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locks the door and we are back with a
brand new video and today guys we are back outside in the freezing cold in
front of our billionaire snow fort you guys saw the last video in this snow
port we actually were unable to complete the challenge because it was so cold so
snowy and we weren’t able to actually finish building the fort in time so we
could not survive 24 hours in it but you guys loved the video so much you wanted
us to continue adding on to this continue making it the billionaire snow
for we all know it could be so over the weekend we had the most rain I think
we’ve ever had in one night just flooded this place we have to do some
last-minute upgrades to this base like adding the tarp it’s Gavin in we’ve got
we’ve literally got a pool of water on top of the base guys there was so much
rain the floor was turned to mud everything was wet and then today as you
can see it froze over because it’s like negative 10 out so now everything is
covered in ice so the idea for today is we need to get the sport back up and
running in working conditions so that we can actually survive in it and I think
what we’re gonna focus on today is upgrading the force defenses getting
like the fence going around it adding in really cool stuff inside the fort even
having like a little shooting hole I mean you guys saw in our last video we
made some really awesome DIY snowball launcher 3 do what even though there’s squirrels even
though there’s raccoons there’s something far more dangerous out here
they’re cold oh no no no snow zombies ain’t like
regular zombies Logan there’s snow zombies they move a lot
slower don’t forget if you are brand new to the channel be sure to smash that
subscribe button as well as that Bell button and comment down below hashtag
screw-on and we’ll be picking an awesome viewer at the end of this video to give
a shout out too but right now let’s see what whoa whoa whoa careful you don’t
want to break the tart brother we’re actually hooked up a vacuum here
because we’re gonna have to suck all the water off of the roof because it’s
currently like going down but I haven’t been inside the fort all weekend so I’m
really curious to see how the inside is I don’t know if it held up at all but
for those of you guys who are new I’ll show you a little tour around the
outside and kind of give you an idea as to what we’ve been up to so outside the
fort guys as you can see we have a 360 degree fort completely covered in good
old-fashioned plywood now the fort itself is actually built around the
trampoline which means we technically have a roof so if we want to and I think
we will if we get enough likes we can actually build a second-story to this
sport you know maybe have like a nice gaming room up here maybe even like a
steam room or a shower we also went ahead and got rid of the door in the
last video door used to be here but I went and boarded that all up and I
actually used epoxy to seal it so we can make sure it’s extra warm a lot of you
guys were saying that we have to seal off all the cracks so that when we turn
our heater on inside it’ll be super warm and cozy before we go inside guys we
need to get rid of all this water that is currently on top of our roof right
now with these big chunks of ice that are frozen over there like they’re like
real-life ninja stars right no doctor as we might have just found the newest
weapon to defend our box for zombie comes up I go hey zombie you want a
piece of Popov Jake you’re gonna have to go through my ninja stuff I got take the
ice from the pool and use it as shielding against zombies should be
pretty cool okay so before we go any further first things first we need to
get this water slash ice off of the roof of the fort so we got our vacuum cleaner
and now we’re just gonna suck up all the water after one quick run of vacuuming this
thing is already so much water on the roof of our fort
but Logan like I said ice is gonna be our defense system look at that oh you
need to stop kicking walls I really need to stop kicking walls window let me punch it ready
karate chop in three two one oh there goes our window really well we’ve been
going for quite some time guys and we’ve still lock up on all the water off here
I still do not know what inside the base looks like so cross your fingers that
inside isn’t frozen and covered in ice just like that our roof is restored look
at all the ice those on top the arc to go oh I could actually be a good defense
system against zombies take all right well before we start working on the
defenses guys why don’t we head inside and check out what it looks like I’m a
little curious so you guys haven’t even seen this yet it’s not complete but this
is the new door so it’s open it up here so inside here guys the door this is
actually gonna be where we take our shoes off because we don’t want to get
the inside the base all dirty the inside of the base is we’re about to find out
if it’s soaked the ground might be complete ice going inside the floor
oh this isn’t looking great guys a little a little cold
a little wet there’s icicles on the ceiling we got a heater
