Bicycletouring Italy – GER with ENG subtitles
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Bicycletouring Italy – GER with ENG subtitles

Italy! Italy october 2016 17 days Here we’ll pitch up our tent With a nice view on the sea and the sun Tomorrow the first stage is to San Remo And from there The cycling race San Remo – Milan Actually Milan – San Remo but we do it vice versa Thats the first big stage From here it’s about 310 km About 20 km to San Remo And from there Milan – San Remo is about 290 km The pros cycle this in one day We’ll see how long we’ll need Great! We don’t have to cycle over the hills And it’s amazing to cycle here Great paved road It’s flat and nice and just cyclists! We completed the first stage of San Remo – Milan Pretty exhausting Against wind
Against wind most of the time Now it’s less than before All the time uphill and downhill Pretty exhausting And in total over 81 km But we made it and now we have a little reward The best wine from Italy Vino Rosso (Red Wine) And some of this… Bagel Snacks or something like that Pretty deluxe Great And after that we prepare dinner Of course we have the real dinner afterwards Cheers! We cycled 57 km today So we keep track of it And now we have a great campingspot And just had spaghetti with tomatosauce for dinner Olga is still eating After that we’ll have some chocolate for desert And tomorrow… We’ll cycle to Voltri Thats the name i think Yeah, Voltri And thats about 20 km before Genoa And from there it’s going inland At first over a 600 m mountain So tomorrow we’ll have some uphill cycling Let’s see how we manage that We cycled 5 km to far! We have to go 5 km back now Same way And take the exit And as a reward, after that over the mountains! Whatever We made the climb! Even more and now it’s lunchtime We have some raisins We wanted a Pizza as a reward But today is saturday and everything is closed! Yes Ciao!
Ciao! My Cap flew away But Olga got it! Yes! We completed the third stage! Today we made 66 km and 666 m in altitude We just were in the city and looked for Pizza But everything was closed! All the places open at 7 P.M. which is too late for us Exactly Morning! In the night it was a bit cold And now it’s still cold and foggy The Fall is here The Fall really seems to be here But nevertheless we had breakfast Had some tea And pack our stuff now Then we go on with stage four! We want to make 70 km until the evening And be at the Po (Po in German means ass) ..the River Thats how it is! Pretty Cold How much? 13°C! Yesterday we cycled in a shirt And now 13°C is a big difference in the temperatures We put out the gloves It’s getting cold while cycling And we have to go downhill And we “have to” go downhill We completed stage four! Without a detour
But it was cold No detour and we made 75 km In the morning it was pretty cold as you have seen Actually it was cold until lunch But then we got a Pizza!! We had Pizza for lunch The Pizza was warm! And after that the weather got better The Sun came out but it’s still kind of cold The Sun comes out! A bit at least Great! And now we’ve found a bikepath Which will lead us to Milan Milan We made it! Our time in Milan is over We’ve packed our stuff And now we’ll bring our stuff downstairs We’ve been here for 2 days Yesterday we had a full day of sightseeing In the evening we cooked a nice dinner With Chiara, our Warmshowers Host Very nice again We’ve met another great person And now we continue! We are in the new part of the City With all the Skyscrapers We want to go to the train station And there starts a bikepath Which wil lead us out of the city The same like we entered the city Great, no stress with roads, cars and stuff like that! Just cycling We found some delicious stuff at a market A box of pears Two boxes of plums Melon, tomatoes, apples Kiwi, prickly pear and mandarines Everything for free! And now we have lunch! Almost 60 km behind Milan Here we slept last night We packed all our stuff and already had breakfast 10-15 minutes then we’ll start About 90 km to Lake Garda Thats what we want to do today The weather could be better We cycled 76 km It’s raining A little bit It’s okay And now it’s maybe 5 km to the appartement And Olga wants to show us how to swim here We just carried our stuff in the appartement And now we have kind of a mess Pretty cool here! Great big kitchen, living room Bathroom With a shower, great Sleeping room And… A very nice… Big balkony! If you can see it