Blacksmith Camping Supplies Australian Made Porta Potti Portable Toilet Bags
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Blacksmith Camping Supplies Australian Made Porta Potti Portable Toilet Bags

– Hey folks, the last thing you want is any unwanted leaks from your port-a-potty toilet leaking into your vehicle. Keep ’em secure in one of these port-a-potty toilet bags from Blacksmith Camping Supplies. Let’s check’ em out. (melodic beat) Hey folks, Ben from Snowy’s here today with these really reliable and tough portable toilet bags from Blacksmith Camping Supplies. Now, Blacksmith are a
small team of people. They set out just to make
tough as nails canvas bags for all your camping needs. They’re not meant to be the cheapest, they’re
just made to last a lifetime, a number of lifetimes. They come in three sizes. This is a small, I’ve got in my hand here. There’s also a medium and a large to fit just about every toilet in our range and most portable toilets you’ll find in any camping store. Let’s have a look at what
the bags are made of. Now, this is an Australian made canvas. It’s a 370 gsm or 10 ounce, whichever way you want to look at it, canvas. It’s been dynaproofed, which means it’s both waterproof, water resistant and breathable, but more importantly, in this instance, it’s rot proof and also UV resistant. This side of the bag has got a 38 millimetre nylon webbing on each side and this has been reinforced right down the side of the bag here and in the bottom of where the canvas finishes here. The base of the bag is also an Australian made product. It’s a PVC tarpaulin, 680 gsm. It’s nice and soft feeling and it doesn’t go brittle over time, so it’s made for Australian conditions. And joining the top and the bottom here, the zip features on the
lower half of the bag, which makes it easy to get the toilet in, which I’ll show you shortly. This is a heavy duty coil zip. The coil zip’s easy to get around the corners. It doesn’t get caught on the corners there and this makes access to the bag nice and easy. I just want to show you one
of the features inside here of this PVC base. Obviously, there are
seams down the side here, but it’s been sewn as such that these seams just sit up
a little bit from the base, so should you happen to get a bit of water in the base here, it’s not gonna leak out on
the corners there, either. I just want to show
you how the toilet fits in the bag, here. Now, this is the large bag, so you can pick a bag to custom fit the toilet that you’ve got, and this is one of our
largest toilets here. So slide it in the bag here. The zip being down at the
bottom of the bag here, means that I don’t have these tall, sort of sides that I’m worrying about trying to pull up over the side of the bag. This being the largest toilet means this is going to be the tightest fit of the toilets that will fit in these. If I pull this over the front here, it’s just a little bit firm over there, but slides over nice and easily. And they’ve included two zipper pulls on the zip of the base here,
so nice and quick and easy to do up and they slide really easily around the corners. Furthermore these handles, on the top here are a
nice length for carrying. They’re not too short and not so long that this is actually
dragging on the ground when you’re walking with it. But going again, these are a great bag. They’re made to last a lifetime. Hopefully, you pass it down to generations to come and the best thing is that apart from a couple
of the components, like the strap and the zip, they’re all Australian made. It’s about as Aussie as you can get. Now, you can grab these online at our lowest prices every day at If you like that video, subscribe to my channel.
We’ll send you all of our latest and greatest information. Got any questions, let us know, down in the comments below. We’ll get back to you ASAP or check out
some of our other videos, like this one here. (pop music)

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