– Welcome to Minnesota’s
Boundary Waters Canoe Area. (upbeat music) (sparks crackling) Yeah! We got it. (upbeat music) Here’s my shelter. It’s a Hennessy Hammock. I sleep in there, hangin’ above the ground. Keep my gear below, to keep it away from the rain. So it’s under the tarp. Got my dad’s tent right here. And my sister’s. – Hi. – You filtering water? – Yep, ready for tomorrow. – The fire pit. (upbeat music) This is the central area for eating and hanging out. Hey, Dad. – Good afternoon. – Got a tarp set up here. And a home-made camp chair. That is a lot of mosquitoes. – This is why a bug shirt comes in handy. (upbeat music) – Got him! – Yeah! – Woohoo! – Nice! Dinner. (upbeat music) (wood cracking) (food sizzling in pan) (upbeat music) (water splashing) (upbeat music) – Good size. (upbeat music) (rain falling) (upbeat music) (water splashing)

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