BOX FORT vs BOX FORT CHALLENGE w/ Stephen Sharer, Carter Sharer & Liz Sharer Vlog
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BOX FORT vs BOX FORT CHALLENGE w/ Stephen Sharer, Carter Sharer & Liz Sharer Vlog

what up it’s Chad Wild Clay today we
are doing a box fort challenge it’s gonna be us versus the sharer fam we’re gonna
each build a box for and then we’re gonna each take tons trying to destroy
each other’s box farm alright so the first thing we’re gonna
do is we each have five minutes to build our own box fort
what is your team name guys the sharer fam and vs. team wild clay forts we’re gonna
pick from this hat there’s a bunch of different ninja weapons nerf guns slime
woo whoever does a better job of destroying wins we’re gonna build right
here get set loading videos hey box fort is
loading we’re not using any tape and the wind keeps blowing boxes over ninja
versus with so we enter of having to use some tape
after all it’s so windy out here without tape it’s gonna all fall over that is a small box for each paper going to be really taller than the apartment
it’s so windy oh yeah be could you actually be a part
of our for yeah oh yeah we wouldn’t buy like four inches we stack the two
biggest boxes high as you could go and let it top it off we made like a
shoulders and then or that is awesome and I’m just staying close to it he’s
your new buddy right like the bodyguard of our new robot and then what do we got
over here box transformer pretty much look at
that okay guys leave a comment down below right now who do you thinks gonna
win hashtag sharer fam or hashtag CWC next
we are picking out of a hat Stephen King is gonna be good this gonna be a good
one Oh water bottle rocket that’s a good I’m not sure you should be
standing there Justin you should be so how this works is we’ve got a coke
bottle here filled with water rocket fins on it a hose going all the way down
to a bicycle pump Stephen is gonna pump it up it’s gonna
fill with pressure and it’s gotta go into the box for it and he’ll hopefully
knock it over yeah I just pump it up you’ve got to pump look at all this
water you missed our box our box is safe way down the pool check it out guys well
let’s pick the next item no looking yeah no looking if you put it like this thunder blast be you look so bad yeah you guys better
be scared because she’s gonna destroy your box sport but not hit Justin you
guys know how to build your box for her since you’re right there allows you go this one Legend of Zelda raise your
sword I’ve got your razor look through it so
you get one swing on this box port here it still looking good after the water a
bottle that missed it let’s do this total destruction a stab technique on
this wall cool he took her head off this came all the
way through that is sure it’s my turn to draw
no peeking behind my back while holding the camera the nerf mastodon their box fort is going down because
I’ve got like 30 here guys what actually happened guys the nerf
guns not that hard well just a big gust of wind came and blew everything down I
was crazy you summon to force the way that made me feel so powerful that is
sure I will set ours back up this need something to snack here this gets to
finish it off for sure oh yeah there we go good good sportsmanship next
what will Liz draw Lord of the Rings you look so dangerous I am super worried I think she’s gonna do a really good job of destroying our box apart I think you did win yes it is what good
you did to our for our beautiful fort Good one more weapon left oh yeah one
more Justin you can still take this down what will Justin draw nobody really
knows what is it what’s it say slime slingshot I’m gonna slime that thing so hard I
probably should stand right here right let’s see if I can get a dog in the face
yeah you can’t hit me Oh we’ll see about that they actually hit a lot harder than I
expected more about nowhere did you hit him in the face oh yeah I love to review
the slides close yeah yeah you did hit your fort still stands back
there I think we should do like a jump flying sidekick to take it out you ready
Justin I’m so ready breakdancing it was pretty bad but even though
floating box fort for we have a floater leave a comment below if you want to see to a
box fort floating challenge yeah shout out to all of you know the notification
ninjas I’m putting your comments down here thanks for getting here during the
first hour and leaving comments shout out to the Sharer fam we did videos over
on their channel as well so go check out Stephen what are we doing over there
ninja weapons versus soda part two it explodes like crazy yeah check that out
right here harder what do we know your channel my channel we’re combining RC
cars and ninja weapons it’s totally awesome make sure to subscribe to those
guys right over here subscribe to me right there and we’ll see you guys over
on their channels right now let’s do a kick bump guys


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