Barbie – Poor Isabelle! | Ep.201
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Barbie – Poor Isabelle! | Ep.201

Barbie – Poor Isabelle! I can’t believe we level one at gymnastics like you Auntie Chelsea! I know! I’m really happy for you guys How’s your arm Isabelle? It still really sore but I so happy I get level one too Well I’m proud of you both Who wants to celebrate with chocolate ice cream? Me! Hmmm… Yum! This delicious! Much better than broccoli What? I still waiting for someone to thank me! For what? For training you two I not think you get your level one if I not train you Thank you Tommy… You welcome! Oooh! I can’t eat my ice cream My arm hurt too much! Try using your other arm Ok, but I not think it going to be easy Isabelle, it’s not that hard to… I tell you it not easy What happened to Isabelle? She sprained her arm at gymnastics Oh! Poor thing! Who’s wants to go in the pool? Me! Wait guys! I coming too Ah ahhh… You can’t go in the pool with that arm Isabelle But it not hurt that much anymore See! Owww! Sorry Isabelle… Daddy! Catch me! (Splash!) I can’t believe I missing out! Ready Set Go! Weee! (Splash!) Hey guys! Who wants to play a game with me? No thanks Isabelle Tommy? You want to play with your cars? No way! I having too much fun Oh great! (Splash!) There! That was fun wasn’t it? Weee! Now your turn Annabelle! No I want to go down the big slide Not with your arm like that Weee! Oh boy… Annabelle! Let me win Oooh! Can I play? Sure! Here you go Maybe you can beat Annabelle That easy! Let’s go Annabelle Ohhh! I can’t play this with one hand! Mummy, I not do anything with one arm I know I’m sure it’s very annoying but you do want it to get better don’t you? Yes… Come on, let’s go have a shower How I have a shower with my arm? Hmmm… What about you have a bath instead? Yes! I love having a bath! Oooh! Me too! Showers for the rest of you Splash! Splash! Splash! It not fair! I want to play in the bath too… Maybe Mummy let you go in the bath when you hurt your arm Or I just sneak in the bath now… Ah ahhh! Come on, put your pyjamas on Ohhh! Splash! Splash! Yes! Oh no! One Two Three Four! I win again! That’s the third time! You guys playing Snakes and Ladders without us? Yeah! We want to play too! You two can play Yes! You play with Isabelle while I get dinner ready But… We want to play with you too… Why Isabelle get to stay up? She’s just resting her arm on a pillow She’ll come to bed soon Would you like some popcorn Isabelle? Oooh! Yes please! Popcorn?! Goodnight Annabelle Ha, ha, ha! That funny! Yeah, really funny… Morning girls! Good morning Mummy How’s your arm Isabelle? It still sore Come down for breakfast Yes! I hungry Annabelle Can you make the bed before you come down? But… What about Isabelle? She can’t help with her sore arm Ohhh… It looking good! I hope so Hey! What you doing to Mummy? I doing her makeup What?! How does it look? Not that great Can I do you makeup now? No I only let Isabelle do it because of her arm Oh! I wish I have sore arm too! (Ding!) Hmmm… (Thud!) What was that? Everything alright up there? Mummy, we hurt our arms That was you? What happened? We playing and then we crash into each other Oh right… And which arm was it? This one Sure…? I mean this one! No definitely this one! Tommy! Nice try you two Isabelle! Are you alright? What happened? I hurt it really bad at gymnastics Poor thing! Yes I going to need some special
treatment from all you guys How about we let Isabelle choose
what we do first today? Oh boy! Here we go again! Drawing! Definitely drawing! Drawing it is! Good work girls! Isabelle? Why aren’t you drawing? Because I forget I hurt my drawing arm… I so glad I not hurt my arm! You like my drawing Isabelle? Yeah, great…!


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