Becoming a MERMAID in PUBLIC For A Day! (WORST Game Master 24 Hour Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo
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Becoming a MERMAID in PUBLIC For A Day! (WORST Game Master 24 Hour Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

– Hey Zamfam, it’s Rebecca
and today I am becoming a mermaid in public for the day. – Public? – Yes in public. Zamfam you guys know I
became a mermaid for a day. We did a 24 hour challenge in this pool after I saw my friend
CloeCouture be a mermaid. – Didn’t the Merrell twins
do it too but not in public? – Yes, the Merrell twins
ended up doing it too but now I have to take
it to the next level. That’s why I’m gonna
be a mermaid in public. So I have a ton of fun
activities planned for the day that I would normally do with legs but now I’m gonna do
it with a mermaid tail. – So, do we both have to go? – You have film me
because you’re my husband and you’re the only who
can film me, so yeah. – Marriage goals. – So make sure you are subscribed
to have notifications on and give the video a big thumbs up. In five, four, three, two, one. Comment mermaid 24 hour challenge
if you did it in that time and now, it’s time to go in public. All right, and also Matt, I
have a little surprise later. On my last mermaid
challenge, I did a surprise. An underwater one. And now, it’s gonna be
a surprise in public. – [Matt] Okay. – Just gotta get to the car. We’re doing this Matt.
– [Matt] Rebecca. – This is my best mermaid
24 hour challenge yet. I’m already tired. I got this. C’mon Matt. We gotta go shopping. Okay, we’re gonna do this. – I don’t know how this is gonna work. – Three, two, one. Okay, I got it. This works out great. – ‘Kay you’re in. Exactly, that’s what I’ve been saying. – Okay, it’s a little difficult shopping but I wanted to get some
presents for my little nephews so I was like, I might as well come here. This is cute. Nephews, nephews, focus. Ooh look. Evan stuff. Okay, look you guys. This is cute. I should take a photo
today to remember this day and put it in this frame. Getting fast at this. That’s perfect. – [Woman] Can you waddle? – Yeah. – Yeah there you go. – This is the workout, you know? This is the core mermaid workout. – Be yourself unless you can be a mermaid. – Exactly. Be a mermaid. You heard that you guys. All right, so I got my clothes and now, I say we get some candy, Matt. Also, Zamfam I forgot to
tell you that this tank top that I’m wearing is on
sale at Shout out to you guys
that have worn my merch and tagged me. I’ll shout out some
more later in the video. Go get this now ’cause
it’ll be the last time you have it so you can match me. Okay, let’s get candy. This is not clean. Up there is a candy shop. What would you do for candy? How far would you walk, hop, or crawl? Obviously, I would go in
a mermaid tail in public to get candy. Now look, this is called the scoop. I made it. I made it to the candy shop
and Matt, once we get candy I have a surprise for you next. Can you guess what it is? – [Matt] Hopefully it’s candy. – Has nothing to do with candy. Something even better. I got a couple of these and
look they have giant gummies. We should come back and do
a challenge there you guys. Comment if you think we
should do a real food versus gummy food challenge with gummies
that are right over there. Candy? Don’t mind if I do. GYOC, get your own candy. You can’t do a mermaid
challenge without gummy bears. Ooh, jawbreakers, yes. I always mix my candy. – [Matt] That’s a lot of chocolate, miss. – Lego candies. That’s so cool. You guys remember when I
made a giant Lego slide? Now I’m eating the slide in candy form. I got my candy. I’m hopping to the car. So Matt, now that we’re
out of the candy store, are you ready for your surprise? – [Matt] Of course. – Okay, go into the back
