Bahamas Vacation Makes This Girl Go Wild! (Full Episode) | Couples Court
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Bahamas Vacation Makes This Girl Go Wild! (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
with the Cutlers. This is the case
of Olliver vs. Nelson. Uh, you all have known
each other for ten years, you’ve been dating
exclusively for three years. Mr. Olliver, why have you brought
your girlfriend
to court today? I brung her to court today, because, recently,
I’ve been having issues and I think my girlfriend
is cheating on me. And, it’s like, me
to get to the bottom of things
sometimes, I always have to end up
going through her phone just to see
what is actually going on. All right, Ms. Nelson, why are you here? I am here to save
my relationship. I messed up
in the past, yes. But, since then, I have fixed my mistakes and, I haven’t done them again I’m just tired
of the accusations. So, she just said
she messed up
in the past. OLLIVER: Yeah. What happened? Well, there was an instance
where I call her, I get no response. So, when I go over to her house,
knock on the door,
knock on the door, nobody comes to the door. So, I look in the parking lot, and I see a familiar car. It was her ex-boyfriend’s car. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) So, finally, she opens the door, comes out and shuts the door
behind her. She gets in her car and says,
“You shouldn’t be here.” and speeds off
and leaves me standing there. NELSON: The truth is, first of all, my mom
always raised me “Don’t show up
at somebody’s house “unless…
Unless you’ve been told “to come over.” I was worried. JUDGE DANA: I… I get that. I was worried. The home training
teaches us to do that. But wait, if you’re in
a relationship… But, I was about to say it. Thank you, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA: I can’t show up
at your house unexpected. Yeah, I mean,
you know. You don’t need
an invitation to go
to your girlfriend’s house. I agree, love. I hope you know. No, no, no, no, no.
We are not in
disagreement. I can show up
at your house uninvited. ‘Cause I’m your wife,
I’m your girlfriend or something like that
but… Even when we were dating
and living
in separate apartments, I mean, I didn’t need
an invitation. If I needed one,
I’d use one. Whenever… Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. So, you’re not saying
he needed an invitation to come visit
his girlfriend, are you? It was the beginning
of our relationship. JUDGE DANA: Okay,
how beginning was it? Y’all been dating a month, two weeks, two months? Six months? Like a couple months. JUDGE DANA:
No, you don’t get
a by on that one. But, do you jump
in your car and drive off and leave him
standing there like that? NELSON:
I didn’t want a drama. And, I was hanging out
with my ex. But, we were just hanging out, and it did go somewhere
where I didn’t necessarily
want it to go, but I apologized, I told him I was sorry. I didn’t mean
to hurt him. You broke my heart. AUDIENCE: Aww. JUDGE KEITH: All right,
look, Mr. Olliver, Yes, Your Honor. Why’d you take her back? OLLIVER: I took her back
because I love her, and I do wanna be
with her. JUDGE DANA:
And, you wanted
to be with him? Yes, I mean, we were friends
before we had a relationship. We went to high school together. So, one of my favorite times we ever had together was when we went
to Stone Mountain. I felt safe and secure
like he protected me and helped me
get to the bottom
of the mountain safely, so, I was like, “We have a deeper bond “and it’s not something
that I wanna let go.” So, you all were at the top
of the mountain together… (OLLIVER LAUGHING) …and, now you’re here,
at the bottom. Why do you think
she’s cheating? OLLIVER: There was
an instance where we were hanging out all day and, she wanted to go hang
with a family member. I’m like, “Cool, let’s go.
’cause, I wanna go hang
with your family too.” She said,
“No, you can’t go.” Come to find out, she was not hanging
with a family member. She was hanging
with a friend. But, I told him that. I told him that. She didn’t tell me
they were gonna be
in a hotel room. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE DANA: And, I presume
this friend was a male friend, not a girlfriend. It definitely was
a male friend. How did you find
all this out? I went through her phone. When I read the text messages, I don’t go to her
and a guy’s text messages, I go to her
and her girlfriend’s
text messages. ’cause, that’s where, you know,
all the juicy stuff is at. The best friend.
