Bodega Bay Hiking (2019)
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Bodega Bay Hiking (2019)

I’m Crystyn. I’m Doug. And you’re watching Travels and Travails. Today we are hiking Kortum Trail near Bodega Bay. The Kortum Trail is a 4-mile trail that starts at Wright’s Beach and ends at Blind Beach. The trailhead starts just above the beach but there’s also a
connecting trail from Wright’s Beach Campground.
The trail is located on the Sonoma coast, between the towns of Bodega Bay and Jenner approximately two hours
North of San Francisco. There’s limited parking near Wright’s Beach but plenty
of parking at the Shell Beach parking lot
there are also restrooms at Shell Beach. Dogs are not allowed on this trail.
This is a fairly easy hike. Most of the trail is level except there is one short climb. After you get to the crest of this climb, you can also climb to the top of an
observation point to see a fantastic 360-degree view of the area.
Kortum trail goes as far as Goat Rock and follows the coastline The Sonoma coast is reminiscent of the jagged shores of Ireland so it’s a worthwhile hike down the Kortum trail
as far as you’d like to go. Redhill trail and Pomo Canyon trail connect at Shell Beach if you’d like to go on a longer hike.
There are also several connectors to the beach from Kortum Trail. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay overnight, checkout our video on Wright’s Beach Campground.

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