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RM : Alright, how does this shit work? J : Jimin, why did you buy the cheapest one from Decathlon? *rip tent* RM : In the worst case, we could sleep on the floor… I even brought my Sponge Bob blanket RM : I knew that going camping with idiots like you was a bad idea JM : Oh my god, guys, I got an idea JM : We could just sleep in the trunk JK : We whould steal Namjoon’s car more often 😀 V : Yo, am I trippin or the sky is looking really weird today? (Stream Mono or perish) V : I don’t know what you gave me, but that shit is good JK : We just sniffed glue at the store, Taehyung V : It’s the best date ever JK : I’ve finally scored, f*ck I need to call mom JH : So,,, when is your dealer coming? I’m lacking vitamin D JH : We can say “Goodbye” to our barbecue and merguez S : I hate my life JH : Wait, did you hear that? S : It must be the police looking for me… S : Quick, hide ! JH : What about my vitamins ? S : Hoseok, there has never been any dealer, I just wanted to leave you in the forest JK : Truth or dare? RM : How old are you Jungkook? JK : Almost twelve, why? JM : If we learn from our mistakes, why are we so scared of making some? JH : I choose truth JK : Finally someone who wants to play with me JK : How many euros to shave Yoongi’s hair? J : Considering the condition of his hair, I think he’ll already be bold in two weeks *hahahahahaheih* S : I’ve been wearing a wig for 3 years, what did you think?


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