Mr. Olliver figured out the juice… Right. …the meat… Is with the girlfriend. …with the girlfriend. She’s gonna break it down
with her, not with… He didn’t have to do all that because, I told him,
I told him. Your Honor, I do have
uh, evidence. Text messages that I would like
to present to you. But, he doesn’t even
have to go through my phone. You’re looking
at the conversations with her and her girlfriend. Yes, sir. JUDGE DANA: All right. It says,
“Girl, are you good?” “Oh, my God…” Some might notice
she was missing again. JUDGE DANA: “Oh, my God,
boo, “let me tell you
what happened
last night. “Shaking my head.” “I was about send
a search team out on ya.” “”I met up with this guy
I used to talk to
back in the day. “He blessed me
with the best massage
I have ever had.” (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Her best friend says,
“You bad, girl.” (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Okay, so, it did not happen
like that. Previously in the day… JUDGE DANA: Okay,
wait a minute. What? “Blessed me
with the best massage “ever… I ever had.” “I ever had.” And, I’ve previously given her
a massage before, so, obviously, mine wasn’t… JUDGE DANA: No! So you getting a double dip. I guess… No, I guess
mine wasn’t the best. Well, he’s not gonna make
himself sound so innocent. Now, my friend came in town
for work. And his work ended up
being late. So, by the time get got done
with his work, there was nothing else to do
but to chill at his hotel. My back was hurting
a little bit, so he was like, “Let me just…”
You know, he massaged my back
a little bit, and he massaged it
a little bit more, gave me a good massage,
he tried to take it further but, because
I’m in a relationship, I did not allow it
to go further. Is this a man
you’ve ever been intimate with? Years and years
and years and years. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) We’ll take that as a yes. All right, then. So, you were intimate
with him that night. No. JUDGE DANA: Just the massage? Yes. The problem is,
you might be honest. And, I’m putting that
in, like, capital “might be honest.” But, the problem is,
you’re not forthright. And, there’s a difference. And, in a relationship, you’ve got to have
what I call a little bit of integrity. And, your integrity
has been compromised because you
won’t be forthright. And, it doesn’t help
to be honest on the back end, you’ve got to be forthright on the front end. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Olliver,
where this comes down to is, you believe that she had
an intimate relationship
with that person Yes. That time and also
another time as well. What happened? OLLIVER: Well, okay,
she was supposed to be
going to Augusta, with her cousin, so, again, as I went
to her parking lot, I see her cousin’s car
is there. So, I’m like, “Can’t go
to Augusta if the car is here.” So, I’m calling and texting. This is Saturday. No response. No response. Monday morning, she answers the phone, so, I’m like,
“Where are you?” She wasn’t in Augusta. She was in the Bahamas. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE DANA: I mean,
I know I have
a bad sense of direction. But, even I… (SIGHS) All right.
Help me understand,
Ms. Nelson. NELSON: Okay, I went
with my friend Shelby. JUDGE DANA: Okay. And her… And her…
And her friends, her boyfriend
and their friends. JUDGE DANA:
How many women in your group? There was two. How many men
in your group? There were two. However… However… Two? NELSON: However… Thank you, Your Honor. The guy… The guy… The guy who went,
Shelby’s boyfriend’s friend, his girlfriend
was supposed to go. Something happened
with him and his girlfriend, she couldn’t go. So,
it was a free trip for me. Who was in whose cabin? We all stayed
in the cabin together. How many beds
in the cabin? NELSON: Four. They had
bunk beds, like, the bunk bed
type of situation. So, who was on top? (ALL LAUGHING) Cutler! Mr. Cutler! They’re bunk beds. They’re bunk beds.
Somebody’s gotta be on top. Really, Judge? That’s how it works. (ALL LAUGHING) Who was…
Who was where? JUDGE DANA:
I can’t believe you. I slept on top bunk. JUDGE DANA:
You were on top.
She was on top. JUDGE KEITH: All right. (ALL LAUGHING) (LAUGHING)
Mr. Cutler, Mr. Cutler. And, as you hear this,
Mr. Olliver… JUDGE DANA: Do you think
that she slept with
the other gentleman? It’s questionable. Well, let’s ask her friend. Would you please stand? All right, would you
please state your name
for the record? Shelby Womack. JUDGE DANA: Ms. Womack,
thank you for being here. Tell me about this trip
to the Bahamas. My cousin’s girlfriend
couldn’t go on the trip
any longer, and the trip
had already been paid for. So, she just packed her bag
and we went. We had to try
to have a really good time. JUDGE DANA: Okay, well,
you tried to have…
But you didn’t have a good time? WOMACK: What happened was, he started getting
all social media, and calling her, he even was calling me, and DMing me,
or Facebook, it became psychotic,
borderline stalkersh. Did she tell you that she had snuck out
of the country without telling
her boyfriend? No, I did not know that. NELSON: I mean,
I was gonna tell him, and it was…
The trip was last minute. Like, they told me
the week of,
that I could come. JUDGE DANA:
Okay, but so, that meant
you had a week to tell your boyfriend. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You are grasping
at straws and drowning. that I could come. Mr. Olliver, you believe something happened on this trip with her
and the other gentleman. Yes, Your Honor,
I do. Tell her how you feel
about this. Heart broken. I just want this
to move forward and be one, and, I just want the truth. I do too, but you
so insecure, babe. I don’t be doing nothing. I swear to you,
I don’t do nothing. JUDGE DANA: Okay,
Ms. Nelson. You are testifying that you have not cheated since that incident
over three years ago. Is that correct? Correct. JUDGE DANA: Mr. Olliver, what is at stake
here today? OLLIVER: What is at stake
is our relationship because we have
a very,
very strong friendship but, if it comes down to it, then, I just don’t wanna be
in a repeat situation over and over. JUDGE DANA: Okay. It’s a lot here. Well, to get to the bottom
of these cheating allegations, the court engaged
the services of a licensed
private investigator, Mr. Todd Redding. And, he’s here today
with his findings. Ron, please show Mr. Redding
into the courtroom. RON: Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Redding,
how are you today? REDDING: Fine, Your Honor.
