Bourbon Brawl  – Semi-Finals Fort Worth
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Bourbon Brawl – Semi-Finals Fort Worth

Hey guys, I’m Dan Garrison – really excited to be in Fort Worth tonight. Our third Garrison Brothers Bourbon Brawl. We’re gonna see which one of these five amazing Fort Worth bartenders are
gonna have their chance to win $10,000. Our competitors tonight are Haley, Matthew, Brittany, Jacob and Elizabeth. It’s gonna be a good time. I’ve never seen so much creativity; this is unbelievable. Everybody’s bringing their game. We’ve
got balance, flavor, presentation, we got story… Elizabeth will be going into the secret showdown against Jacob. Hands down, favorite Texas bourbon, baby. They really care about the craft and that’s so important. The winner of the Fort Worth Semi-Finals is Jacob! I’m speechless… there’s like…I can’t even talk right now… Hopefully, I can represent Fort Worth when I go to Austin!

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