Bike Touring Gear – What to Bring on a Bike Tour
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Bike Touring Gear – What to Bring on a Bike Tour

Hello, welcome to my YouTube channel If you are already following me, you know we have done a bike tour across Some European Countries Before our bike tour, We had a look around. We didn’t have any idea what we should bring. Actually, after our bike tour we came out with our own list which we are going to share with you Because at the end some of the things we brought with us, we didn’t really need and some others actually we forgot to bring with us we put all of the stuff we need for a bike tour here And these are the things if we go for another bike tour, we will carry. let’s go through all of them It is obvious the first thing you need for a bike tour is a bicycle This my my bike. You saw in different videos that I was riding it. I have done more than 1000 miles with this bike And it is not an expensive bike It is an hybrid bicycle Some people thinks my bike is a mountain one because of the wheels, but it is not The hybrid bike is good to ride on a road and also on an off-road The other thing you definitely need is a rear rack I put on my rack a bag which I can put wallet or anything you want to have easy access The next thing you need even if you are not going for a long bike tour, even if you are going for a very short bike ride, is helmet You can see my helmet is not very girlish or nice, but it is better to have one probably you can buy the nicer one, and I might later buy the nicer one another essential thing you need for your bike tour is panniers. You need the solid ones. These ones are pretty good and they are waterproof they should be waterproof because during the long tour, you don’t know what weather you would have In terms of space these panniers are really good, you put all the things you see on the ground inside the panniers Or probably, even more. even your clothes which we didn’t bring today because we didn’t need to when I was thinking about the bike tour I was thinking I would have pain in my butt I came up with the solution. Actually, we both two padded saddles At the beginning, I didn’t think it would worked, but to be honest it worked They were so good Even though, I had the padded shorts too, but I couldn’t do the bike tour without the saddle You can plan ahead, But sometimes it is impossible to plan So you should be ready for everything can happens For example, you plan to stay in a hotel or hostel or somewhere, but sometimes you don’t know where you can reach to That is why is it better to have all the camping gear with you We had a very small tent and you can see it on a video how small is Our tent is waterproof and windproof As I said you need a camping gears This one is our sleeping bag, it is not heavy Since we were not cycling during winter We bought something light, because we had to carry with our bikes and you can see that we have two of them Sometimes you don’t want to sleep on your sleeping bags and you want something soft This is an inflatable mat This is another luxury thing for camping I call it luxury You see it has kind of cover and this is just a pillow It is an inflatable pillow It doesn’t take any space Another thing you might thing it is just luxury, it is flip flops When you go to a campsite and you want to take a shower, it is better to have flip flops with you Because sometimes the floor is not clean and it is not easy to put the shoes on These towels are microfiber The microfiber towels get dry easily. when you are in a rush you don’t have to wait You should always be ready for things can go wrong on a bike tour Your bike can break down at any time It is good to bring with you a small repair kit This has a bunch of keys to tweak your bike and a puncture repair kit This is just a small and spare pump we have Actually we have the bigger one there and this is helpful for when you want to take out your tube from your bicycle’s wheels a couple of spare tubes if you can These are helpful if your puncture is not easy to fix at least you can throw away the tube and replace it with another one Also for your chain, in case your chain has some issue you can actually use this tool to replace chain ring Another little thing is just some loob for your chain Overtime your chain gets a bit dusty, especially if you leave out under the rain So it is good to apply this (oil) regularly to your chain and the other things you need: gloves Even if it is not cold you need a pair of gloves, since they can protect your hands Actually, we didn’t have gloves during our bike tour, It was really cold we had to stop in Belgium and buy gloves They helped us a lot Not only to protect us from cold The ride was more comfortable with these gloves Since I bought them, I always wear them when I am on a bike ride One thing you really need on a bike tour is a good lock You don’t want to lose your bike middle of your bike tour, so buy a good lock If you don’t have a good lock you can ruin your trip, so invest on a good lock You need a pump, we have two One is small and the other one is a bit bigger both of them are easy to carry of course you need lights, especially if you are going to cycle during the autumn, spring or even winter when days are shorter also if you are going to camp you need a light what I really recommend is to have a first aid kit with you The first aid kit is essential for camping, even if you are not planning to go on a bike tour another couple of things might be useful If you camp, there is a big plug adaptor and you can plug to a campsite, in case you have something to charge in our case we had tons of things to charge we bring usually cameras, phones and GoPros. So this one was so useful Another thing I brought with me it was this waist bag Mostly, I kept my passport in here Because we were going around Europe and passport it is important, so I kept it here around my waist You can also use it to keep money We also brought with us a multi-USB charger because as you can see there is one socket here So we just brought a bunch of USB cables and they don’t take a lot of space and you can charge 4 things at the same time and also we had a power bank (mobile charger) which we usually use to charge our phone Because we were using our phones quite a lot for finding the direction where we were going. I had a small bag like this in front of my bike I put my phone here and the charger in the other side So I could connect them and while I was riding the bike I was able to charge my phone This part is usually for phone, but I put my wallet Because I could detach it easily and carry with me There are other things you might not thinking about them but they are essential Hand gel, sometimes you are middle of nowhere and you want to have food and you can’t wash your hands and your hands are not clean, so hand gel would help you and you can put shampoo and body wash on a small bottle to be able to carry and sometimes you can’t find a shower It is not easy when you are on a bike tour to find a shower, so you can carry the dry-wash liquid. You don’t need water to use it When you cycle in Europe, you think you don’t have a lot of sun But, when you are out there you need a sun cream You need toilet paper and toilet wipes Believe me you really need it. I have gone through many things that why I really recommend it These are our bottles for carrying water Actually during our bike tour, we carried a lot of different drinks not just water a lot of fizzy drink I know it is not healthy, but when you are on a bike, you burn a lot of calories So I think you deserve some extra sugar You don’t want to forget about your expreince That is why I recommend to carry a small notebook and end of the day write about your day Sometimes you are in your tent and bored so carry your kindle with you Kindle is easier to carry compare to carrying books These two are so light and you can carry them with yourself and the other thing helped us a lot and actually the whole bike tour we carried with us so closely was our GoPros We had two GoPros, one Hero 4 and the other one Hero5 Here is our drone and as you see it is Mavic Pro and you can see in the videos we flown our drone many times in the different countries It made our trip very enjoyable When you are on a bike tour, sometimes you feel cold and sometimes hot Especially when the weather is not predictable When you cycle you usually feel hot, but when you stop you feel cold That is why is better to have different layers It is so easy you can take off the layer or put on the layer and you can see on the video, in Belgium, I had to take off some layers and later stop and put some on I recommend to you, don’t carry a heavy clothes since you think it is cold It is better to carry light clothes but different layers The other thing you might not think about that It is carrying a light spare clothes for you stopped and you want to walk around another thing we did to avoid stopping to check our phone for finding the direction all the time You definitely don’t want to put your phone in your pocket and keep taking it out every 2 minutes to check direction We bought a little gadget and you can attach to your bike and put your phone and secure it easily You can keep your phone on and it save you a lot of time Because you have the direction in front of you On our bike tour, I had my laptop with me ( I put it in the panniers) but you don’t have to carry laptop I hope this list can help you I will put links of all the gears we talked about down bellow and also the article I wrote about that you can find it in the description Same as always thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe for more adventure videos