of the car and open it. Are you ready? – [Matt] Yeah. – Okay. – [Matt] Just back here? – You have to open the trunk. – [Matt] Okay. – Surprise! – [Matt] It’s a basket. – Do you recognize this basket? – It’s a picnic basket. – You remember that I took
Matt on an underwater date during the last mermaid challenge. So I was like, it’s perfect. We should go on another
date but in public. – Oh. Got a blanket in here. Hey, where’s the food? – So that’s the part I
didn’t tell you about. This is a challenge in
public so we’re getting food at the grocery store. – [Matt] No. – Yes we are. – How are you gonna walk around? – I have an idea. Let’s get in the car. All right Matt, lets – Let me see the camera real quick. I’m gonna check some things on the camera. Make sure it’s okay. – [Rebecca] Okay. – Okay? Okay. I need to call Daniel and see exactly what’s going on right now. Hey Daniel, what’s going on buddy? – Hey Matt, how’s it going? – Everything seems to be going
fine right now with Rebecca. She’s acting normal but I’m afraid, like, somethings gonna happen. What if, like, she turns. – Don’t worry. I spoke with RZ twin. She made a mixture and she’s
gonna come bring it to you. You just have to make sure
that Rebecca drinks it. – Okay, I’ll try to get away. – [Rebecca] Hey Matt. – Um, hey. – This is a good idea
to do this challenge. I’m glad you thought of it. It’s really fun. I like it so far. – [Matt] Glad you’re having a good time. – Okay, so we’re at the
grocery store right now and Matt’s really excited
because we’re gonna go get some groceries for our picnic. – This isn’t how I saw myself
spending this afternoon. – It’s gonna be hard
for me to walk, right? You mentioned that. – Obviously! – Yeah, so, I was thinking
you can push me in a cart. – Perfect. – Some mermaid in public challenge. Can you just get the basket
so I can just lay out? – Fish out of water right now. You’re a fish out of water. – All right, so how do I get in this? I can’t believe you’re
not doing this challenge at all with me. – Then who would push the cart? – Matt, we would figure it out. Okay, I think you have to help me in. – [Matt] Okay, you jump, I’m gonna push. Almost there, almost there. – Okay. Okay.
– [Matt] Are you in? This is husband wife goals right now. Hopefully they don’t kick us out and we can actually get
some food for our picnic. Matt, go. – Mermaid. It’s a mermaid. Wow, I saw a mermaid. – Should probably grab some sandwiches. Maybe some pre-made ones
just to keep it easy. Just a mermaid in a tail. I wish I was a mermaid
in real life because then I would get pushed around by my husband. Ooh, floaties. I just wanna get a floaty. It reminds me of the pool and the water. With my people underwater. What do you think my collections complete? No, it’s not ’cause I need more floaties. Honestly, this mermaid challenge,
being a mermaid for a day, it’s going pretty good. I don’t mind it at all. This is gonna be a fancy picnic
for a mermaid and her man. – [Matt] Mermaid weighs a little bit. – Hey. Matt’s so embarrassed right now. I will say though, they
should make these carts a little bit bigger to
accommodate the fin. See, she thought I was a real mermaid. – I was wondering what you
were doing out of water. – Matt, it’s not so bad. You should do it. Okay, so we successfully
got our picnic stuff and now we’re gonna go on a picnic because I’m taking Matt on a date. But just not in the water this time. I found a very beautiful grass area. – [Woman] A real mermaid
in the grocery store? – [Matt] What? – Do you like mermaids? Yeah? We about to have a picnic. Here it is. Where our picnic’s gonna be. – Oh, right on the water. – [Rebecca] It’s so beautiful. – In public. – [Rebecca] Yep. – [Rebecca] Matt, do you
wanna carry me onto our date and I’ll carry the picnic basket? Your mermaid is awaiting. Isn’t this romantic? – [Matt] Yeah, everything that I’ve ever thought it would be. – Carry me my merman. Are you sure you don’t
wanna wear a mermaid tail? – [Matt] Yeah I’m positive.
