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Backyard Camping Hacks | LIFE HACKS FOR KIDS

♪ If you got nothing to do ♪ ♪ Well I’ve got a couple
of tricks for you ♪ ♪ So take a look at this vid ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s
Lifehacks for Kids ♪ I’m Jordyn, and today’s episode
is backyard camping hacks! ‘Ello, mate! I’m here in the outback! That is, I’m out in
the back of my house. And no backyard camping is
complete without s’mores! First up, my Rocking Roasters! (electronic tone warbling) Oh, there you are mate! For this you’ll need a fork,
duct tape, aluminum foil, and a pole or a broomstick. Duct tape the fork onto the
end of the stick like this. (classy music) Now cover the tape
with aluminum foil. The fork holds the
marshmallow securely in place, and the pole means you stay
safe from the fire too! I’m going to slide the
marshmallow onto the fork. (classy music) Just how I like it! (slide whistle descending) Next, when you’re out in nature, you want to sleep
under the stars, but away from those mosquitoes. So this is the perfect solution! My Window-to-the-Stars Tent! For this you’ll need a
yoga mat, scissors, a rope, a clear shower curtain, binder
clips, bedsheets, and a tarp. String a rope between two trees. (jazzy music) Now tie it. Perfect! Now string a second
rope three feet away from the other rope. Now, spread a tarp where
you want your tent. Now, put the shower
curtain over the two ropes. This will be your
window for the stars. (chimes jingling) Now, clip the sheets to
the ropes to make walls! Once you’re done clipping
the sheets on all four sides, clip the bottom to the tarp. Bonus hack! Use a yoga mat as a
cushion for sleeping. Fun to play in the day, amazing star watching at night. Way better than a telly or playing boomerang
with a kangaroo! And finally, when you wake
up, you’ll need brecky. That’s how I say breakfast. And, since you’re camping,
there are no rules! And also, no stoves. So, make the best of both! With my Orange Brownie Surprise! For this you’ll need
brownie batter, a spoon, a knife, an orange, and aluminum foil. Cut the top off of an orange. (relaxing string music) Clean out the insides
of the orange. Scoop out the
insides with a spoon. So it looks like this. Fill the orange peel
halfway with brownie batter. Now put the lid on top. Now wrap it in foil. Now bake in a campfire
for 30 minutes. (clock ticking) Have an adult get it out
of the campfire for you. Unwrap the foil and you
have a perfect meal! Cheers! Hope you enjoyed these hacks
for whenever you’re camping in the outback of your house. Time to go on a walkabout
the yard. (chuckles)


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