A bit dark already We’ve been here for 2 days In the appartement of some friends of Olgas Mum It was very nice We worked a bit on our Blog and YouTube Wrote some articles and cut some videos Pretty succesful! And today the weather is great again You can see the sun here Great blue sky There you can see it – perfect for cycling! Perfect timing. The last 2 days were really bad weather! Thunderstorms, rain and everything And we sat in the warm and worked a bit Bikes are packed Everythings ready Now we cycle on to Verona Today some km before Verona and tomorrow in the city And there we have to look for a smartphone repair shop I can’t charge my phone anymore We cycled 21 km and found a nice place With an old house A persimmon tree But they are not ripe yet We did some sightseeing in Verona And we were in this smartphone shop And luckily they could repair my smartphone – cool! And we bought a new batterie for Olgas Smartphone Because it also didn’t worked so well In total we payed 55€ which is okay in my opinion Because everything is working now – great! Now we cycle out of the city And the day after tomorrow we want to be in Venice Which is about 100 km, isn’t it?
120 km! 120 km okay On wednesday, today is monday On wednesday we want to spend a whole day in venice Put our bikes in a car park and see the city That’s the plan! We finished cycling for today We made 80 km We are now about 15 km ahead of Venice or? Exactly! Exactly 15, great! That means, tomorrow a nice breakfast And then easy 15 km of cycling And then we hope we can bring our bikes to the car park That’s the plan! And thats our breakfast for tomorrow! 1 package, 500g of Cornflakes! We haven’t found couscous today, so we bought these We are in the car park in Venice Here we have our babies! Secured with multiple locks Ropes, zipties and everything! Nothing will happen But just to be sure we made it really safe Nothing can happen and now we have a great day in Venice! We had a great day in Venice! Now we go back to the car park And hope that our bikes ar still there And then we cycle out of the city Back over the bridge to the mainland And there we already found a nice spot in a park There we go, it’s about 5 km Everythings still here “Sheep” also shows signs of live It’s raining It rained all night long and just started again It stopped shortly in the morning but now it started again We have breakfast now And we hope that it will stop raining So we can start without rain But we have to go on Because now we have a Warmshowers Host in Slovenia We really want to make this So on 22. we have to be in Slovenia! And there are still some kilometers left Yeah Because of that… Rain… Doesn’t matter, we have to cycle about 70 km today We’ll see! We’ll see! We started to pack our stuff It rained a lot! Man how do i look? 😀 It just stopped to rain Thats good, but some minutes ago we really got wet We have to pack the tent, the bags are ready We made it! 65 km Pretty cold, rainy, windy But now we are here With a nice view on the alps Here we’ll put our tent We pitched up our tent Just one or two bags to put in the tent Then we prepare some delicious food We’ll have pasta With tomatosauce, carrots, onions Olives, awesome! And of course a liter of wine! And some Crustinis Roasted bread rolls or something like that That will be good! We cycled about 60 km And that was the last day for us in Italy We’ve been here for 16 days. Today is day 16 Tomorrow on day 17 we’ll cross the border to Slovenia Thats about 10 km from here We already have two Warmshowers Hosts in Slovenia I think that will be interesting The first one already wrote some funny Emails He wrote his toilet and his shower will not work And actually his whole house is getting renovated Lookin forward! 😀 But now we are still in Italy As i said, 16 days. It was a very nice country In the start very warm at the Mediteranean Sea And then over the mountains to Milan There it was getting colder The fall started In Milan we also had a great time From Milan to this place, we stopped at Lake Garda Great time in the apartement Then Venice and now near the alps As you just have seen in the video The alps on the left, the Mediteranean Sea on the right And also in front of us the mountains start to rise The mountains of Slovenia There we’ll also have to do something But we will do it! Olga already started to pitch up our tent And then we have dinner And enjoy the evening with some wine and cashew nuts


