Barbie – Time to Sell the House | Ep.232
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Barbie – Time to Sell the House | Ep.232

Barbie – Time to Sell the House I’m so excited for you! It can’t be long now Hopefully just another week or two This baby is getting heavy Did you find out if it’s a boy or girl? No, we want it to be a surprise And the house? We’re going to have to sell it Mummy! We ready to got to the park Well it’s probably a good time to sell the house What? Sell the house? I suppose it is getting a bit small This house not small! Well Ken and I are good at looking for new houses, so… A new house? Oh no! What? No way Everyone love this house Well that what Mummy say I hear it with my two ears But… I don’t want to sell the house Sell what house? Mummy say we going to sell the house… Yippee! Now I get my own room Well we like our room And the pool… I not believe you Let me go ask Mummy Hi Raquelle Ken! You’re looking as handsome as ever Oh well… Thank you! Bye Raquelle We’ll see you soon See her soon? We’re meeting Ben and Raquelle in an hour Mummy, can I ask… We’re looking for a new house? What? Houses just cost so much money Money? The twins are going to be upset They love the house Annabelle was right Isabelle? Oh, I thought I heard her voice Told you! They say we going to be upset when we leave the house Well they right! I very upset Well I not I finally get my own room I don’t think so Tommy Mummy say something about money, so… …so maybe we get a smaller house and we have to share rooms Oh no! This is terrible Alright children, your father and I are just going out… To find a new house Oh! Well, yes Stacie is in her room if you need anything Ok Mummy… Why are you so sad? I want my own bedroom… One day, Tommy See you soon (Click!) (Click!) What you doing? I helping Mummy and Daddy I feel bad they have to sell the house So what you going to do? I going to find someone who sell the house for us! (Dialing) What? (Ringing) Hello? Hello my friend We want to sell our house Yes… You can help us? That’s great! What you mean we have to pay you? These people want us to pay them to sell the house! Unbelievable! Thank you for your time sir, but we do this by our self (Click!) How rude! Would you keep still! I trying but you heavier than last time I think you eating too much There! Now all we… Arrr… (Thud!) Owww! Good one Isabelle! You’re selling this house? We sure are! Wow! I’ve always loved this house! Do you mind if I have a look? Of course! My assistant will take you through Assistant? Well this is my idea… So this is the study Very nice And this is the kitchen and that the table where we eat and that where we watch TV, and… Hello lady Hello little man My name Tommy and I three How old you are? Well… Tommy! You not ask old ladies how old they are! Huh? Is there anything you want to tell this nice lady about the house? No, I don’t think… Oh! I throw up there the other day! Where? Where you standing! What?! Three times! Arrggh! And here is the backyard Nice and big, isn’t it? Isabelle! I got two more people here Thanks Annabelle Now as I was saying, this is… Excuse me, where’s the real estate agent? Ahhh, sir! Lips moving! Still talking! Oh… This over here is the pool Wow! I know! It good, isn’t it? Now there is one condition… If you buy this house you have to let me, Annabelle and Tommy come over and use the pool whenever we want Huh? Ah, ah! I don’t make the rules here And this is our bedroom Very nice! The kids are going to love it! And how much money are you asking for the house? Oh… Ummm… One hundred dollars! But… Tommy! Don’t be silly! That not enough! Two hundred dollars, Mister You mean two hundred thousand dollars? That bigger than two hundred dollars? Yes Well then that what it is! Annabelle, why are there people in my bedroom? Well, we trying to help Mummy and Daddy, so… You know what, don’t worry I don’t want to know… Wow! There lots of people here I know! Mummy and Daddy going to be so happy with us Excuse me, I was just wondering when the auction is going to be? Oh, I not think of that When you think it a good time? Well we go on vacation the day after tomorrow, so… We do it today! Ummm… Yeah! We do it in one hour Great! Everyone! The auction in one hour! Alright, quiet everyone We about to start the auction Shouldn’t an adult be doing this? Or a real estate agent? You want to buy this house or not? Well… Yes Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this beautiful house You all had a good look around by now and I sure you going to love living here The house is close to public transport and and is in a very quiet neighbourhood… (Trains, truck revering, horns) …in a quiet neighbourhood… (Lawn mower and barking) …well most of the time it quiet… (Plane) Are you serious? Alright, who want to start the auction? Five dollars Tommy! You can’t buy your own house Oh but I really like this house… Two hundred thousand Woah! That sound like a lot Write that down Isabelle Two hundred… Two hundred and fifty thousand! Thank you Miss Remember we get to use the pool when we want Two hundred and fifty… Three hundred thousand! Three hundred… Four hundred thousand! Nice! Four… Five hundred thousand! Five hundred and fifty thousand! Six hundred thousand! Huh! Slow down! I can’t write that fast! Six hundred and ten thousand Six hundred and fifty thousand Woah! That sound like a lot of money! At six hundred and fifty thousand… Going once… Miss? Sorry, that’s too much for me Going twice… At six hundred and fifty thousand… Going… Going… G… What is going on? Who are all these people? Surprise! Auntie Raquelle? Yes! They need a new house with the baby coming so we thought we’d help them find one Ohhh… Luckily we came home when we did Please don’t do that again! We won’t It Annabelle’s idea anyway Hey! Ok, it was my idea… How much was that man going to pay for the house anyway? Six hundred and fifty thousand dollars What?! Mister! Come back! We want to sell the house again!


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