BEST PORTABLE TOILET? | Camco 41541 Portable Toilet Review
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BEST PORTABLE TOILET? | Camco 41541 Portable Toilet Review

– Hey dads. Do you all need a portable
toilet for your RVing adventures? We have a pop-up camper right over there and it came with this portable toilet. We’re considering it more
of an emergency toilet. So we haven’t used it yet
and hopefully we don’t have to use it ’cause I
really don’t want to have to deal with cleaning it. It’s a little bit different
whenever you’re dumping black tanks in a RV that
has a tank attached to it but whenever it comes to
these portable toilets, a little bit different. So let me show you guys what we have. Oh first of all hi, hi to
all the new dads out there. This is Dad Reviews. This is where I give you my unedited, hopefully more authentic
review of the products that I like and use. So if you’re into that
you might want to consider clicking that subscribe button. As always, a thumbs up is appreciated, but let’s get into it today. And we have this as our
portable toilet here. The way it works is you
do your business in there, you got, you know, you
do your business in there and this cap right here,
you all can’t see that. You’ve got to fill that with water though before you do your business. This is the flusher. The way it works is there’s
a little nozzle right here and that pumps through some water. I don’t really have
much in there right now because I just cleaned it out to make sure that there was nothing in there. ‘Cause we’ve had it in
our RV for a long time and we haven’t had the
chance to take it out and do anything with it. It’s just kind of been sitting in there. So that’s how that works and
then whenever you’re ready you pull this and just kind of like that the patch opens right there and dumps all your stuff down into there. You can close it back. You did your business. So now once you’ve done
your business enough times, you got the water, you got the flush, you got the water up here. Now you got mess down here. So the first thing you’re
going to want to do is take off the top part. So there’s these two
latches on the side here. They come off. Then they just pull out or
you can unlatch it like that. You can do it whichever way you want. I feel like it’s easier
just to take them out. You can remove your top portion. If you need to add more water to it you can add more water to it. Now you have your bottom portion here. This is where the hole is and on the back we’ve got this big, giant cap here. So you can undo that
and then you just simply dump your mess into the dump station or another toilet I guess
you could dump it into. Septic tank, whatever
you have available there. And then you probably
want to like spray it out, clean it out, you can
open up the hatch here. Spray down into there and
there’s also some chemicals you can get to keep it clean. I think it’s like a bleach
mixture kind of thing. Like the stuff you use
to clean your toilet. Just a little bit more abrasive and hard. I’ve never used it before so I
don’t know much about it yet. I’m sure one day I probably will. It does come with a handle on here so if you are bringing it somewhere you can have easy lifting
or if you want to put it on like a dolly or something
’cause you need to haul it out somewhere, it might be
super full, I don’t know. That’s a nice little feature there. To put it back together
you just simply put this on top of this right here. You want to make sure
all of your pull thing is lined up there in the middle square and then you want to go and put these guys back on, I’ll show you
all on the other side how it works. You simply just take this
little booger right there and stick it into there and
then once that’s in there, you latch that, press it in. And that is your portable toilet. What we plan on doing
is we want to take this out of our RV so we can use that space where the toilet was for things like shoes or something else that may be dirty because it’s kind of right
there next to the door. And what we want to do is
every time we go camping just put this into the back of the truck. That way we don’t really
have to deal with it and it’s literally just for emergencies. So that’s that. If you guys want to check this out I’m going to see whatever
kind of portable toilets I can find down in the
description below on Amazon and there’s also composting toilets which I’ve been interested in
where you use coconut husk, I forget what it’s called,
coconut core or something to help break down your mess. I’ll link up those down below. I’ve seen ’em, I haven’t see one in person but I’ve watched a lot
of videos about them, so you guys might be interested
in something like that if you have more of an RV
than just a pop-up camper. I don’t know if a
composting toilet would fit in a pop-up camper. I need to look into that. Any who, thank you guys for watching. Thumbs up is always appreciated. There’s two more videos
right there on the screen if you want to watch more of our videos. We definitely appreciate
you clicking the subscribe right there in the middle. If you want, if you have
a product that you want me to review on the channel,
let me know down in the comments below what it is. I’ll see if I can get it. Thank you guys for watching, dad out.

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