Best of All 4 Adventure: Camping & ATVs ► All 4 Adventure TV
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Best of All 4 Adventure: Camping & ATVs ► All 4 Adventure TV

Camping, mate. Favourite place to camp… We had some pretty nice camps in the last
series down the bottom there on the beach. We had one night there, the stars were out,
and I went for a hoon on the quad bike. And then we sat there around the fire with
the stars out. And it was still; there was no wind. And that smell you get down there, you know,
the smell it gets with the weed and the ocean. And it’s just crisp. And just the swell rolling in. Yeah, that was cool down the bottom of Western
Australia. If you had to make the campsite more enjoyable,
one would be the location. But getting to camp at at least 3:30 in the
afternoon. You got a bit of time to sort of wind down. You know, easy, quick set-up. And then once you’ve set up, you can have
a bit of a play. You go for a bit of a cruise on the quad bike,
come back, get a fire going and you just sort of wind down. And you absorb where you are and what you’re
doing, you know. You’re not sort of running around going like
a headless chook. That just kills it. Setting up camp in those spectacular places,
it’s just worth every bit of it. Whether it’s on a sand bank or a remote island
or a rock bar in the Kimberley. That’s it. Parked up, wake up in the morning, sun’s coming
up, you know, and you just go, ‘yeah, that’s why we camped here last night.’ Here we are. There is no doubt the most favourite place
to take the quad bike was the Bilbunya Dunes. End of story. There is no other place, other than that place,
which was epic. That’s mad! That’s awesome, isn’t it? That’s out of control. What a view. What a cracker of a view. We’ve done some out-of-control stuff with
the ATVs. Oh, hell yeah. We’ve got some adrenaline happening. You’re a crazy bugger. The zipline? No one else would have thought of that but you. Seriously. That’ll do. Cut me. We’ve been to a lot of plane wrecks now where we can’t get there any other way than with the ATVs. The final leg at Truscott when we got out
to that plane wreck, remember? When we took Old Mate with us, what was his
name? Richard, that’s right. And we did some serious bush bashing on that
little leg. Oh yeah. Hell yeah, we did. Yeah, duck and weaving, carrying on. Woah. They are crazy bastards. Without the quadbikes there, we were the first
people to drive a vehicle to that plane wreck. Yep, and Richard, he was stoked. Well done, Richard. Well done, mate. Awesome, awesome. The quad bike and the side-by-side have been
the ones that have gotten us, I think, to the most remote places. Absolutely. There is no doubt about it, we have done stuff
that no one else has ever done before. Strap the tinnies together. And put RZRs and SXSs on top of tinnies. I know guys have taken quad bikes around in
tinnies before, but I don’t think anyone’s ever taken RZRs around on two tinnies tied
together before. And then pull the tinnie 2 kilometres by hand
across a crocodile-infested swamp. Holy **** hell. Fish where no one else has fished. I often catch monster barra. Oh yeah, epic. I’m on as well. Look at the size of that. Without the ATVs that wouldn’t happen. Nope, we couldn’t do it. The stickiest situation with the quad, ask
old mate. Because he’s the king of swampin’ quads. Hurry up! I did. My bad. I did drop a quadbike in the bottom of a river
one time. Yep, bottom of a river. This is bad. This is seriously bad. This is about one of the baddest things we’ve
ever done. Yeah, but you did throw one off a trailer
once. Yeah, that wasn’t my fault. No, of course not. You just lost a quad bike. Whose quad bike’s that? That’s your quadbike. No. That is supposed to be on your trailer. It’s done a mickey flip, clean off. It’s been all about the toys. We love our toys, and we’ve got some new toys. We’ve got some new toys. Oh, we’ve got some new toys this series coming
up. New toys, new missions. Serious big boy toys. Yeah, big boy’s toys. He with the most toys. Wins. No, he who dies with the most toys, wins.


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