Binging with Babish 2 Million Subscriber Special: The Every-Meat Burrito from Regular Show
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Binging with Babish 2 Million Subscriber Special: The Every-Meat Burrito from Regular Show


  • Alice Is

    Babish, I hope you did something with the rest of those$600 meats!! All in all tysm for sharing !! also lol I'm not 100% vegan but I do cook vegan most of the time. Still watch cuz I like getting new ideas!

  • max2082

    To me every meat would be considered every meat they have on the menu. Like if you wanted every meat Chipotle you'd get chicken, steak, shredder pork and maybe…barbacoa. If adding seafood or other non farm animals that are often gamy to a burrito you will quickly have disaster on your hands. It barely taste or resemble a burrito. All I know is even a Chipotle version of this burrito would be a mammoth of a burrito to truly behold.

  • Richard Wheatley

    I felt this video was a little to repetitive, you definitely missed out on an elevation, different crust, stuffed crust, etc. It needed a different variable between the three pan types. Jmo

  • amanda mullary

    That’s crazy that where he bought the meat at just had snake && bull testicles and other weird meats. Was that a specialty butcher shop??!!?

  • RookieWolf 25

    SHOWER THOUGHTS. What if chicken is just all the chicken flavoured meats in one bunch. Or what if the chicken isnt actaully chicken, like its just weird meat and well uhh camel is chicken.

  • Diogo Abreu

    It's insane how much meat is available in the USA. You can find anything, if not everything, you could conjure in your mind and actually desire to materialize in front of you. I guess I am jealous, somewhat, of just how insanely rich that place is compared to every other nation when it comes to materials/produce availability. This was an awesome video hehe, way too exotic for me and I genuinely feel sad for the kangaroo and bison (elk included :/)!

  • Carlos Belén

    I honestly thought he was actually going to "try" and "make" the "Every-Meat Burrito" but the right way… (cooking every meat separately as they're meant to)…

  • Mr. ChubbyChaser

    To make carnitas all you need is a copper pot , wooden spoon/ mixer , lard, oranges, and salt/rock salt. Some put coke cola, but the way babish made it confused the hell out me. Jalapenos, garlic, and cinnamon what's wrong with you.

  • Ashish Tandon

    I don't know if anyone want to know or not but I recreate this burrito and no I don't have 26 meat type but I make mine with meat of chicken, goat , cow, buffalo, horse ,sheep , lamb, camel and pork so I ground and cook every meat separately in the ratio of 2:3:1:3:1:2:2:1:1 and it turn out amazing and as for gravy I tried coconut gravy (made from coconut milk and pepper) type for its smoothness with some tomato onion ,basil and mayonnaise as filling with little bit of lime juice for its zest and there you have it
    Edit : it took me whole week just to make it but it turn out goood

  • Alberto_S.

    It would have been interesting see you cook each meat in it's specific way and figure out which combinations work best, since it seems impossible to make it work if you combine all of them.

  • Armand Vazquez V.

    Yo Babish, to make proper carnitas u have to cook the pork slowly in it's own fat, orange and caramelized sugar or Coca-Cola (the mexican glass bottle).

  • Alex Maxwell


  • Melvin Carvalho

    If you ever want the experience of eating this just lay in bed at 3am, calm, silent, sleepy. And right when you feel your about to sleep. Chug a water bottle full of lemon juice and then proceed to have acid reflux so bad that it eats threw you,then your bed ,and every floor below you

  • Mak Carolin

    At another milestone you need to do this again but prepare every meat in its respective method instead of cooking them all at once.

  • Jacob W

    I think a cool way the every meat burrito could be redone with cooking each meat separately, is if he was able to get help from a whole bunch of other cooking YouTube channels so that each channel could focus on one meat, then they could put them all together at the end. A Colossal Cooking Colab!

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