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Best Knife for Camping or Backpacking | Knives

Hi. My name’s Dan Delavan. I’m the owner operator of Plaza Cutlery in
Costa Mesa, California. We have a great selection. We also have a website, Today we’re going to be talking about knives. The best backpacking or camping knife, if
you ask 100 people you’re going to get 100 different answers. There’s no one knife. The Swiss Army knife is still one of the most
popular choices because it’s so versatile. Most of them have two blades, screwdriver,
cap lifter, can opener, and a small screwdriver. Then it can have some other tools in it. A leather punch is standard. A little hook for lifting stuff off the campfire. A phillips or corkscrew on the bottom. Of course, you have your tweezers, your toothpick,
and a lanyard on it, too. It’s a very versatile knife for camping and
backpacking. It’s a lot of tools in one. If you’re fishing you have three screwdrivers
on it for reel repair, and you also have the saw if you need to cut through a piece of
wood if you have a need for it. All those different tools are there. A small fixed blade knife, again for either
camping or backpacking, if you need to make some kindling it will do that. If you’re going into a heavy brush area you
may need to carry a machete or a larger camp knife with which to knock down some brush. This is a KA-BAR. It’s a small version of the regular Marine
Corps combat knife. It’s probably one of the most popular knives
that we have for people that want a nice strong knife at a moderate price. A small knife like this you’re going to use
it mostly for cutting kindling and opening up different things. If you need it as an emergency tool it’s there,
and it’s a little bigger blade. Then the other choice is just a single blade
folding knife, lightweight, and you want it to lock open. A small Spyderco or Benchmade are both good
choices, easy to open. They come normally a number of different ways,
either with a combination edge – partially serrated and part plain, fully plain, or fully
serrated. Again, like most of these knives they’re one
blade, easy to open, and very light. Especially if you’re backpacking you don’t
have a lot of weight to carry. They’ll make it very easy to do a lot of different
things with it yet it doesn’t weigh very much and it’s very versatile to carry.


  • Alex Bryan

    I carry a knife religiously. Whether it be my Buck 110, my Leatherman Wave multi-tool, or my always useful Victorinox Huntsman I've always got a good, quality cutting tool in my pocket or on my belt. Sometimes ill carry all three! You never know when you're going to need one or the other.

  • Big Bad Wolf

    the KaBar is a COMBAT knife, it's not meant for kindling although it can be used for it, it's meant for fighting and self protection

  • BudgetBugout

    I see this time and time again… Some of the comments and thumbs downs are from people who know very little on knives other than what they think they've learned from an equally uniformed person – which is often their favorite YouTuber (I have some insight on what it takes to become a YouTuber and being an expert on the topics of your videos is not one of the qualifications). The Ka Bar is a time-tested tool and a useful one at that… Yes it is true that it was originally made for combat but it is more than capable of being used in a camping/outdoor role. I'm curious what kind of outdoor activities people are engaging in that is worse than being in a war zone. Buck knives and Mora knives are great but anyone who knows knives knows that they have vastly inferior steel to a Ka Bar. Also, the Ka Bar CAN "throw sparks" but how often is that what people look for when they select an outdoor knife (other than survivalist wannabes)? I challenge you all to learn from knowledgeable sources rather than think you know everything in a topic because you heard someone you find entertaining say something different.

  • Eurotrash4367

    Considering the location of this store and the owner's hair I suspect customers will be paying more than MSRP for all of these knives. Thumbs up if you agree!

  • GLB Woodsbum 256

    Why do they call it a Swiss Army knife? It's got so many other tools on it they might as well just call it a Swiss Army scissor. Or a Swiss Army can opener. Furthermore camping and backpacking in general are two completely different activities.

  • Phillip Nunya

    This was a commercial, not a how to video. Who the hell even mentions a combat knife or a tanto for camping or backpacking? What you want is a simple full tang drop point fixed blade with a saber grind about five to six inches long and little on the thicker side, made of something like 420HC or AUS8 without a bulky finger guard, and preferably a bit of the tang exposed at the bottom of the handle to allow for hammering without damaging the handle. This would make for a sturdy, low maintenance, versatile knife that wouldn't cost a ton. Oh, and it's better if the handle isn't made of wood or super cheap plastic. That doesn't matter that much though.

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