BILLIONAIRE Box Fort Police STATION NERF Stopping Crime – 24 Hour Box Fort City Challenge
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BILLIONAIRE Box Fort Police STATION NERF Stopping Crime – 24 Hour Box Fort City Challenge

that is a Gatling gun here we go it’s Papa Jake and we are back with a
brand new video continuing our box for City series where
we make a brand new video every time you guys destroy 50,000 likes we of course
are back in the police station you probably wondering Papa jack what what
are you doing in the police take this is not good guys we’re sort of hiding I’m
not hot tactically avoiding the enemy that’s that’s what I’m trying to say
here as you guys know we’re currently dealing with somebody known as the
crusher and he does not like Fox Sports City well unfortunately for us the
crusher has gone and completely destroyed the city and set up his very
own base just take a look at it so big and menacing so guys we need to use all
of my police skills and Logan’s rookie police skills in order to take down the
crusher weak Logan do not use our new weapons okay all right well Logan is
currently a rookie as you can tell but we do have all of our police gear here
as well as a massive arsenal that’s one of your weapons that is a Gatling gun
which actually through the biggest legit we’ve also got
the world’s fastest nerf gun ever created and a bunch of other stuff
including in our PG just gonna throw that in there we actually have an RPG no
no big deal no no no chill oh man save the ammo for the bad guys alright well
if we’re gonna continue box for city and keep having amazing videos we need to
take down the crusher of course though guys I cannot forget to mention that at
the end of every single video we give a massive shout out to one of our amazing
members of the squad and all you gotta do to join the squad is subscribe hit
the bell button Jake what are you doing stop stop what my plan for today is
pretty simple what we do know is we have some reconnaissance info as to the face
that the crusher has it looks like he’s got three individual bases protecting
his main base where he is currently holding out I say we gear up with all of
our police gear and go use our brand-new nerf arsenal to take him down but before
we can even do that Logan you are a rookie which is why I’ve set up a target
range we need to test out these new blasters and see just how good we are
with them Jake why do we need uniforms because Logan were men of the law and
the crusher needs to see who’s coming for all right tactical officer Papa Jake
reporting for duty I’ve got my tack bag tack vest handcuffs to take out any of
these bad guys at a nooner person did not go inside first things first guys we
have to do target practice just test out these new nerf guns now the first one on
the list is this bad boy it’s an energy infused weapon capable of stopping any
enemy in their tracks simply load it judge it like so fire
away now over here we’ve set up a few targets I’ve got a right target the left
target and middle targets all right let’s try this brand new energy weapon
three two one some pretty good shots not bad at all hold on I got that middle one
freeze in the name of the law that’s how it’s done it looks pretty sweet try and
get these water bottles all right let’s get these last five
darts unwrapped five I didn’t hit a single one shotgun so it’s more for
short-range but uh let’s try the next gun here
alright guys next up is the world’s fastest nerf blaster this is a tactical
rifle capable of taking out bad guys from short range as well as long range
you ready to see the speed Logan let’s see it Jake GQ hit every single water bottle to
these things shoot like crazy and that was only half full
all right guys next up we have one of my baby fruity blasters guys check out how
big this clip is that is insane here we go guys pop-up safety here we go probably the biggest nerf gun I’ve ever
seen you know what’s better than a Gatling gun keisters to enemy’s afoot
boom sheriff pop Jake’s guys two blasters
four double to take up power I guess the final blaster we have in our new Arsenal
is the RPG check this thing out Logan we load it like this on the ground put in
the payload up at the front here for this bad boy you might want to stand
back and put my glasses on this thing goes boom firing the RPG in all right
well we’re definitely gonna need this when we go up against the crusher I
think we’re ready to Logan I say we gather our gear and head out towards his
base we’ll take out his minions first and then go capture the crusher looks
like one of his first minion bases is just up there let’s move up quietly take
them out dick dick retreat a sec Jake retreat I
think before we can go out there I think we need some protection like riot
shields or something that’s right yeah we’re gonna be sitting ducks out there
they’ve got their own cover and we’ve got nothing even though we’ve got
superior weapons did we build some riot shields it could definitely help us
right scraps of cardboard start building I do check it out fully made police riot
shield now we should have some cover as we approach the base all right follow me
attention whoever is inside the base did use fires what boo me ka whoever is
inside the base we are coming to arrest you you’re under arrest for being a part
of the Crushers gang come out with your hands up and we’ll go easy on you he’s
fired another shot hey if you fire another shot we won’t retaliate oh
that’s it Logan all right you missed like every shots okay fine now’s our chance grab the battering
ram let’s go fight go go go breach the door under arrest you’re under arrest
I’m sorry I’m sorry you’re under arrest for crimes against boxboard City you’re
coming with me come on now we’re gonna get some answers of you as to who this
crusher is what the rest of these bases are and how many many have all right you’re getting locked up now
you’re gonna answer some questions to me and only me I want to know who the
crusher is why he’s here and how many men he has oh please please the I mean
listen but crusher came to my city he told me if I worked for him it gave me
all the riches in the world he said that he he hates polishes and wants to end
all the box forts that’s all I know crusher hates box forts and wants to
destroy all a box for city why does he hate us so much
okay hate about box forts I don’t know Jake but I say we go back out there and
we get the rest of the Crushers minions yeah and more importantly we need to
find out who the crush is working for he’s not at the top of this gang then
there’s someone more dangerous we need to be worried about
all right let’s gear up again and go back we need to take out the rest of his
minions sounds like a plan all right Logan looks like we got an iPad in this
base follow me behind the riot shield to China this suppressing fire okay I
got an idea we use the shock headed maneuver up beside him
okay suppressive I’ll give you suppressive fire and then you take him
out when I give you the signal Logan’s moved up he’s in position now I
went to give him the signal he’ll take them out just gotta wait for him to be
his head out watch out it’s all my hat I brought this in my backpack see if he
likes the world’s fastest nerf blaster hey Bobby over here why don’t you show
yourself Jake I think you got him the first time
I think I love this thing oh we’re one step closer to the crusher
oh no I think I spoke too soon crusher we’ll go get the Gatling gun now alright a put the Gatling gun here we go we don’t have anything left in here what
do we do no no chick but he’s great outside this wall crusher
stop what you’re doing yeah what can I have an idea we’re still one thing we
haven’t used yet oh I’ll come out there I’ll show my RPG hi Logan ready in three
two one guys we finally did it we finally took
out the crusher Jake he’s gone he was just here okay well that’s that’s
definitely not good maybe maybe he learned his lesson you learned that you
know you shouldn’t mess with Papa Jake and from now on you should leave Fox for
City alone but I think this means guys we can finally get box for a city back
up in order and continue expanding that sounds like a plan J and guys if you
wants to continue Oxford City remember to smash that like button let’s get
50,000 likes leave us a comment down below as to what you think we should do
next a box for a city also before I forget we do need to give a massive
shout out to one of our amazing squad members today’s shadow goes to a my boy
a Greg thank you so very much for being an awesome squad member guys if you see
him down below in the comments give a big thumbs up give them us subscribe
thank you so very much and if you guys want to be a member of the squad all you
got to do is hit the subscribe and hit the bell button and comment hashtag
squad do you mean a statue ah but anyways guys this has been Papa Jay and
Logan and we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video


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