the
myths into the little cloth so that’s basically cooking setup this
is made by Steve speedster stoves and I will put a link on the video for you
usually good this is a really cheap sale could buy to be a far cheaper than a
Jetboil albeit so that’s war but as far cheaper to buy the fuel a sec spoon for
a bowl by ethanol at being cue this is my hydration set up this is all soy yo
as many footwear and this it can screw on to a regular just bottle and that’s
an alien blue ball but if there’s cooker cooler as well and this is my water
carrier for once a straight camp yeah that holds two liters and it just rolls
up when you’re not using it and again the fella can fit on this as well so
that’s ideal this I could probably do it without but
I don’t know I always keep this lunch box just for bits and bobs I put all the
this in that and that the cut what is real this is toy at all Justin keeps
neat charcoals I’ve also got poo bag in there
I will take my used toilet all out with me and hygiene cell I don’t go mad with
hygiene because you know weird what does it matter if you smell b-but
so I’ve got some hand gel like tough clean teeth as well so got a mini travel
toothbrush and he’s small to pierce which we get free from the hygienist or
you can buy them at the supermarket okay some lip balm kisses sunny just
some what’s Bunning there’s my way off and got Pierre knife just for basic
stuff that’s our sleeping bag liner that keeps your sleeping bag cleaner and also
adds a copy degrees when the wheels get a bit colder so it’s quite handy to have
ya got waterproof jacket what proof chose this is my camera locks and rx100
and little case just a small first aid kit that is my head torch this is an
emergency app it’s all it exactly and for that there’s so many head torch just
for the backup and this is how many lipstick wait for there take a little
lantern for the tint beanie hat this is one in a little watch it is it’s just
I’ll be Taney bluetooth speaker just for listening to music and podcasts some
glasses imagine it it’s the longest at the
moment so the midges are still here map and compass and on a little actually is
just a little hip flask of whiskey got a couple of drums in here this is my
insulated jacket it’s on one team prism and what I do at night is I put the buff
over this way cus like a thorough slip so it just makes a bit more comfortable
and you don’t need a power this here is my spear socks but I’m not Audrey socks
you don’t work with dick sale shot socks and a tick waterproof socks the cause if
you need its nature calls you animate you can pop these on and go out there
very getting your feet wet and it saves you having to get the boots on but you
can just wonder about you from the camp but bumper so they’re quite handy and
obviously the double as a spare pair of socks should the old ones get sucked
that there is just a peel of gloves there month imprison as well as you can
see they weigh nothing and pack away to not much bigger than a large QB and up
here there’s just three dice acts at the back there and the black one I use for
keeping my sleeping my sleeping Kyodai the orange one is just for keeping my
spirit cold and dry and the berry orange one is just for a little bits and bobs
as well and don’t information as well I’ve got a external battery pack yeah
look that one’s a bit big for two nights and that probably power you for a week
so I need to get a smaller one it says party big but there you go
sometimes I’d also carry long johns and maybe a spear peer of sort of salt
cleaners just to sleep in if it’s getting a bit chilly but that is pretty
much what I would take for one of two nights are we obviously excluding food
hope you fing that useful if you’ve got any questions or you’ve got any feedback
any feel of mess though please drop them in the comments box below if you’ve
enjoyed this please hit the like button thanks no bite you


  • Behold Scotland

    Good video and nice to see what others carry. I need to start slimming my kit (and myself) down and get away from my old army mentality of carrying heavy stuff lol I think my tent weighs more than your big three (2.6kg) but I do like to have plenty of space when inside.

  • BASHA Dweller

    Great gear mate and awesome idea for the waterproof socks. I have a pair but never use them as they just made my feet sweat like crazy, but now I have a use for them again! 🙂 Why didn't I think of that?? 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Atb Shaun

  • Olly Outdoors — Olly P-J

    Thanks for sharing this, Robin. Lots to consider. I like how you use the Buff as a pillowcase. I've started using mine as an eye mask, which also works well for me.

  • Wye Explorer

    Good insight Robin to your gear. I really liked that mini lantern and the fact you carry a spare headlamp or equivalent. I never seem to do that. I've just saved the mini lantern. Many thanks for the tip. All the best for the weekend. Mark

  • LiveSimplyFilms: Mountain Mike

    Always good to see what people pack for a wild camp. You’ve certainly got it down to a fine art. Cheers ⛺️

  • Jay Houghton

    Hi, how did you buy the zpacks gear? Did you Import it and pay the vat separately? If so how long did it take, and how much was the arc?

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