Basic Camping Essentials | Pete’s RV Quick Tips
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Basic Camping Essentials | Pete’s RV Quick Tips

Randy: Hey, folks. Randy with Pete’s RV TV here today. Another Quick Tip segment for you. I just want to take a couple minutes and show
you some of the things that I bring me … with me when I go camping. I take a lot of phone calls from customers
that have small problems while they’re camping that do arise. and when I direct them on the
best way to take care of that problem, they need a couple tools that, they may not have
with them. So, if you put together a basic tool [00:00:30]
kit, when you go camping, leave it right in the camper, no problem whatsoever. We can talk you through most anything. So, some of the things that I bring with me
is, first of all, I always bring some sort of, like, source. Either something I can put on my head, or
… This little guy right here in kinda neat. We sell him in the store. It’s got a magnet on the back, so we can stick
it to a piece of metal in the camper where I’m working there. It’s got a hook on it and it gives me some
light underneath the cabinet or in the front storage compartment or by the battery, cause
nothing ever goes wrong in the daylight. It always happens at night, especially [00:01:00]
if you go camping with me. So, a couple lights, which are nice to have,
or even if you’ve got just a regular flashlight that you store, and keep charge in the camper. Another thing I bring is I’ve got a bag of
fuses. So, every fuse … every camper has multiple
different size fuses in them. So, I kind of got a bag of … Just, a variety
of everything that I run into in a camper and a good thing to have with me. Roll of electrical tape. Never know (laughs) and you can fix most anything
with electrical tape, if needed. I also bring some crimp-connectors, which
you can buy [00:01:30] in a kit like at, your local, home goods store or something like
that. And these are just if I have to re-attach
a wire, or we have to shorten something up, or we have a mishap or something pulled loose. Just, to be able to make a crimp connection
is nice. That will also work in conjunction with a
pair of crimping pliers. And, again, sometimes the kits you purchase
will come with an inexpensive pair of pliers that you can use, to get by for the weekend. Now, most campers are built with, screws,
obviously. And the type of screws they [00:02:00] use
are a square-tip, or a screw had has got a square tip, so you need a special square tip,
to go to those screws. And that’s this guy right here, if Josh can
pan in on it, and you’ll see I got a Phillips right next to it. most people have a Phillips, because that’s
what we have at home. Campers are a little odd, and they require
that square tip. So, this tip that I purchased from, again
one of the local box stores. It’s a Milwaukee kit. I think it cost like $20. It’s got everything I need in it. It’s got, screw acceptor for my screw gun. You will need a screw gun as well. and [00:02:30]
it’s got the square tips, it’s got fill-ups, it’s got a couple torques here, and it’s got
spares of all, because if you lose them like I do, nice to have a spare. But anyway, for the cost of this kit, I think
it’s just a great kit to (laughs) … I have one at home, and on my carry-around tool box
that I do bring with me when I go camping. Sheet-rock knife, or a box cutter. This one actually folds up like a jackknife. I actually carry this one with me all the
time, right in the pocket of my pants, but, good to have. you never know when you’re gonna need that. Wire-strippers, and cutters. Again, if we [00:03:00] have an electrical
problem … A lot of times, we can talk you through it, or you can find it very easily
yourself, but having a good pair of strippers on board, it makes that job a lot easier for
us stripping that wire back. I like to bring a couple pair of channellocks
if I’ve got a plumbing issue, and usually I can get by with a bind if I got to tighten
something up with a channellocks. And again, this can be purchased at your local
box store. Christmas is a great time to pick this stuff
up because they’ve usually got kits on sale, relatively low price. And you don’t need the best ones. A lot of these tools are very expensive tools. This is how I make my living. You don’t need the best tools for your-your
[00:03:30] basic kit that you keep in your camper. I usually will carry a Phillips and a regular
screwdriver. These are like mid-size so they’re pretty
much good for almost every application, unless it’s something specific. we’ve already talked about the crimpers. I do carry a pair of side cutters with me. Sometimes these are just a little easier to
make a cut close to something or pull a staple out that may be in our carpet or what have
you. But, again, pair of side cutters. Needle nose. You can always get yourself out of a bind
with a pair of needle nose. Especially, when you drop something in that
spot [00:04:00] that my little fat fingers can’t get into. Needle nose, it makes it very easy for that. there is some neat, small kits out there. Again, the big box store, Sears, all of them
have kits that have couple different size open end box wrenches. This is one of the ones I carry in the small
kit that I have that’s all over my toolbox cause I left it open. i also bring a couple of adjustable wrenches
with me as well. Reason for the adjustable wrenches is, they’re
adjustable. We can use them for almost any size, anything
to get you out of a bind. Again, these aren’t tools to, you know, fix
the [00:04:30] problem per se, but enough to get us by for the weekend before you can
get it in for service and get it ap- repaired appropriately. an electrical tested. This particular one right here is for 120
volt power. Pretty much, I’m just going to plug it into
the outlet and it’ll tell me if my power is good, tell me if it’s wired properly, and
tell me if power is present. So that’s a good one. I-I-I take phone calls a lot where, “My re-
My TV’s not working.” “Well, do you have power at the outlet?” “I don’t know, Randy.” (laughs) well, I’m gonna- Having you plug
something else in, but if you’ve got a quick electrical tester to plug it in, then [00:05:00]
you can tell me. This guy right here is for checking 12 volt
power. It’s called a stab tester, 12 volt tester. We’d hook this into ground or anything pretty
much metal on the camper and then we can test our fuses with this guy here. I’m gonna have Josh pan in on one of these
fuses here. This is a great way to test our fuses so if
you can pan right in on that and see the two metal tabs on either side of the 40 there,
Josh. Each one of those is a test point so I can
test if I’ve got power coming in in the fuse and I can test if I’ve got power going out
of the fuse. [00:05:30] So when you’re looking at a whole
fuse panel and you’re trying to determine which one is the one for your furnace or your
LP detector, something like that, which is labeled incorrectly, by testing both sides,
as well as the fuses, we can quickly determine whether one is blown or not. And again, we would do that in conjunction
with this tester here. This will also test if we’ve got power at
breakers and things like that on the 12 volt side of things so when you call me up and
tell me that your slide outs not going out, I’m going to ask you if you’ve got 12 volt
power to the breaker going through the breaker to the slide out. This is a great way to test that. This is another tester that I carry with me. Kind of [00:06:00] on the same lines of this
one here, but I can actually put this next to any wire and it’ll tell if it’s 120 volt
wire and it’ll tell me if I have voltage present rather than putting it into an outlet. It’s called a [wiggie 00:06:09] tester. Multimeter. This is what I love for customers to have
cause we can do all sorts of testing with this guy here. Not everyone’s gonna put this, in their tool
box that they keep in their camper because these can be a little bit more pricey, but
if you’ve got like an inexpensive version of this and one of these, which aren’t too
bad, we can usually get by anything. So anyway, there’s just some of the tools
that I bring with [00:06:30] me camping and, again, enough to get you out of trouble in
a pinch. maybe not make the final repair, but definitely
continue on with your camping weekend if you are having a small problem. So, just wanted to share that with you guys
and if you’re looking for presents for Father’s day, birthdays, or even Christmas, great time
to put this little tool kit together and can be done for relatively, inexpensive on the
Father Day, on the Christmas side of things, cause that’s when we see a lot of tools on
sale at our local box store. So, thanks for watching Quick Tips with Randy
today. look forward to seeing you on the road and
happy camping.


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