• Nicholas Taylor

    Some real reporting, thank you. Now let's get hard on SF city council so they work with London Breed to solve the homeless problem.

  • Fyi Hfy

    How about getting rid of government evil and corruption so these homeless people can afford to be alive and live in their own home the first place

  • AppalachianGirl 7

    People that choose to not work, Not receive mental health assistance and live on the fringe of society where you don’t have to follow our rules and our laws and WE are responsible for improving their lives..what ever happened to you make the choices , you have live with your choices..Stop supporting these BUMS💯

  • Sharon ODonnell

    Why doesn't the whole population ,
    Throw off your shackles , Grab the open border heroin
    And You will be crapping in stores
    Living in a democrat approved cardboard Pallet house in no time …
    Scoff .

  • Tahoe408

    Bring back feeding the homeless Jesus back in 2020. Corporate party has hijacked the liberal caring loving Jesus and replaced him with corporate loving greed Jesus. Remember kids in the Bible there is FISH story we’re he feeds all the starving homeless people. U see kids homeless was documented even in the Bible!! Shocking kids right? Imagine that they wrote about homeless in the Bible and yet fast forward to today and we still got a homeless problem in our society? Bring back caring loving Jesus back in 2020. And let’s get rid of the conservative/ corporate greed Jesus in 2020! Conservatives/ hypocrites I do sure hope the second coming of Jesus comes soon and swift so he fart all you out of existence silly rabbits what were you all thinking love money over people? Don’t worship false idols remember kids money is a false idol can’t take your money to heaven right?

  • epigmelo

    its not funny. real estate developers all over the world are building ting houses. contracters want to charge millions for a home. people find out you can build a small house for under 10 000$ and they want to attack them. haters.

  • Jake Casper

    Another channel does ridearounds in places like Detroit with loads of vacant housing. These people should be housed there.

  • Tom Meyers

    While Bay Area city leaders try to find longterm solutions to house the growing homeless population a growing number of people want them sent to Mexico. "Get rid of em"

  • George Kaylor

    Lets build shanty town in sanfrancisco. That should go over well. You need septic water. Get some rv parks built and let people pay a fair price

  • Total Control 871

    J..e..ws are threatened by any kind of alternative living that takes money out of there real estate scheme. the last thing the J..e..wish oligarchy wants is for it's victims to break free of the albatross of NeverEnding rent.

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