– Just do it! Do a part of this challenge with me. Where’s my merman taking me? – Close to the water. – Closer to the water. Oh good. ‘Cause I’m a mermaid. I like water. – Be right back with the food. – Okay. This is the mermaid yoga challenge. Table top. This is called the twisting abs. Fin in and out and this is
called the backward arch. The backward arch is
very key for mermaids. Okay, you ready Matt? Let’s do this. – Got it. – All right, we’ve got the table. We’ve got our blanket. But let’s see what we got. We got some soda. We got some watermelon. If you didn’t know,
mermaids love watermelon. It’s like a thing. – Cheese and crackers here. – I want some of that. When’s the last time you
guys went on a picnic? This is a really romantic date and I think it’s better
than the underwater date ’cause we can actually have food. – There’s no food in the underwater date. – Yeah, and remember it was pouring rain so then we had to get out
and we were soaking wet. I mean we were wet anyways
’cause we were in the water. – Where are you sleeping at by the way? – Probably in water. Speaking of water, I can’t
wait for the next activity that we’re doing. – What? – It’s just gonna get
better and better today. Smash the thumbs up you guys if you guys like these mermaid challenges and let me know what I
should do next as a mermaid. – Five minutes? – What? – Okay, I’ll be right back. Where are you going? Are you serious? – Yeah I’ll be right back. Finish out the meal, enjoy it. This won’t take long. I’ll be quick. – Okay, all right, well
this date didn’t go quite as planned. Have you ever been stood up on a date? I guess I’m just gonna
wait for Matt to get back. But in the meantime. – It’s hot in here. Daniel I’m back here I
don’t see anybody here. – [Daniel] No, she told me
that she would be there. – She’s probably lying. She’s probably tricking you. Hold on. Daniel, I gotta go. – Make sure Becky drinks
all of this this time. – [Matt] How can we even trust you? We saw the camera roll from GMI. – Just trust me. Make sure she drinks it. I have to go. They’re always watching. – All right, I’m back. That was quick. – What took you so long? – What? Bathroom. Went to the bathroom. – That was a while. Who was texting you? – It was my mom, yeah. Are you thirsty at all? Brought you a drink. – No, I have this. I’m good. – Well, if you need some, look at this is actually pretty good. You should try it. – I’m not having that I have this. You have that. I’m good but – I’ll save it for you later. – That reminds me that
we are going to be now going to something very amazing. I’ve never done this as a mermaid. We are going to do a giant
water slide so let’s go. – [Matt] Rebecca signed a waiver. – We’re at the water slide. I gotta get up there. Matt, I need help. – I’ll help you up
– We got this down – to the stairs.
– to a science. – You gotta take it from the stairs. – Like all the way up the stairs. – Nope, just these stairs. – Oh my gosh, that’s a long walk. So we are here at the water slides and it is a long climb to the top. Do you guys see all of those stairs? Matt, are you gonna carry me? – [Matt] Think you gotta go by yourself. – This is gonna be a major
workout for a mermaid. Comment if I should just swim in the pool or if I should actually
go on the water slide. – [Matt] How many steps? That’s like 100 steps, easy. – This is gonna take a while. – [Matt] Law says please walk. You have to walk Rebecca. – That’s discrimination against mermaids. – [Matt] I don’t know
how the power of mermaids feels about this but you
can do the crab walk. – Except I can’t move my legs. Just got a little ways left. – [Matt] Are you thirsty? I have that drink if you’d like. – No, I’m good. Ooh, these are a little softer. There’s so much more to go. Pushing up. This is so hard. My arms are sore. Never worked so hard for
a water slide in my life. Oh my gosh, there’s another set of stairs. – [Matt] Oh, is that right? – I’m so tired. 10,000 stairs to go down a water slide. Am I at the top? – [Matt] Look at all the
stairs that you climbed up. – If you’re still here,
comment water slide squad if you made it til this point. Okay you guys, so let me
know which water slide I should go down. One or two. Which one’s faster you guys? Two is faster? I guess I’m gonna go in two. It’s cold, it’s cold. Three, two, Oh my gosh, it’s cold, it’s cold. I’m a mermaid! – She’s going down, she’s going down. – I’m a mermaid. No, no, no, no. – Rebecca. – I lost the fin. The fin is not connected anymore. I gotta put my fin back on. Comment below if you’d
rather go on a water slide or a rollercoaster. – [Matt] Rollercoaster. – All right, back to my roots. It’s a little bit cold. You ready for dinner Matt? – [Matt] Yep. – Okay. – [Matt] You look thirsty too. – I’m not that thirsty. I was just in water. – Oh man, I’m getting soaked. – Okay Matt, I have
another activity planned. – What? – Let’s get to the car. – I’m super soaked right now. – Now that we’ve had a chance to cool off, I thought we would cool off
again and get some ice cream. – Or we can go to the arcade
