Best Campfire Story Ever | Lele Pons & Hannah Stocking

Why are we laughing? That’s a great start to a YouTube video So what should we do now? You haven’t heard! Heard what? Why the trees are haunted? ye i see there’s a story but, The story of the forest. but don’t worry I’ll tell you the forest is haunted by a spooky squirrels haunting the forest the legend has it that five friends I don’t like scary stories they make me tinkle You gotta tinkle? so I’m gonna go shake the snake while you guys do your thing ok All right shake it Anyways there’s five friends and one decided to go tinkle Boy you bet your bottom dollar He sure did have to tinkle But then he forgot he had to tinkle So he let outs a nice all grin he sure does but he realized he was lost And then he heard a voice Its what he heard it’s was a friendly noise but then he notice it’s got spookier So in order to distract himself from being spooked He began to yodel yeah he Yodeled But he was no Walmart the yodel kid so he kept on trucking throughout the forest As he was trucking along he came across a danger zone and you know what he said? Hannah looks really beautiful today. Yeah! Hannah, can you speed on the story? its whats he said so he goes over the danger He goes under it no over, who cares He goes over the danger zone and Goes around through and then he starts to cry And then he finds a friendly fellow hi, little guy He’s not so friendly it’s none other Then the SPOOKY SQURRELL All right so along with the story no, I better go find my boyfriend He’s been gone for too long Shall I continue say? So the girl leaves to find her boyfriend She goes along calling for him baby, baby, baby No, baby Baby, baby, baby Then all of a sudden a tree starts talking to her What does it say it says? it’s said slide to the left slide to the right freeze Everybody clap your hands Does she find the boyfriend or not? She finds him thank god, Kyle excuse me but he’s not alone excuse me He’s with The SPOOKY SQURELL Your’e good? alright, I don’t think he’s good Yeah I’m just I’m gonna go to the tent Got tired All right good night Let me know if you need help alright what happened the other friend at the campfire went to go sleep in the tent Hannah, can you can you speed up the story, please? alright, I count all of them but I’m trying he sees something Speed it up ,Hannah He’s not alone He sees The SPOOKY SQURIEELL On the piano oh, and then how did he die? I don’t know it’s a kinda blurry. its blurry They were just like fighting there’s a lot of blurry there’s a lot of fighting and everything Shadows Yes shadows. go down, up and down Um i have a question How many people are left in your story? Two and are they both girls Are they Blonde and brunette, yes all alright, Hannah I just wanted uh I don’t want to die You’re not gonna die I’m not You know why? Because the person telling this story Is gonna disappear And you’re gonna retell it the story that is Hannah! Hannah Hannah,she cried but she never found her ok I don’t like scary stories I’m gonna go tinkle yeah, yeah you can go to the restroom

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