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we visited the mobile Alabama area and
stayed at Meaher state park this state park has 61 spacious RV sites and most
of these RV sites have full hookups we had a very spacious pole through site
situated next to some mature trees this made a great spot to hang the hammock
and enjoy the park there is a 400 foot t-shaped pier where you can fish or just
enjoy the water look for alligators and other wildlife Meaher State Park is
situated on the mobile tense’ delta which consists of over 20,000 acres of
water and is the second largest Delta in the contiguous United States so this
State Park is the perfect access point to this massive natural wonder the
location is also great because it’s only a 10 to 15 minute drive from the State
Park to the USS Alabama battleship Memorial Park you’re here at the USS
Alabama Memorial Park there is a battleship submarine airplanes tanks
just all sorts of really cool military equipment to tour and so we’re gonna
take the tour and check it out come on …Music playing… so this is just really interesting all
throughout the ship seeing the different sleeping areas and things like that that
they had you can see behind me here that they pretty much slept literally piled
on top of each other which I’m sure it made for some interesting sleeping
arrangements and some interesting nights throw her in the Brig
we don’t have a brig then throw her in the laundry room which will hereafter be
referred to as the break so it’s very complex
imagine how loud this would be when things were running so they have a powder room and then
you’ve got one guy down here loading it up to come up to here the next guy
loading up to come up to here to fire it again …Music playing… so this is really cool because this is
the first time that any visitor anywhere has actually been able to be on a
battleship warship inside of one of the 16-inch gun barrettes which what these
did is they housed the projectiles that the big huge gun turrets with in
fire and these guns the three big guns on the main deck are capable of taking a
twenty seven hundred pound object in shooting that projectile over 21 miles in
length which is just absolutely mind-boggling when you think about the
sheer firepower and then the impact that that could have on a potential enemy …Music playing… the USS drum is a gato class submarine
of the United States Navy this submarine was the first of its class to be
completed in the first to enter combat during World War two
she’s also the oldest of her class still in existence today the USS drone was on
13 different patrols during the time that she was in service the drum
received a total of twelve battle stars for her service and is credited with
sinking fifteen enemy ships the drum was moored in the waters behind the USS
Alabama until she sustained damage by the storm surge of Hurricane George’s in
1998 as a result she is now on display on the shore where we toured this
amazing submarine there’s a lot of cages I think it’s a so oh my goodness this was probably one
of the absolute best places I have ever been for just military history seeing
these types of exhibits the battleship was just absolutely amazing I mean it
took us probably three hours to go through just the battleship itself and
we were moving you know at a decent pace but it was just there’s so much
information to take in and just so much to explore they had I don’t remember how
many decks above and below both open but a ton of space for exploring the
submarine the USS drum is the oldest submarine that you can see on display
today just so much history so much depth presented in a great way even though it
was a self-guided tour still a lot of information that was given and it just
really made you go back to what it would have been like in the 40s being on one
of these ships


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