we got a fixture up Logan and and to be fair guys we were not expecting a rain
storm that gave us more rain than we ever see in an entire year I mean this
thing is built for snow not rain that can leak through it’s about to get
heating on going currently as you guys can see I did do a little bit of work on
the plumbing in our last video the plumbing kind of exploded but I’ve
reworked everything so now we actually have our sink over here with running hot
water you just turn this here and you get running hot water we also have an
extra line over there in case we want to add like a shower or a steam room
eventually later we should have a second story that goes to an outdoor shower
Jake that would be cool all right right now though I think we need to
clean this place up a little bit and we do need to start building guys because
it is getting dark again and we want to try and use the space to defend
ourselves against zombies one thing though that we have not done yet is we
haven’t put the lock on the main door and also Logan in the event that zombies
do break through our defenses we’re gonna want an escape hatch so I’m think
we golden escape hatch may be back here a small little hole that we can lock and
open we can get out in a jiffy we ever need to it is very cold
a little bit of chance you know she’s small she’s not very big but speaking
part Logan I think it’s gonna heat us up here we got our roof we’ve got our walls
we got insulation I said we just focus on building the zombie defenses before
it’s too late we also need to get some steaks into the ground so we can make
ourselves a fence and right now the ground is kind of really frozen so
that’s gonna be a little difficult but one of the most important things when
you’re building a base is to have a good lock system if any intruders come you
just jump in the fort lock the door and you’re safe and sound I’m gonna be
working on the escape hatch because any good fort needs a good escape hatch what
I’m gonna do is I’m actually gonna cut like a circle here that we can get out
if we need to quickly so I’ve got ourselves a lock so that we can lock
these keep at some hinges so the circle will actually work is like a door and
then my handy dandy cutter that I’m gonna use to cut it so I’m gonna get
working on this hopefully that’ll be done and then we can start working on
the windows and eventually we can get the fence going outside it is getting a
little bit warmer in here though so I’m pretty optimistic but this base is still
a far way away from being a billionaire for but with your guy’s help I think if
we keep adding on to this thing this is eventually gonna be insane we go guys just like that we got
ourselves little escape hatch how thick is that just attach the lock system
before the Sun sets I’m going to quickly set up a fence now we’re gonna add some
orange fence a secure hour for it to go around the exterior and defend it
against Ami’s we have our fence set up and as well we’ve added some new
security features to our fort like this warning sign that says we have security
cameras you don’t actually have security cameras once you open up the door as you
can see we have this lock see what we can close the gate lock the
door no one is getting inside our base Jake what have you been working on
escape hatch as well as using some of this epoxy to seal off all the different
cracks we have and honestly the more I seal off and the more we have this
heater going it’s starting to warm up and you’re pretty good back here I
implemented an escape hatch and these things get a little bit too crazy and we
can’t make it out the front door this here is a nice little cut circle with a
lock on it all you have to do is release the lock like so push it open and voila
you can go right outside all right now Siri I’m explaining my awesome for it
now the other cool thing about these guys is that when we expand on the base
if we want to make like snow tunnels or maybe make a tunnel to another outpost
or even like an elevator to go up to the second story in story this and of course
guys if you want us to continue expanding be sure to destroy that like
fondant but Logan now that we got this done we got one more thing to create
which is the zombie shooting window and then I think it’s time to test the space
against some zombies it’s now it’s time to make our zombies shooting window so
if a zombie does come up to the fort we can take him out through this window
I got us an MRE for dinner nice dude I just got working on the
snowball launcher box so we’ve got all of our snowball launchers in here guys
to defend the sport against the zombies as you guys saw the fence is complete so
now we are pretty much perfectly safe I think we’ve deserved a well-earned meal
now because this is yet to become a billionaire for it as you can see I mean
there’s still a lot of building to be done we got to go all natural on this
one Logan we got to go back to our roots of survival we’re having an MRE for
dinner also by the way available in the Papa Jake store if you’ve ever wanted to
try an MRE one more thing it we’re not gonna be safe if you’re gonna leave the
