Bicycletouring France and Monaco – GER with ENG subtitles
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Bicycletouring France and Monaco – GER with ENG subtitles

Back in France! We just had to climb a huge Mountain And now we are at the border Here is the sign – “France” Now we take a nice picture And then we’ll start cycling France with a downhill ride Yeah I think This is the last big mountain of the Pyrenees And then it will become flater again France and Monaco September 2016 13 Days 666 km Good morning! Our first night in France was good We had a nice campingspot At this street but at night there were almost no cars Now it’s getting louder Yesterday we cycled about 60 km From which 65!
65 km the director is telling me Exactly! The 5 km up and down were not mentioned! Exactly, from which about 20 km in Spain And… Maybe 30 through the mountains, or? Over there you still can see the Pyrenees We’ve left them behind now We found a fig tree! And they are delicious! Good morning! We are at a small channel now We slept here tonight We just had breakfast an now we pack our stuff And then we go back to the Mediterranean Sea We had to go a bit interior because… There were several fenlands So we couldn’t cycle the coastline And so we had to do some detours Now it’s about 20 km to the coast We want to cycle 40 km until Lunch And then we want to make a beachday So we don’t want to cycle in the afternoon There are still so many But we can’t safe them all! We are cycling on a closed road now We are not really sure if we are allowed to do that But until now we have it to ourselfs
It was just renewed Pretty cool , huh?
Yeah Now we are about 20 km ahead of Marseille Over there you can already see it Mustard Pasta! Good Morning! Our view Over Marseille We are packing our stuff now Yesterday we had a nice restday Together with my sister Very nice even if there was a heavy thunderstorm But later the weather was great And we had a good time at the Beach Good Food! Lentils or Chickpeas Avocado And nice grapes from italy Right! Now we left Marseille behind us You can still see it in the background And of course it starts with mountains again Right beside some harvested grapes We just had a look And there are still many grapes They are so sweet! It’s awesome We’ll have them for breakfast And now we had them for dessert
…Before Dinner! Dessert before Dinner? 😀 Nice! Right and now we’ll prepare… Pasta with… Tomatosauce and broccoli, right? We took a ferry to Saint Maxime Otherwise we had to cycle the same way twice Because St. Tropez is at a Bay So we granted us a ferry for 10€ And went straight over the bay Now we’ll cycle on at the coastline The road is very close to the sea Quite beautiful. All the way to Cannes, Nice and Monaco And then Italy Now we are in Nice at the beach We make a lunch break and go swimming In the evening we’ll cycle out of the town So tomorrow we’ll be close to Monaco And tomorrow we’ll leave France We want to reach the italian border tomorrow Right!
Three countries on one day! Right. We’ll do some sightseeing in Monaco And from there it’s 20 or 15 km to Italy So we’ll be in France, Monaco and Italy tomorrow Top! 20 km ahead of Monaco Here’s our campingspot for today Close to that foodtruck But i think it’s good We’ll pitch up our tent over there But first we prepare dinner We have a nice view again! There was no sign at the Border But nevertheless we are in … Monaco! We have a Map With a sightseeing route. I think we can cycle it Where are we now? There…
Yeah somewhere in that area… That was Monaco! And also France We just cycled the last 8 kilometres in France Over there is the border to Italy We had a great time in France And in Monaco But now we are lookin forward to the next country! Country No. 9 Italy!

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