  • IndiTales

    That is such a comprehensive video on what to carry as a biker. Although, I do not really bike, but I still enjoyed the details you mention.

  • Fly Drive Explore

    A very useful list, you are obviously speaking from experience 'remember toilet paper'!
    A couple of hours cycling on a sunny afternoon is enough for us at the moment.

  • marvi ocampo

    A Bike Tour sure looks so much fun! Definitely worth the effort to be able to roam around like you did. Love your packing list and that you seem to have travelled light too!

  • HotMamaTravel

    Wow you guys can fit a lot of stuff in those bags! I would definitely need the padded seats, my booty always gets sore even on short bike rides.

  • World Heritage Journey

    Very informative, it's amazing how much gear you can pack into those panniers! And yes, the padded saddle would've been a very wise investment!

  • Christopher Rudder

    So exhausting watching you guys cycling…lol. I love the drone shots though…great list…too much stuff its an investment…not for me but I'm ok watching you biking videos lol…

  • Elaine Masters

    Great tips for packing light. Love your suggestion about wearing layers instead of having heavy clothes. That works for me when I have a trip through different climates.

  • Peter and Yen

    Great information this sounds like a great way to travel! Subscribed for more of your travel tips. Would be great if you can check out our channel on food and travel too ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  • Jeremy Cote

    I'm game for long rides only with a foldable tent trailer for bikes, like this:

  • Eis Vogel

    I guess that in some countries helmets are requiered by law…is that right? Great vid…I'm planning a tour aswell so this was very helpfull, ty for sharing!

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