• Rick Small

    Is there a ballpark number of inches that one should raise the trailer and tow vehicle before locking in the chains?

  • Erroll Doss

    Wish you had shown the bars being removed. Mine new Blue Ox really snaps off when I remove a bar. Is the higher it's raised while hooked to the truck, the less "snap" I would get?

  • Grandma Patty

    The bars seem awfully close to the road. Could you tell me what the approx. distance is from the bars to the road? This system seems simple, and I love the fact that I can back into a camping spot without removing the bars, but I am concerned by how low they are to the ground. I live in Northeast Ohio where we have terrible potholes. I need to tow 200 miles south to Southeast Ohio where there are a lot of rolling hills with twists and turns on narrow roadways. I need to know how much clearance is under these bars.

  • Chasing Dust

    I'll never tow without Blue Ox Sway Pro! Awesome product.

    ‪This is my 2000 Lexus RX300 with 263,500 miles towing my 3,000 lb. travel trailer. Original 1MZ-FE engine and transmission. ‬

  • Matthew B

    Not very impressed with mine… I can feel a small car coming up beside me. I have a 2009 silverado ltz crew cab and pulling a 32 ft aspen trail that weighs around 7,000 lbs.

  • Clint Johnson

    I don't like this hitch near as much as my old Andersen. First thing to do is to use a breaker bar with extension and socket to keep from pinching hands. The chains will also get jammed into the cam thingy and not release. Another negative is the powder coat isn't bonded well and is flaking off the spring bars. Now very rusty and only 5 months old. My SP was installed with 1000# bars when 750# were correct as well as the shank wasn't long enough. Blue Ox was gracious to ship me the longer shank at no cost. For my application (Airstream 23FB) the tongue weight is around 600# about 9% of trailer weight and many folks have trouble with sway. I essentially need no WDH, but do want or need sway control. This product IMO, doesn't work well in my case. I am sure a $40 friction sway control would work as good. However, you can back up without disconnecting anything and its quiet while turning.

  • Marci Reale

    Thank you. Your tutorial was invaluable, as my husband lost the instructions for installing our hitch. I got it on (with hand tools, as he also misplaced the impact) without a hitch. (Bad pun)

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