Blacksmith Camping Supplies Australian Made Canvas Camp Oven Bags
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Blacksmith Camping Supplies Australian Made Canvas Camp Oven Bags

– If you’re looking for
a tough-as-nails bag to protect your camp oven, you need one of these camp oven bags from Blacksmith Camping Supplies. Let’s check ’em out. ♪ Hit it ♪ (upbeat soulful hip-hop music) (upbeat soulful hip-hop music) – Hi, Facebook, from Snowy’s here today, with some camp oven bags from
Blacksmith Camping Supplies. Now, this is a small team of people who’ve set out just to make
tough-as-nails canvas bags for campers that’ll last generations. I’ve got their camp oven
bags here with me today. Now they make ’em in four sizes. This is a nine quart bag I’ve got in my hand. There’s also a large 12
quart camp oven bag here, a four and half-quart bag, and also the oval 10 quart bag here. And they’ve gone so far
as to actually listing the camp ovens that they sell, at least from the Snowy’s
range on their tag here. You can also see that
information on our website. And while they’re tough, well, let’s check out the fabrics. They’re made with a 370-GSM or 10 ounce poly cotton canvas. It’s an Australian made
canvases that’s really tough. The zipper is a YKK stand plastic zipper with a metal slider here. Now these work really well, even if there’s a bit of
dust caught up in them. 38 millimetre nylon webbing that’s sewn right down the side, and they reinforced into the base here. And it’s all put together with a core-spun poly cotton thread. So, they’ve even go in, making sure these high quality thread to hold it all together. And one last thing, is inside here, there is this sort of a
panel of a 7 millimetre marine carpet that comes
with your camp oven bag. Now, you can use this in two spots. Firstly, in the bottom
of the bag like that, to stop it from bouncing
against whatever surface it’s just sitting on. Secondly, you can use it
on the camp oven like this to sandwich between the lids and the camp oven itself. So that, this and the camp oven aren’t bouncing together
while you’re in transit. I’ll put one inside to show you how it fits
down there with noting that, given that it’s a nice
stiff, high quality canvas, it’s does sit upright like this, which makes getting the camp oven in the bag nice and easy You’re not tryna pull the
sides up over the edge. And the top zips up easily, too. They’ve allowed just enough space to tuck the handle in the sides, here. There’s two zippers on the top here. One on the base sides, so you can pull it right around the front. Tucked, all tucked in nice and easily. So that it fits
comfortably inside the bag. The handles on the side are a good length to comfortably hold it, away from the bag. There not so short that
they’re kinda pulling, pulling your hand apart. And not too long that the
bag’s gonna hit the ground when you carry it from your car. These are a hundred
percent Australian made canvas bag that’s gonna
protect your camp oven for your lifetime and generations to come. They’re not made to be the cheapest. They’re just made to be the best. You can grab them online at, at our lowest prices everyday. Hope that video was useful. Subscribe to our channel. We’ll send you all of our
latest and greatest information. Got any questions? Let us know in the comments below or check out some of our
other camp out videos, like this one down here. (upbeat music) (upbeat music)

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