door open let’s lock ourselves in for the night
there we go now in case you guys have never seen an MRE before this is either
the youngest thing or the gross chocolate chip cookies I got pilot bread
single did you never seen an MRE before basically they are meals ready-to-eat
which means they last for like a hundred years and they’re what you’re used in
survival also they’re used by military and even comes with its own heater pack
so we can heat up today’s meal which is chicken pasta parmesan so yeah we’re
eating like kings in here I know it comes in the bag I know it doesn’t look
good right now but trust me this is gonna look like a home-cooked meal in a
minute I just dropped like half the cookies now what we do is we fill up the
bag with a little bit of water and this thing is gonna get as hot as an actual
oven but without any flames which is pretty cool kick filled it up to the
fill line we’re gonna close it like so whoa Jake is that supposed to be making
that noise it’s I’m pretty sure that’s how it was
supposed to work I don’t really know about the original eruption but we’re
talking we’re making dinner inside the world’s biggest and most billionairess
snow fort ever created the guys once this place is up and running I mean
we’re gonna have a stove in here we’re gonna be able to cook pizza cakes steaks
anything we want this is gonna be a real house I’m gonna go get some snow for
some snow balls yeah that’s smart guys I’ll keep watch on our dinner I mean
I’ll do anything also I almost forgot to show you guys we
actually did go ahead and make the window that we can shoot out up so it’s
just over here we have this little lock on it so basically you open the lock
like so push the window out and you’ve got a perfect shot through that square
and anyone coming towards us of course if we do need to go outside we can
always go through the escape hatch but right now before it’s coming together
pretty sweet like so while the meals been heating up I have scavenged some
snowballs check this out you have all these snowballs so they’re
ready to attack either squirrels or snow zombies check it out oh the beasts
looking pretty good if it was clean in there and we had a sleeping quarters we
could definitely stay the night and there we go our dinner is complete and
now inside our billionaires snow fort we have ourselves some freshly cooked
chicken parmesan straight from the chefs plate see the steam coming off that bad
boy I’m a little concerned about the chicken part of it because it was in a
bag it does smell amazing check that out all right it’s really hot that tastes
like chicken parmesan my mom would make that is delightful he also found bread
inside a package with some cheese ways a little concerning that this could last a
hundred years but it smells good so mmm no I think I just heard something
outside what do you mean go again we might be in big trouble brother right
now Jake why are there more zombies well can i order them on Amazon to test out
our boards you said that yesterday when I ordered more Logan you can get as many
as you want and I thought we’d have the fort ready in time
come on quickly grab a weapon I brought up snow weapons when you take this on be
up now and fast this range I might need to use sniper block looks like the
zombie is in position all right I’m taking the shot in three two one that’s a close one Jake why did I still
hear more zombies we got more I saw he’s coming this way let it just explode it alright you the
other one quickly and here we go fire Logan three two one long shot alright guys it looks like the
base is fully under attack right now by it zombies which is okay we planned for
this and out we have set a lot Logan careful with that please okay this is
what another reason why I put the window here because we can attach our catapult
and fire out like a medieval catapult that is sweet
kick I think it’s time we introduced these zombies to my good old friend the
leaf blower quickly you’re ready to rip zombies on its way zombie dude that’s all of them we got
Jake no more Amazon zombies yeah yeah that’s definitely a last one all right
let’s get back in the Ford it’s freezing out here we’ve got both long range as
well as short range and Logan’s incredible machine gun this place is
coming together really nice we’ve still got a ton of stuff to do and of course
guys if you want us to keep expanding make that second story be sure to
destroy that like button and the subscribe button about button and the
subscribe button and say has Shake squad and do not forget hashtag also once it
starts snowing even more guys will be able to expand the fort with real snow
so we get like snow tunnels and different defenses made out of actual
snow nothing snowed yet so put a hashtag snow down below hopefully you got some
snow here and guys of course our awesome squad member of the day is Willie
Sebastian if you guys see him down below be sure to give them a massive shout out
and thank you so very much Willie for being a part of the amazing squad but
guys has of course been Papa Jake and Logan and we’ll see you guys next time
for another


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