  • Zero Fox Inc

    awesome! I plan to go further along the coast to Genoa and then head to Milan from there….I think it may not be as high as the route you took… I hope ☺

  • lem mi

    Ich habe jetzt alle Videos von euch gesehen, sehr sehr schön: Musik, Schnitt, Ton, und natürlich die tollen Bilder, alles sehr gut und sehr kurzweilig. Ich freue mich auf die nächsten Eindrücke!
    Cool, dass ihr fast immer wild campt.Hattet ihr bis jetzt keine Probleme mit der Polizei oder sonstigen Spaßverderbern?
    Passt auf euch auf!

  • John Zarn

    Please keep using English subtitles and I like the bicycle lanes in San Remo. I like your videos and also it looks like you find these abandon buildings do you sleep in them?

  • eric boddeker

    Beautiful trip! Wish I could get over there. I'm king of stuck in Oregon 'till spring. Then I'm riding the Pacific coast. It's great but…very long distances between attractions.

  • Schrauber Ermel

    mache auch reperatur Videos, danke nochmal für die schönen Videos 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Tom Rasmussen

    Prima Video, prima Tour – ich schaue mir gerne etwas ab: Wofür benutzt Du den Bambusstab? Ist doch einer…?!

  • addi83

    Habe jetzt alle eure Videos von Anfang bis hier gesehen. Gefallen mir sehr gut, gerade dass ihr die meisten Aufnahmen von der Fahrt macht (und nicht wie viele Andere nur vom Sightseeing dazwischen). Nur als kleine Anregung: Ich weiß es ist viel Arbeit, aber könntet ihr die Musik ein klein wenig variieren? 30 Minuten dieselbe Fahrstuhlmusik sind echt hart und eure tollen Aufnahmen haben etwas besseres verdient 😉 Weiterhin gute Reise!

  • H-B Poepping

    Kompliment für euer schönes Reisevideo. Ihr seid ja beide gut drauf. Viel Spass bei euren Touren
    Gruß Hans-Bernd

  • Kevin Wilkinson

    Olga & Michael, I love you two & the relaxed and happy vlogs, thank you for the entertaining subtitles, I have almost zero German.! If your ever in Cornwall in the UK come and stay in my little cottage 🙏🏻🚴🏼😀

  • Frank fährt Fahrrad

    Hallo Ihr Beiden! Kann man auf Fahrradreisevideos süchtig werden? Spätestens seit ich Euren Kanal gefunden habe, sage ich: Auf jeden Fall! Natürlich, fröhlich und authentisch. Richtig Klasse. Bitte weiter so. LG Frank

  • Predigt.Archiv

    Mich würde mal ein "what-we-eat-in-a-day" von euch interessieren. Mit den vielen Kilometern, die ihr fahrt, braucht ihr ja auch ordentlich Kalorien…

  • Jacob van der Meulen

    It is a bit of a selfie film. 40% of the time the man is filming himself. His mother probably loves it!

  • The Milky Way's Farthest Star

    I'm obsessed with your videos 🙂 but thing is I thought wild camping is completely forbidden in Italy and it seems that's not the case.

  • Avocado Pirate

    That was an incredible set of videos from Netherlands to Italy. Enjoyed them all. Hope you will come to America. If you do, a couple of notes. You can't post those stickers on road or highway signs. But you can on bulletin boards in coffee shops, otherwise you might get a ticket for littering. Yeah, I know, this is a strange place. But on the plus side you can order pizza any time of day or night. Delivered piping hot in 30 minutes or less otherwise it's free. We perfected that delivery part.

  • TheMerkat55

    Solcher Fahrradinfrastruktur (1:30 – 2:00) mag in Italien etwas besonderes sein. Aber in den Niederlanden ist das alltäglich.

  • Per Karlsson

    How is biking with a rain poncho? Been thinking bout getting one, at least for those days when there is more rain than wind.

  • Meghan Fitz-James

    I love that I have discovered you guys. I am a 52 year old female who loves to incorporate cycle touring into my one month a year off from work. I plan some day to hit the road and cycle far and wide. I have always wanted to cycle Italy and I may have an opportunity this September. I have one month. Do you have a circle route you would recommend? I will do it this year or within the upcoming few years! I am inspire by you! I am now a big fan! Take care!

  • Mietze Kratz

    Warum setzt ihr eigentlich eure Helme nicht auf, wo ihr sie doch dabei habt🤔Schade, dass die Musik so laut ist. Denn sie ist ja nicht so schön dass man sie dauernd im Vordergrund hören will.

  • lromeroyt

    the equipment you recommend is all so expensive …I presume over $5000, that's too much for the ride! not including the bikes! that's a lot for bike touring..

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