Big Island Hawaii Travel Guide WOW! Things to do in Vacation Vlog Trip. What Places to Tour & Visit
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Big Island Hawaii Travel Guide WOW! Things to do in Vacation Vlog Trip. What Places to Tour & Visit

Welcome to the big Island of Hawaii. We start the second part of this hawaii travel
guide in the most amazing place we have ever stayed, a Hawaiian Vacation Treehouse. If you have ever wanted to be one with nature
while still having the comforts of a vacation rental this is the place. The treehouse is literally supported by the
trees. Warning, once you ascend up into this peaceful
shelter you will never want to go back. The treehouse takes you back to your youth
again as you reside in the treetop. The owner created this with plenty of windows
overlooking the ferns, trees, and foliage making constant vistas of the treetops and
beautiful greenery, with a lanai that extends out from the house where you can relax and
enjoy the sounds and smells of a pure hawaiian tropical rainforest. The pictures will have all of your friends
and family jealous. My favorite time was at night, it was serene
yet you could hear all the birds call to each other. Man, I wish I could just go back. I will link to this Treehouse with everything
else I recommend below this video. The next day we travelled to the Kona side
of the Island at the Kealakekua Bay. We rented a kayak do two things. First, Travel to Captain Cooks Monument, and,
more importantly. Second, to swim with wild dophins. If you watched my Oahu travel video, this
was even better than swimming with the dolphins there. Here, you can spend all the time you want
with these dolphins and they tend to spend most of their time right in this bay. You can literally jump in the water and be
with tons of spinner dolphins swimming all around you. They come right up to you and your kayak and
come around again and again. This experience is life changing. Like I want to buy a house here and come swimming
with these guys every day. As a bonus the waters here are clear and there
isn’t a more predictable way to swim with dolphins than right here in this bay. After kayaking with these dolphins you continue
your journey to captain cooks monument. *Go in the morning if you can. They started to do this where they slam against
the water. It must have been a signal cause they all
took off for the evening after this. this monument is actually british territory
and supposidely where captain cook died. It also happens to be a great place to go
snorkeling. The waters are clear and there all sorts of
fishes you can look at. If you are worried about kayaking in the open
ocean I will link to a great tour company below that will help you get there. Now if you are on the Big Island it is very
likely you are here to see the lava. We took a boat ride to see the lava pour into
the ocean. You can also take a tour to walk right up
to the lava but Volcano’s National Park was Closed when we were here. This boat ride was the most intense boat ride
I have ever been on. The waters were actually really rough but
it made it kind of fun and the prize was to see the incredible sight of lava spewing into
the ocean. You can get pretty dang close to the lava
too. I’d say they take you 20 yards or so from
the lava. Like I said The boat ride itself is even fun
and smoke it creates is a magnificent view. We went at sunset because of the way I knew
the light would filter through the smoke. In early morning is also amazing to see the
lava’s glow. This is why I love the Big Island there may
not be a ton to do. But, whatever you can do is just incredible. I mean do you think you can ever see lava
let alone spilling into the ocean again. After this you should check out my other Hawaii
travel guides and see the many things you can do on the other islands, but, like I said,
the things you can do on the big island are just incredible. If you are debating which Island to go to
give the big Island a serious consideration. If you are going to 2 islands I would for
sure come here as a lot of the other islands share a lot of the same things to do. Lava can be unpredictable some days it cannot
be reached on land and sometimes it is not spilling in the ocean. Check the reviews I will link to below and
they will normally say whether lava is active at that time and those sites. On the Big Island there are some okay waterfalls
like the Pe’epe’e falls and the boiling pots but the waterfalls are much better and interactive
in Maui like you will see in my video for a Maui Travel Guide. Luckily we got to pass by Volcanoes national
park but we were here when all the volcanoes were going off and let me tell you, we were
completely safe. Don’t believe the media. In fact it was the best time to go and you
can see this beautiful rainbow. One of the cool things about Hawaii is how
rainbows just seem to randomly pop up every once in a while. Next we hit up the Punalu’u Bake Shop. They are famous for their sweet bread. This is a chill little spot to come and get
some lunch and listen to some music. They also sell malasadas which are a popular
dessert here in Hawaii. This shop is about 10 to 15 minutes away from
my favorite beach here on the Big Island. This is the Punalu’u black sand beach and
it is definitely a place you want to go to. The vibe is so chill probably because all
the sea turtles here love to set that example. They just sit on the shore and veg out while
the waves come up and roll over them. This place is so picturesque with the palm
trees that rise from the black sand and a small pond with a bridge that lie adjacent. Just Kidding. Normally you can find coconuts just lying
on the ground next to the trees. Take one with you, open it up or put a straw
in it. If you go to the north end of this beach there
are a bunch of rocks where normally turtles like to play around. I like to snorkel with them but you can also
just walk out on to the rocks and watch them play. This is one of best beaches if you want to
sit back and relax. I seriously can’t believe this beach isn’t
completely run over by tourists like the ones you see in Maui. Don’t forget I link to everything I do below
including some of the things I didn’t do like Horseback riding through Waipio valley. So watch my other travel videos, plan your
vacation by clicking on the links below this video. Below I will answer any comments you have
about vacations in Hawaii subscribe to my channel or my wife’s hair and makeup channel. Like this video if it helped you out.

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