Thank you. JUDGE KEITH:
It’s good to see you. Good to see you
as well. JUDGE KEITH:
What did you do to investigate
today’s case? REDDING: Your Honor,
my team and I
performed video surveillance on Ms. Nelson. We, uh, over last week, we followed her
several days and video documented
every move. So, Mr. Redding,
what did you discover through this
investigative process? I have the video evidence
here today, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA: Okay.
Can you walk us
through it? Yes, Your Honor.At 8:23 p.m., Ms. Nelson
was seen walking her dog
outside of her
apartment building.
She was very active
with her cell phone,
as you can see.
Her eyes didn’t seem
to ever leave the screen.
At 9:09 p.m.
on Saturday, uh, Ms. Nelson was seen
leaving her apartmentand walking to her carwith two other females.She was wearing
club attire
like, short shortsand a crop top T-shirt.At 9:30 p.m.,we tracked Ms. Nelson
to a club-type lounge
located in the downtown areaof her home town.This is where
she was dropped off
and one of the passengerscame around
to the driver’s side
of the vehicle
and drove off.Ms. Nelson, did you go
to a club that night? He set me up. Ummm. I went to work. I’m a bartender. All right. Mr. Olliver… OLLIVER: Yes, Your Honor? …do you believe what she’s testified to? Yes, I believe. JUDGE DANA: All right. She did… She does work at a bar. But, I’ve never seen her
in club attire. Well, in her work attire. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) That’s how
I make my tips. JUDGE KEITH: All right.
Ms. Nelson, there’s another piece
to this investigation. Before we get to that, is there anything that you wanna tell this court
and Mr. Olliver? No. Nothing besides the fact
that I love him dearly and I just wanna
move past this. I want this over
and done with so, we can move forward. You were ordered
to take a polygraph exam. Is that correct? Correct. And you took it. Yes. Mr. Redding,
a member of your team gave Ms. Nelson
the polygraph and you have the results,
is that correct? That’s correct,
Your Honor. All right. Ms. Nelson was asked “The night your boyfriend
found texts “about you getting
a massage “in a hotel, “did you have sexual,
physical contact “or sexual intercourse “with that man?” What was her response? Ms. Nelson’s response
was “No,” Your Honor. JUDGE DANA: What did
the lie detector determine? The lie detector determined that Ms. Nelson was being deceptive. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Are you kidding me? I don’t wanna hear
no more. I don’t wanna
hear no more,
’cause that is a lie. That is a lie! I did not have sex
with that man. Did you have sexual,
physical contact
with that man? No, I did not. Massage could be
physical contact. A massage, but nothing else. I spoke about the massage,
that’s it. JUDGE DANA: The massage
was not sexual on his part? No, it was not… JUDGE KEITH: Because, you said
he wanted something else, right? NELSON: He did, yes. And, so, you know, there’s one way
that a professional masseuse would give you a massage. There’s another way that someone who’s looking
to take it to the next level might give you a massage. And so, this person who’s trying to take it
to the next level, he’s giving you a massage, that could be
sexual contact. The way he does it, the way he’s trying
to get you relaxed,
and in the mood. JUDGE DANA:
Did you kiss him? No, m’am, I did not. JUDGE DANA:
There’s another question. Ms. Nelson was asked “Other than the one man
your boyfriend is aware of, “have you had
sexual intercourse “with any other man “since your relationship
began in 2014?” “since your relationship
began in 2014?” JUDGE KEITH: What was
her response to that question? Ms. Nelson’s response
was “No,” Your Honor. What did the lie detector
determine? The lie detector determined that she was being deceptive. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) (VOICE BREAKING) I am done.
I don’t wanna
do this anymore. That is a lie. That is a lie! I don’t wanna hear no more. I don’t… I don’t… I just need to be excused… Mr. Olliver, what’s going
through your mind? OLLIVER: I love her. I’m in love with her. Ron, would you please
go get Ms. Nelson? RON: Yes, Your Honor. RON: Ms. Nelson. JUDGE DANA: Ms. Nelson, I can tell
and I know this is very emotional
for you. But, the truth will set
this relationship free. Can you tell him
the truth? NELSON: I love you. I haven’t been
with anybody else. I’m not lying to you. JUDGE DANA: Mr. Olliver, my older son
is around your age. And, I gotta tell you. It just gets
to the mama part of me when I see a good man not get the respect and the love
that he deserves. Where are you going? Where it goes from here,
I’m not sure yet. JUDGE KEITH: We have
counseling available for you. And, as we say
in this courtroom, don’t cheat yourself out of a chance for a good
and healthy relationship. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS)


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