Blue Hole, Blue Swallow, & Camping With A Hot Tub?!
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Blue Hole, Blue Swallow, & Camping With A Hot Tub?!

good morning friends and family of
YouTube we are getting through Albuquerque today
no not making a stop here I’ve made a few stops in the past in fact you want
to check out a video I’ll link it at the end of the Breaking Bad on tour by the
way did you know there’s a new Breaking Bad movie out on Netflix it’s called El
Camino for all you Breaking Bad fans definitely check it out it’s out now and
yeah you can check out at the end of this video and up top I’ll link my
Breaking Bad tour of this city but we’re just trying to get through I don’t like
big cities so we’re gonna get on the other side Albuquerque today okay well we’ve approached the next big city
on route 66 of Santa Rosa and I don’t think any stop would quite
be complete that a trip to my favorite watering hole here in town otherwise it
looks like everything’s pretty much just run down around here we’re still close
to i-40 but the businesses have not fared well scratch that the liquor
stores apparently do well no matter what yeah old route 66 hand weaving and
pottery closed not surprised a pottery store didn’t survive on route 66 those were getting close to Texas now
because these weird dips there we almost bottomed out in an RV they’re all over
the place to help I guess water travel and not clog the streets but every
single corner big signs that say dip and that’s a big dip as a matter of fact
nobody behind me so I’m gonna take this one in an angle oh man yeah that’s
danger and another one right up here oh boy am I lost I know I always have a
hard time finding this place because the signs are so weird
Lake Drive I think this is it there we go as our convenient sign what an
absolutely beautiful October day in New Mexico it is very very windy today
however 75 degrees and it looks like there’s only a couple people here and my
water and whole y’all yeah yeah it’s a strange natural area this water
maintains 61 degrees year-round just like those caves that maintain it dis
water no matter what hot or cold outside stays 61 degrees it met an awesome color
let stick my feet in see how warm it really is it’s definitely not that warm
doesn’t feel very warm no really I’ll jump in after somebody else does there’s
a drop-off right down here so I’m gonna stand right here at least I’m in the
water wait for everybody else to job job job no I’m not starting any trends I’ll
feel better later yes your turn you ready to be a cool cat a very very cool
cold cat no dad I hate the cat I hate the cat I feel better now I feel much
cooler I’m glad I went in there let’s head on over into Tucumcari next yeah I
remembered chicken Carrie New Mexico is the spookiest I mean this this highway
is ridiculously wide everything is gone it’s like three miles
of ghost town before you even hit any business that’s open
it’s really weird that’s for sure I’m not gonna stop at any of the places I
stopped at last time I was through here but I may stop at a couple new spots we
shall see same thing in Arizona people ride
motorcycles and scooters and everything no helmet Arizona and New Mexico it’s
not required by law for riders over the age of 18 so it just looks so weird
seeing people’s head without a helmet on a bike is let me find a place to park I
want to look at this one we’ll just check out this one block I’ve never
visited here in Tucumcari Tucumcari tonight yeah still really really windy
today the Safari motel across the street you’ll continental oil company with
Conoco fuel and look at this one the blue swallow motel on route 66 telling
us were 422 miles from that here it is place we started at look at this cute
hotel motel and that sign will light up at night the blue swallow motel 100%
refrigerated air that’s the best kind of air I love me some refrigerated air
actually the just air blowing around feels nice last time I saw something
like this was a Barstow where the hotel rooms have these little fake garages
between them you got room too and then in the garage look it’s all Disney Pixar
Cars theme there’s mater over there and that pretty
I don’t mean to say fake garages if you’re renting room – this is your
garage room 3 that’s your garage you actually get to park in these they got
blue swallow motel cornhole games here’s another awesome garage in here
boys anybody stayed here I think it’d be fun and another neon
sign up there blue swallow court not one person staying here this place
is totally vacant sad I’ll shut it down soon I need food I’m still looking for
food but I also need a magnet I’m gonna see if they got a magnet in the office
here can’t win sometimes it says they’ll reopen at 3:00 Mountain time but I don’t
know why I can’t check in till after 3:00
and they do have magnets in there I can see them
they got magnets they got postcards t-shirts hats your loss maybe another
time lose swallow but you know what that’s
not a good sign for the blue swallow here in Tucumcari I don’t know
it’ll be bought and preserved there’s no way that’ll turn into some of these
other ones I hope actually we are almost halfway
done with route 66 and very very close to the state of Texas so my burger
craving lunch craving can last a few more miles
Jex man let’s go get into Texas yeaaaah partner that’s my partner I’m a cotton a
kitty that’s impressive oh wow that’s cool is that what you do
yeah there’s a few more little motels and stuff to look at down here I’m just
gonna drive through slow cuz I’ve already filmed pretty much all of these
years ago here another wig weigh em tight place but this is called tepee
herose courious actually it’s just a store okay
the golden dragon restaurants open they got a lunch buffet very nice
see America’s Main Street kicks on 66 and Apache Motel is all boarded up well
