BEST Water Filter System for Backpacking,Hunting & Camping?
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BEST Water Filter System for Backpacking,Hunting & Camping?

so we all know that water is the essence
of life but what’s the best water filtration or purification system for
your style of camping or hunting in this video we’re going to introduce you to a
few options coming up hey everybody Michael Batease from the elk calling
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we have to have it so now when we go camping or hunting what’s the best
option for your style of camping or hunting to make water safe for drinking
well there’s a few options out there option one is you can certainly boil
water the only problem with that is you have to boil that water at a rapid boil
for a good period of time which means a lot of that water is going to turn into
vapor it’s just going to evaporate during the boiling process so you have
to boil quite a bit of it to be able to get enough to drink second option is
iodine tablets they are highly effective but the only thing with iodine tablets
are water filtration tablets is you have a period of time that you have to drop
those in the water let them dissolve before it’s safe to drink and they do
add a little bit of flavor to the water and most of the time it’s not a pleasant
flavor so what other options do you have so when it comes to water filtration you
really have a few options you have gravity-fed you have squeeze you have
pump we’re gonna talk about four of them today to kind of give you an example so
first off let’s start with base camping base camping
is where you go in your vehicle where you stop that’s where your camp is so
weights not an issue so now one thing that I like to do when I head out
camping or hunting camp is I will get a gallon of drinking water just a gallon
jug and I’ll use that then once that’s empty I’ll use one of my preferred
choices in base camp to refill that gallon jug that way I always have a
gallon of jug of water in camp so one of the things that I really like to use at
base camp is the katadyn base camp now they make two versions of it they make a
six liter in a 10 liter this is the 10 liter retail on this is about 75 dollars
it will do about two liters per minute and what this does is you actually just
fill this bag you roll the top and then you hang it in a branch it does have a
flow stop on the tube coming out now I’ll just put this tube in the gallon
jug and let this just gravity and filter out the water now it does have a filter
on the inside of the bag that this filter is replaceable each filter will
do about three hundred and ninety-six gallons now that’s just kind of
recommended or what the manufacturer says it really all depends on how dirty
the water is that you know you’re filtering so weight on this is only
twelve point four ounces so it’s not very heavy at all it’s a great tool that
I have used in my base camp for years and have had great success with it okay
option number two for a base camp is a pump style this is the katadyn vario
which is a dual chamber pump and it just works with the pump action so you drop
the filter or pre-filter into the water source you start pumping
and then the discharge tube now what’s kind of neat about this one is it has an
end that if you’re using a widemouth water bottle you can screw this right
onto the top of it and pump and disperse right in there
it does come with a discharge tube so that you could
into your bladder or into your water bottle you have a few different options
there now the katadyn will do about two liters per minute and it does have an
internal filter in it that you can change out that internal filter will do
about 300 gallons per filter weight on this one is 15 ounces and it retails for
about $69 okay another option is a squeeze style or squeeze bag so this is
the sawyer squeeze bag system and they have a three kit a three bag kit which
comes with a 16 ounce 32 ounce and 64 ounce now the way this works is this has
a filter that you screw right on the top of it you fill the bag up and then just
what it says you squeeze it to force that water through the filter now the
thing on this is the kid is about 42 dollars the filter will do about 540
gallons per filter before you have to replace it but the nice thing about this
is it only weighs three ounces so if you are backpack style hunting or you want
something in your pack for your day hunt that you can refill your bladder the so
your squeeze is a great option few downfalls on this your talking plastic
plastic on the filter coming in you can easily cross thread it which means now
all of a sudden you don’t have that good seal and then as you’re squeezing you
have a lot of water leaking out the other thing is – it has an o-ring when
you’re putting in that oring can easily pop out and you can lose it so make sure
all the pieces and parts are in there but if you’re replacing that filter on a
regular basis you shouldn’t have any problems and like I said it does come
with three bags so you have some options there alright another option which is
another which is a squeeze style this is the MSR trail shot so retails for about
$50 the weight on this is 55 ounces and it will do about 5
128 gallons per one now the one thing I really like about the trail shot is you
have a few options here meaning it’s it’s it’s quick to come out
deploy it you drop the pre-filter into the water and then you just start
pumping now the one thing that’s nice about this is while you’re pumping you
can immediately use it and drink from it so you’re using it almost as a water
fountain you can squeeze it and fill a water bottle or the neat thing is is if
you wear a camel’s back or a water bladder you can take the mouthpiece off
and connect the tube directly to this and just sit there and pump and fill
your bladder with your pack on the back so there’s a few options what’s the best
option for your style well that depends on you me personally the two that I use
the most are the katadyn base camp in camp so that way when I get to the base
camp at night and you know I’ve boiled some water I’ve got it in in my dinner
letting it heat up and in rehydrate I go ahead and refill my bladder kind of get
my pack ready for the next day now I carry a three liter bladder I prefer
the camel’s back because for me personally I noticed having that
mouthpiece on my shoulder strap on my pack I tend to drink more water while
I’m hiking so I’ve done the water bottle before and I just don’t drink as much
water so I prefer the bladder that’s my personal preference so because of that I
also carry the trail shot because it is only 5 ounces and it actually does have
a longer life or will do more gallons than most of the other options on there
so the Sawyer squeeze bag I have carried in my pack in the past and had great
success with it but now that I found the MSR trail shot I’m tending to go this
way more so alright down below we will put some links to each of these options
and maybe a couple of other in each of the different categories so
the gravity-fed the pump and the hand squeeze and then the regular squeeze
those are affiliate links which means if you do click on those in purchase we do
make a small commission on it now the commission money we use that to buy more
of these products so that we can test them for you guys so it really does help
us out to be able to continue to bring these videos to you to you if you do
purchase from one of those affiliate links alright guys so there’s a few
options on water filtration hope that was helpful to you as always thank you
for tuning in we really appreciate your support as always guys keep calling keep
practicing but most importantly have fun and we’ll see on the next video


  • Jimmy Glaeser

    Very helpful. Thanks Michael. Do you typically drink three liters on the mountain during the day? I know it all Varys with heat and terrain, but how much would you say you drink in a day when hunting?

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