Briceag EDC Lansky World Legal; folding knife & Blade Medic Combo Set ; 440C Stainless steel; Romana
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Briceag EDC Lansky World Legal; folding knife & Blade Medic Combo Set ; 440C Stainless steel; Romana

A folder that I consider very cute comes from Lansky. What I’m showing you now is a folding knife that comes together with a pocket sharpener. The pocket sharpener a ceramic bench stone for serrated blades. It has one more ceramic sharpener, a V-shape one, for fine finishing the edge. And this is another V-shape sharpener ….I don’t know what to say about it…. it’s made of carbide. Thi is a tapered diamond rod to sharpen serrated blades and guthooks It’s very easy to carry with you, it has a lanyard hole
(I put this paracord myself). You may not be able to sharp the knife as a razor but you’ll fix its edge. I used this rod diamond and it does a good job. Here is the folding knife. What’s with this folder? It doesn’t have anything special excepting a very interesting shape. The folder’s name is …as you can see here… World Legal. Lansky World Legal Split Joint Knife. They say it is worldwide legal, that it’s legal on the whole world. This is, probably, because it has a quite short blade. I didn’t carry with me as an EDC knife, I only took it on camping. What this folding knife has to show? The blade is made of stainless steel, 440C. It’s a very good knives steel. I don’t know of you can see it, it says here, at the bottom of the blade, the name of the steel it’s made of, 440C. The hardness of this steel, depending oh heat treatment, is up to 57 – 60 HRC. The blade coating is “stonewash”, the top half is a little bit shiny,
a kind of satin and the bottom half is stonewash. The opening mechanism, as you can see it, (this is how the folder looks when it’s folded) (I find it very nice) the opening mechanism is “Nail Nick”. Actually, you cannot use the nail because you can break it. You simply pull the blade because
it’s so big that you can grab it wherever you want. Officially, the opening mechanism is the nail nick. The locking mechanism it is the so called “split joint”. It is that classical spring mechanics, here is a clamp that simply locks the blade. It doesn’t totally lock the blade. The blade stays opened because the clamp pushes it but it doesn’t lock it for good. In other words, you have to pay attention when use the knife even when you cut a can because, if you use it this way you risk to accidentally close it over your fingers and cut you. The handle…. I’ve seen it presented even as G-10 even as Nylon. It has a very good grip anyway, you feel it very well in your hand. It has a lanyard hole (I put a paracord to not lose it) and a pocket clip. The pocket clip is fixed with a normal screw and it can be mounted in multiple positions here, here and on reverse side. There are 4 places where the pocket clip can be screwed. It’s not a long folding knife, but still, the overall length is 17.5 centimeters. The blade is 6.7 centimeters long (almost 7 centimeters) and it measures around 11.5 centimeters when it’s folded. The blade’s thickness is quite large, 3.5 millimeters. This sharp piece of metal can be used as a Glass Breaker. It is produced by Lansky, an american manufacturer, but it is made in China. It says here “Lansky Sharpener” (as I was telling you, Lansky is famous for its knives sharpening tools). Here is the steel it is made of, 440C stainless steel. On reverse side it says “Designed by Willumsen” The series this folding knife belongs to is “Urban Tactical”. It’s a very interesting knife, it’s a knife with a very good grip. The shape of the handle matches with the fingers and on top of it, on both ends of the handle, it has some notches / ditches, 1, 2, 3 here and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 nothces here that contribute to a very good grip. Because of this kind of strange blade’s shape… it is not easy to sharp it. I tried with a stone, I tried with a diamond rod… In the end, I only could done it with a diamond rod. It’s very hard to sharp it on a stode due its shape. It’s not bad… I sharpen it finally Stainless steel, Lansky, it comes with this pocket sharpener (which looks pretty ok to me). A knife is a tool, not a weapon!

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