Barbie – Chelsea’s Little Assistants | Ep.229
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Barbie – Chelsea’s Little Assistants | Ep.229

Barbie – Chelsea’s Little Assistants Let me hold her! No! You choose another doll But I like Julie I like Julie too What are you doing? We… ummm… Can you please put Julie back We just want to play with her for a bit Out you go… And stay out of my room please Fine! Chelsea! Tamika’s Mum is here Time for Tamika to go home Oh… Thanks for having Tamika over That’s fine They were having so much fun that I hardly saw them Bye Chelsea See you at school tomorrow Well you two had fun I know I wish she didn’t have to go home Can you please go upstairs and ask
the twins if they want a snack? Sure! I could do with a snack too Huh? Hey! Where’s…? Girls! Girls! Where is she? Where’s who? You know what I’m talking about! Sorry Auntie Chelsea But I not know what
you mean My Julie doll! You took it! Not me…! You seen Auntie Chelsea’s doll, Annabelle? No, I don’t think so You know what, it probably Tommy He took it Do I look silly to you? Well now that you mention it, you do look a bit silly Where did you… There she is! Ohhh! Great hiding, Annabelle! And don’t touch her again! But we just want to play her Yeah, come on Auntie Chelsea We be really careful with her There won’t be a hair out of place But why Julie? She our favourite! Owww… To tell you the truth I was thinking about giving Julie to one of you anyway Really? Yes. I know how much you like her Oh thank you, Auntie Chelsea! Yeah! Thank you! I take really good care of her You will? I getting the doll! No you not! I… Girls! Don’t fight Let me think about it I’ll let you know who I’m going to
give it to in the next few days Ok… Love you, Auntie Chelsea Love you too! And Auntie Chelsea say she might give Julie to me Oh! That’s nice of her I just hope she pick me… Hmmm… Mummy, can I have water please? Sure! You thirsty, are you? No, but I know someone that might be… Auntie Chelsea, you like some water? Yes please! Thanks Isabelle! You welcome Anything else you need? No, I’m good Oooh! What about a foot massage? Oh, I won’t say no to that Just take this shoe off and… Whoa Mumma! Your feet very stinky! Sorry, I’ve had these shoes on all day I can’t breath! Hmmm… Wait here! Ok, much better How this feel, Auntie Chelsea? That’s so good… Thanks Isabelle! Hey! What going on? Isabelle’s being really nice She got me water and she’s massaging my feet But why she…? I know what she up to! Well two can play at that game! Auntie Chelsea, you want to come sit over here? I got some ice cream for you Really? Yes please! Hey! Here comes the choo choo train! Yum, yum, yummy! Thanks Annabelle! Anything for you, Auntie Chelsea Auntie Chelsea, why don’t you sit back and relax But my feet I’ve got nothing to rest them on I’ll take care of that! What is going on? I just helping Auntie Chelsea No I am! Open up wide, Auntie Chelsea Yum! Thanks girls! Oh dear… Owww… Hmmm… There you are, Auntie Chelsea Anything I help you with? No I have to do my homework Homework again! I know I wish I was kicking the soccer ball instead You go outside, Auntie Chelsea But my homework? I do it for you Really?! Thanks Annabelle! You’re the best! Looks like that Julie doll is going to be mine! Now, what this…? Five x seven… One for that and eight x eleven… That one can be three… You doing Auntie Chelsea’s homework? Yes and she say I the best! Owww… Auntie Chelsea, I play soccer with you? Thanks Isabelle! You’re the best! I the best too, Annabelle What?! Come on, let’s play! We can play as long as you like Cool! Great! Chelsea! Did you break my lipstick? Oh ohhh… Well? Yes I… I did it, Mummy I so, so sorry You did? But… No I did! It was my fault I feel so bad Huh? Don’t listen to her, it was me Wow! I’m not even going to get in trouble for this I did it! No, I did it…! You alright, Auntie Chelsea? You need anything? I’m fine, thanks Isabelle You know who you going to give the Julie doll to yet? No, but I’ll let you guys know tomorrow Yes! I mean… Let me know if you need anything I will Goodnight Where you think you going? I going to check on Auntie Chelsea I already do that But.. She trying to get some rest So you have to leave her alone Oh… Huh? Annabelle? Where are… Oh, that sneaky girl! What are you doing? Shhh! I rubbing Auntie Chelsea’s head She like it Move over Let me do that No way, little Sis! Owww… Whoa! This is the best day ever! Chelsea? Why aren’t you dressed for school? Because I’m not going Isabelle left this note Auntie Chelsea I want you to have a rest today so I go to school for you Love your favourite Niece, Isabelle What?! She can’t do that! Well she did She’s the best! Ohhh… There goes the Julie doll… Isabelle? Where’s Chelsea? I give her the day off She need some rest Oh Well come on What we learning today? Girls? There you are I’ve made up my mind You have? Yes, I’ve thought long and hard about it… Please be me Please be me! No me! I sat through a whole day of school for her She has to pick me! …and I’ve decided… Please! Please! Please! …that I’m going to keep it What? She’s still my favourite doll and I really want to keep her What? Sorry girls… Maybe ask me next year Is she serious? After all the things we do for her? Hmmm…! What?! Chelsea! Can you come here please What’s up, Barbie Can you explain what that is all about? Where? In the pool What?! All my dolls! Not again…! Who did this? Hmmph! That will teach her! Yeah, nobody messes with us! My poor dolls…


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