tractor supply I can grab some propane I’ve been using propane at night cuz for
heat so please pull in here and see if they even have propane don’t that’s a
big fat negative they do not have or sell propane at this location usually
you’d be you know like right there by the fence but a lot of people tell me
Eric every tractor supply in the country sells propane no I’ve proven it over the
last four or five years it’s only about half of the tractor supplies sell it and
if I really need it I’ll call ahead and ask and I’ll be very specific do you
pump propane into an RV because I have sometimes they’re only licensed to pump
it into like a cylinder or something but this one was right operate 66 so there’s
work just pull in and check it out at least cute o RV themed trailer park
closed I like the purple and teal wait a minute that says that cool one the
historic route 66 motel it has a plane out front and this one’s open a couple
people stay in here too it’s pretty cool okay no more squirrels
Eric stay on the road we’re on route 66 where it combined back up with i-40 for
a very small little period here and off to our right here’s a welcome to Texas
sign Drive Safely the Texas way we will do will do usually in Texas
you would not be here very long on route 66 but there are some changes coming
guys yes another detour in store more at the
end of the video once I get parked but there’s a detour coming I’m gonna spend
a little more time in Texas I feel at home here
it’s like my second home it’s like my transplanted home yeah I love Texas I
really do and we made it we are officially halfway done with
route 66 already that seemed like that was fast
1139 miles back to Los Angeles already and 1139 miles still to go to Chicago
but like I said I am going to take a break timeout I’m gonna enjoy Texas for
a little bit before continuing on there’s a there’s a thingamajig eventi
thing going on down in Texas Lola’s putting on an event down there so
I’m going to Lola Palooza I am and I’m pretty much live here it starts in two
days and I still have a lot of miles to catch up so while we’re here at the
midway point right across the street the official route 66 midpoint cafe and
my signed Washington state license plate should be still in there unless they
took it down I am hankering for a burg I need a burg
in my Murph right now well my plan for to drive an extra hundred miles for a
scrumptious burger kind of backfired they shut the grill off at 3:00 here
but guess what my license plate is still there we’ll check it out that Washington
state one their sign by really superb Oh Mitch I’m so on I
haven’t eaten a single shred of food it’s 3:30 of course we lost another hour
when we crossed from New Mexico to here that’s 3:30 they shut the grill off done
I tried to pull the old the Chris Farley told me what when you you know they
weren’t turning it back on I’m burnt but hey my license plates still here I gotta
get food I gotta do something like make a sandwich or something in the RV darn
it today has been weird right seriously
though what could a restaurant closes at 3:00 right before dinner went with the
old fast-food burger from Pilate it’s it’s not delicious you wouldn’t like it
wasn’t mine it doesn’t mean Jax you wouldn’t like it it’s delicious
thank you yep kaput glitch Peppard yeah well unfortunately I took a risk and
drove down 40 miles off route 66 for the hair fort Aquatic Center that place I
really really liked it’s all full in fact it looks like people are just
dropping their trailers and storing them they’re living there full time and
taking advantage of it so what can you do at least I’m getting gas here 4 to 12
a gallon in Texas I am a happy camper but I’m gonna do some urban boondocking
instead you know usually if I’m having bad luck it does not last very long now
I live a lifestyle boondocking we’re pretty much 99% of my life is up in the
air like I’m taking a chance 95% of the time it’s only 5% and I really have
something locked in a shirred that I know is completely in control but of
that 95% that isn’t in my control 95% of the time it goes as planned so to have
that burger joint closed 9 minutes before I got there and then the hair fur
to Quogue Aquatic Center is full right when I get there like I’m like done
we’re gonna get some good news logged in found out that on the way to Lola
Palooza in Texas there’s a thousand trails on the way at Texoma I’ve got a
reservation for one night last minute for tomorrow night
yes not only that but I have a package coming up I have a Amazon one day
package gonna be there tomorrow when I get there that is did you guys watch my
last video when I was at the route 66 casino remember when I was in the hot
tub and what I said about hot oh you haven’t seen nothing in an RV yet I am
so excited right now let me take you outside and yes I drink coffee at night
not decaffeinated but actual coffee at night keeps me motivated it keeps me
awake keeps me active so I can edit till 11:00 or midnight you know like I got to
stay up I gotta yeah I gotta stay focused it’s been a while since I’ve
done any night driving like waiting till after the rush hours gone and the Sun
set but actually if you’re trying to just get somewhere it’s best just head
out after p.m. because the roads are pretty much
all clear I’ve still got six hours of driving to get to where I’m trying to
get to go so I’m gonna do some night driving just to get there
like I said I gotta put away a few more things make a couple more cups of coffee
and we’ll hit the road we’re here I still got a couple hours till daylight
got lots of stuff I want to do I’m wide awake let’s get this done alright just getting settled in and
there she be everybody did you know it’s possible a Coleman 110 volt hot tub
