Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags On Amazon | Best Sleeping Bag For Camping presents five best backpacking sleeping bang not one cool man adult mommy sleeping bag first on our best backpacking sleeping bags list is this coleman north rim sleeping bag it is comfortable and has a rating for zero degrees and above and with its polyester fill this bag will truly keep you warm and insulated the main downside to the sleeping bag is that it’s very heavy for a backpacking sleeping bag at nearly 4 pounds thus this bag is ideal only for short backpacking trips when weight is not as much of a priority you can check these products price and customer reviews from the description links below nor two TV sports mommy sleeping bag the Heaton trailhead is an affordable option for a super lightweight yet warm sleeping bag it uses polar light insulation a synthetic fabric that is thin yet retains Heat the interior is relatively spacious and it includes a mummy style hood and face drawstring the rip stop shell is also water-resistant despite the low temperature rating of 20 degrees team sports provides a durable stuff sack for stuffing your sleeping bag into no three Keltie tuck mummy sleeping bag misuk LT tuck sleeping bag has a rating for 22 degrees Fahrenheit and above and will work well for three season use it has a mummy shape with a comfortable foot box the insulation is synthetic made with thermo pro insulation to trap heat while remaining packable this sleeping bag can fit people up to six feet tall it weighs three pounds so it’s among the heaviest bags on this list therefore hike and bike mummy down sleeping bag imitates higher end bags with his mummy shape face drawstring down insulated filling and water repellant rip stop shell and a rating for 32 degrees Fahrenheit and above it weighs an impressive 1.9 4 pounds this bag is ideal for those who want a beginner sleeping bag and will be sleeping in mild or warm weather there are 5 Kleem it down sleeping bag commit offers impressive warmth for the price using a synthetic rip stop shell it repels water and remains breathable the baffle system allows this sleeping bag to stretch for comfort and still be snug enough to keep you cozy in cold weather the foot box is roomy this bag packs down relatively small and weighs 2.5 pounds you

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