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these reports are get $100 on steal
hundred dollars on wood I’m Baron bond boat builder and if I know something
about boats I don’t have build them we can’t build a boat with this you think
I’m gonna make my expenses I’m hoping to make millions out of this is my legacy I
want to make the Big Cheese the big money on a house on a hill not with this
we can’t do it with this but then we have to build a boat with safety
standard safety standards well Billy that cardboard for all I care
god damn it we’re gonna make the biggest cardboard zip the world’s ever seen I
don’t care if it’s not safe we’ll spin it as a luxury boat Ben there’s people’s
lives at risk you know what else all that risk money
lots of money and Barents brand-new house I don’t care we’re building out of
cardboard the cardboard Titanic would you look at this right here this this is
innovation looks like they’re saying they have created the world’s biggest
floating ship it’s made completely out of convoy it’s being read the world’s
largest ship to ever sail by master boat builder Baron Ben bonds worth that
sounds remarkable and look at this look at this they’re already selling tickets
for the barn Baron cooperation would like to invite all citizens to
pre-purchase their tickets to get on the ride it’s a pre-order we’ve been looking
for a vacation for quite some time I think this this might be it the world’s
largest ship made out of cardboard I think you’re right we should go on this
time this this is the future right here guys JQ from team epiphany I got Logan
here and today we are doing another awesome box for build and we are gonna
be building the world’s biggest floating box board the world’s grandest floating
box board in fact it’s the box for Titanic you guys have asked for it you
guys have been wanting it we’re gonna be using our initial floating box for
design but doubling it we’re gonna be making this thing absolutely massive and
setting sail on the great ocean we’ve got two of these Flo whoa we’ve got two
of these which we’re gonna attach together in a whole lot of cardboard
this is gonna be awesome guys nothing’s gonna go wrong on the floating box for
Titanic right like that’s the and belted himself right baron built it
himself and Titanic and something going wrong I’ve never heard of that before so
it looks like we’re gonna be okay today so like I said we’re gonna be using two
of these rafts we used one in our previous floating box for build but
we’re stepping it up today here we go we have the base all set up this is gonna
be the box for Titanic it is already massive we’re gonna tape these two
things together get all of our boxes on here we also have some cool stuff to use
we got to start building this thing and get it in the water ASAP all right guys
so the roof has come on the front we’re gonna have the roof back here which is
going to be where we have all the control panels in this case it’s the
Titanic so it’s gonna be a steering wheel and then we’re gonna have all the
walls coming back here this is such an insane build using two of these floaties
together what if we did this again what if we replicated this and turned it into
a livable space like maybe a two-story floating box fort mansion if you guys
want us to build a two-story floating box for mansion then smack that like
button down below we go under a thousand likes on this video we’ll come back and
we’ll use these two floaties to make the world’s biggest floating box fort
mansion yo that’s a doorman Logan knows how to make doors guys he’s the door
master put a hashtag door master down below if you think that’s a good door
check this out we have the first pillar on there it’s looking awesome the roof
is fully done now we have to put three more pillars on the back of it and of
course we have our entrance here now because it’s a Titanic we can’t actually
use regular lighting we gotta use candles up in this thing and we got to
get ready because we’re about to set sail guys oh and I can’t forget we
brought ourselves some life jackets cuz you know Safety’s first I don’t think
anything could go bad on the Titanic but just in case it does we got life jackets
here the box for Titanic is ready check that out we got the three smokestacks
we’ve got the massive floaties at the back here we got the door we can enter
in and get in here I think all this love now guys pick it up and launch it in the
water I gotta put on my bathing suit Jake all right let’s go put this thing
in the water such a big piece but you really think about when we built it over
here but I mean we couldn’t build in the water so I guess we’re gonna set the
camera and try your best to get this thing and launch it in the water we’re
gonna start the motors on the box for Titanic and then she’ll officially be
ready for the ocean we got the wind seed here
oh my god throw the wind’s taking her Oh Oh is she gone Oh Logan we have a fire
with fire on the Titanic oh no what do we do water what all right it’s good
okay she’s okay she’s calming down all right so one of the pillars
unfortunately caught on fire but luckily for us the pox board only needs two
motors to run definitely if you guys have smoke grenades do not try this at
home one of the motors actually caught on fire it’s okay we put it out you know
we use our Titanic safety features aka hose and we put it out she’s still
seaworthy so we’re gonna get in there now and start enjoying the Titanic
alright guys it’s time to get inside the box for it Titanic alright we’re inside
yo we’re officially inside the box for Titanic check out how much space there
is here guys there’s like enough space for three rooms in here this is crazy
alright so we got our life jackets here we’re gonna need to put these on the
wall up the front here in case we need to evacuate the box fourth and we have
the front there it looks like it’s a little dry over here so I’m gonna travel
towards the front check out how much room we have Logan you get man dude
there is so much room in here man we can have like three bedrooms in here bro
this is insane alright Logan is now officially in the box for Titanic and
I’m chillin over here dude I my own little cruise over here it’s the
captain’s quarters over here bro I don’t know why we didn’t cut windows
beforehand it would have made a lot of sense alright there we go guys we’ve got
our first Titanic window up there there we go
awesome hey that is sick okay guys don’t do a fire in a box for we’re just doing
this because we’re keeping up with the times in a box for candle although we
don’t really need it man it’s not regular weather yeah and I think we’re
good at the window it’s good so technically if we were doing a 24 hour
challenge if you guys want that we would be doing this but we don’t need it so
I’m gonna put out the candle maybe make another wall and enjoy this awesome
Titanic adventure this box Ford is so comfortable oh the
winds picking up wind is definitely picking up we’ve made another porthole
so we can see outside onto the water and this boat is moving around I’m a chill
on my side dude there’s so much room it doesn’t even matter where we chill you
could literally throw a party in here you got one of those awesome Titanic
dances in here because it’s the Titanic because it’s like the 1800s there’s not
much else to do other than to eat read a book and we’ll swim so we’re gonna swim
so we’re gonna go out the back anything for a nice little refreshing
swim Oh Jay gets really sick July yo my dude
sonic laughs oh god oh god it’s trying to fall in bro you gotta get on my side
I’m gonna check over here damage control how is it oh no Jake it’s
really bad we have water we have water coming in the ship is there any way this
isn’t good what do we do
hold up oh no we lost Logan it’s still got a
little bit of poor patient on him the roof still will not wear this no much as
you guys can see the window that we just cut that was on this side is literally
up there and the porthole on this side is completely down so you can get out
the back door this might be our only way out there’s a piece of sucky cardboard
here she goes down all right guys so currently the Titanic has been sinking I
have yet to find a way out my hope is that what it takes far enough I can get
out that porthole but I don’t know I don’t know where Logan when you did you
went to try and find a way out the bottom hole okay try to find a way out
back and pudding listen up there you have to rip through the ship right I can
get a lorry that I go first you know I can’t make it with the window we wait
too much I got it save myself for the viewers
ieaf love you got a life vest right we brought life vests for safety first
this is the carnage from the sinking box for Titanic she was the biggest box fort
to ever set sail and this is all that’s left of our beautiful creation so that
pretty much wraps up our box for Titanic it was really fun and guys like we said
if you want us to make this bigger and you guys want us to do maybe a 24 hour
challenge on the water then smack that like button let’s get a hundred thousand
likes on this video and we’ll do another awesome box or floating on the water
video but this happens Papa Jake from T Epiphany I’ll see you guys next time for
another awesome video


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