portable inflatable spa yeah I know once I take this out of the box I’m never
gonna get it back in the box it holds a 177 gallons 71 inches long and ya can
reach 104 degrees on a standard outlet so I’m gonna rip into this and try to
figure it out here this is the inflatable top and the top cover this is
probably the pump oh that’s cool they even included a
little floating chemical thing that goes in there already have my bromine and
chlorine a couple filters it comes with two filters these screw into the side of
the hot tub there’s the magic that is the pump
filter heater Jets bubbles okay then this should be the
actual hot tub probably careful with a knife yes so that was pretty easy you just
used the bubbler with this hose to inflate it and you know what this thing
is super super sturdy it’s like it’s not vinyl it’s like I don’t know wrapped
material it is very very durable I don’t know we’ll see how long it lasts right
so I’ll so you might be able to see around the bottom edge there that strip
that’s little holes that’s the Jets essentially the bubbles
at least the massaging bubbles at the bottom there all right then we inflate
the cover here all right so I actually moved it to the other side of the RV
because I’ve got a flat flat air I guess and soft I want to get a little
pad or something later but um I am running an extension cord which it says
not to do but there’s lots of people on YouTube that do it and this is actually
a 30 amp extension cord as you can see it’s just as thick as that cord so
should be okay here super easy to set up you connect the two filters there’s
three hand tight things you connect to the pump here and then inside you attach
the two filters take off this that’s where the chemical goes later but next
step is to fill it up and there’s a min and Max line over there so yeah we’ll
let this fill for a half hour so just keep the cover on so the hose doesn’t
come off everything is waterproof just in case it rains tonight this unit it’s
completely waterproof the only thing is a couple it doesn’t like to work under
40 degrees I’ve heard and read and the other thing is it’s gonna take some time
to heat this up because this is not 220 volt it’s gonna take possibly 24 hours
to reach 104 degrees within 12 hours it’ll be warm like 90 but yeah and I
guess the unit auto shuts off every 72 hours of inactivity so that’s something
to consider on the fourth day you might come out here and it’s not quite hot
enough but yeah the cover will fit better when there’s water in there right
now we’ll just fill it up well that’s filling up this is the chemical thing
that hooks onto that last connection in there I put one bromine tablet in there
I don’t like chlorine in my hot tub I’m never gonna use them for more than just
a couple days anyway so one bromine tablet is probably gonna keep my water
clean and fresh for me on the road if it’s gonna be longer than a week maybe
you’d need a little bit more chemicals but I think it’s gonna work and there we
go that didn’t take too long at all we’re not perfectly level but uh pretty
close and I filled it just to the max line there because I I’m just one person
getting in if there’s four people getting in here maybe you want it closer
to the minimum but yeah I do need to get a one of those Nets too to get out
little stuff but but the chemicals put in we’ll go ahead and start this up and
to do that we hold down the power button it’s set to Celsius I know that’s really
hard to read but it says 30 something anyway I’m gonna change it to Fahrenheit
okay now we’re Fahrenheit and it does say 82 degrees so we’re gonna go 95 96
nice we’re gonna put this all the way to 104 where we want it I know it’s
probably flashing for you but it’s not really flashing we’ll turn the filter on
and we’ll turn the heater on now we are heating and you can hear it kind of
start up so that will filter now when you turn the bubbles on it’ll actually
cancel out both of these oh and then our so you can see it filtering let’s go
ahead turn the bubbles on just for fun oh yeah I mean it’s kind of noisy we’re
going to turn that off heat filter good to go I’m gonna put the cover back on
this and then tomorrow we’ll jump in alright well it’s the following morning
it has been about 18 hours and since I turned the heater on with the water
straight out of the hose and it’s a little chilly it’s about 55 degrees
let’s see how she’s doing don’t know if you can see that but we are at a hundred
and two degrees it’ll only go two degrees hotter than this right now so
like I said since it’s only 110 volt it takes a while to get up to temperature I
don’t need it to be a hundred degrees though I’ll bet it would be still
comfortable at like 90 degrees last night but still you know ambient
temperature around here is going to come in to factor I’ve heard some people put
in an attachment at their house and put hot water from their hot-water heater
into it so it’s hot immediately so there’s some things you can do but I
love it take off all these straps and check it out water still looks good and clean again
my chemical floater I just have hooked on to the hot jet right there it seems
to work okay that way it’s not like hitting you let’s unlock it here and
turn on some bubbles the steam you see the steam it’s really hot oh man and that was Man of Steel
was it possible to get an inflatable before the hot tub barely couple of upgrades I want to make I need
a cup holder barley submersible light tonight and
the chemical if the bromine is enough just do that I need more chemicals propellers with jets haters gonna hate alright that’s it for this video I got a
tonight to put away the hot tub and go on down the road to the next destination what oh my goodness
you guys take care we will see you from another spot soon I guess


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