Be An Outdoor Ambassador: How To Implement Low-Impact Camping Skills
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Be An Outdoor Ambassador: How To Implement Low-Impact Camping Skills

We go outside to wander and explore the
adventurous spirit within ourselves. As a sea kayaker who spends a lot of nights and a tent, I want to encourage you to be mindful of
the impact of your camp, and follow the ethics of Leave No Trace to preserve these outdoor places for generations to come. When camping in a popular area, I choose
an established site rather than creating a new location which minimizes my impact. The most resilient campsites are found on rock outcroppings, gravel bars, sandy beaches, dry, grassy meadows, and in open forests. View these as ‘human friendly spaces’ where our time there will have the least impact. The rules for backcountry camping are a
bit different. Established sites will usually not be
available, so selecting a durable, resilient surface is key. All campsites should be 200 feet from
your water source. Moving nightly mitigates the impact of camping in the backcountry. I always make sure to ‘pack it in, pack it out’, making sure to take all food and waste waste with me. When cooking, I strain cook water through screen to make sure I’m not leaving food particles behind. Campfires are fun but I try to avoid them if possible. I don’t need them keep warm or cook food, and fire rings, soil damage, and air pollution are a few of the negative impacts of fire. If you’re traveling with dogs or other livestock, try to avoid setting up camp in truly pristine wilderness. Try to keep your group sizes small. Outdoor experiences are better when shared, but we want to share with future generations of adventures too. Venturing into the outdoors is an
essential piece of the human experience. We want to keep our wild places as sanctuaries for the human spirit. To let our grandchildren experience the
sensation of discovering an untouched place. Do your part to protect the outdoor
experience using these low-impact recreation skills.

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