that has a new laser maze. – Laser maze, red hood
to trap Rebecca Matt and – Hey, hey, hey, Rebecca. – What? – What was that? You okay? – Yeah. – Rebecca we need to get home. Also, I think you should
have some of this. It’s high in electrolytes. It’ll help you out a little bit. Dehydrated. Also like, if we’re having
a kid, like this is perfect. – What do you mean? – When you have a kid, you know? – What? I’m not dehydrated. I’m fine. – Look I’ll make you a deal. If your drink this, I’ll become a merman for one of these challenges. – Today you’ll become a merman? – Yeah, for something as
long as you drink that. – So we’ll go home, I drink
this, and you’re gonna be a merman with me in public. – When we’re at home. – I’m gonna make sure you’re
gonna become a merman. Zamfam, smash that thumbs up button if you’re excited for Matt to be a merman. So we’re back at our cabin
after being in public all day. This mermaid needs her merman. – [Matt] No, Rebecca. – I didn’t realize that was gonna happen. – [Matt] Your phone! – No! No. – Okay, if I put this on, you’re gonna drink the drink, right? – [Rebecca] Matt, why do you
care so much if I drink that? I’m not dehydrated. – I’m just worried about you. – [Rebecca] Matt, I’m fine. Do you wanna become a mermaid? Yeah, like your dad. This makes me so happy. Oh no. – How did you do this in public? – [Rebecca] Pretty warm huh? But Matt, we’re not in public right now. You should be happy. We never got ice cream. – Now we got that drink though. – It’s a little bit far
so I’m gonna drink it a little bit later. – [Matt] Wait, you said
once I got in the hot tub. – Yes, after I get out of the hot tub. – You said you would do it
soon as I got this tail on. – Time to go to the pool. – [Matt] Rebecca the drink. – I’ll drink it. – [Matt] Right now? Okay look it. I’ll blow up a floaty for you and then you can drink the drink, okay? – Okay, fine. I don’t know why you care so much if I drink your drink. I’m not even thirsty. Here, throw me the drink, I’ll catch it. – [Matt] Water bottle flip. – Is this soda? – [Matt] Kind of. Can you have a little bit? – I’m good, I don’t want it. – [Matt] Rebecca you have to. You said you would. – Let’s go swim. Pool time. You ready Matt? – [Matt] All right, have fun. I need to get her to drink that drink. Whatever the GMI did
with cerebral analysis, I need to fix it. Hey, hey. – Come in. – Okay. You look so thirsty. I’m gonna put your drink right up here. – I had some of that. I don’t want it. – [Matt] Rebecca you promised. Rocky said you have to drink it all. – Rocky? What do you mean. – [Matt] Oh nothing, sorry
I’m confused, I’m confused. – Oh, I thought you said Rocky. – [Matt] Oh, no. – Okay, so it just like has electrolytes? – [Matt] Electrolytes, exactly. Why don’t you hop up on
the floaty if you can? – My unicorn. When a mermaid meets a unicorn. I’m drinking this not because I want to but because Matt you said
you’d become a merman. I think you should have
to swim first though. – Ooh, water feels good. – It’s really nice. Go for a swim. – [Matt] Take a drink. – I have to drink a
sip or the whole thing? – [Matt] Let’s just try, start with a sip and then we’ll go to the whole thing. Is it good? – No it’s not good. – I’m a merman. The least you could do is drink the drink. – Okay fine a deal is a deal. – All of it. Almost there. How do you feel? – My stomach’s like gurgling. – [Matt] Okay, here I’ll take that. You look tired. – Yeah, I know. It’s almost night anyway. – [Matt] Take a nap. We’ll catch up. I didn’t know it was
gonna put her to sleep but I think that means
it might be working. I don’t know how long she’s
gonna sleep for though. You okay? – I don’t wanna play the challenge, okay? I’m tired. – [Matt] Okay just sleep. So it’s the next day. I went and put a blanket
on Rebecca last night so she wouldn’t get cold. And I’m just hoping that
she’s back to normal so let’s go check on her. Oh no, not again. Rebecca? How did that happen? Rebecca? Losing air, losing air, losing air. Rebecca time to wake up. Wake up, wake up. You’re losing air, you’re losing air. – I’m in the, I’m in the pool? – [Matt] Oh no, you’re in the pool. Here, here, here, here! – Matt, what just happened? I’m soaking wet. Matt. – [Matt] Oh my gosh. – What just happened? – [Matt] You fell asleep
last night in the pool. I was out for a little bit
but I brought you a blanket. – I don’t even remember falling asleep. When did I do that? I don’t even remember it getting dark. – [Matt] Okay, you fell asleep earlier. You must have been tired. So, Rebecca you remember
at the doll house. Do you remember who was there? – Who was there? Like Ro, Kurt, Lizzy, Carter. What are you, why? Why are you asking me these questions? – [Matt] Let’s go back inside, c’mon. – Make sure you are subscribed
to have notifications on. Shout out to you guys that have also worn my merch and tagged me on Instagram. Go to
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check out the video right here. Matt, someone’s here, someone’s here. Someone’s coming.


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