Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan’s romantic picnic date is interrupted: Total Bellas, June 24, 2018
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Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan’s romantic picnic date is interrupted: Total Bellas, June 24, 2018

[MUSIC] My gosh, I feel like I need to stretch.>>Yeah, that’s the nice thing
about being here on the grass.>>Think I hurt my legs.>>Should we go a little in the shade, or?>>I mean,
I thought the sun would be nice.>>Okay, let’s do sun.>>No, but if you wanna be in the shade,
no, no, no, no, no.>>No let’s do the sun, and
I wanna take my shoes off.>>I wanna put you in the shade.>>No, I want the sun on me.>>If you know,
no you don’t, no you don’t.>>I mean, the sun would be nice,
I just don’t want your face to burn.>>Nope, I get it. [SOUND]
>>Okay, finally. Is this a snack before a really
romantic lunch you’re gonna take me to? My gosh, Brian. Look behind you.>>Mm-mm.>>Oh,please look behind you.>>No, I will not. [MUSIC]>>No,
I’m not saying the fans are watching. [MUSIC]>>How is your orange?>>It’s wonderful.>>No.>>Maybe the greatest orange
in the history of oranges.>>You’re about to get bothered right now. [MUSIC] Excuse me? I’m so sorry to bother you,
but can we have a selfie?>>Please?>>Thank you so much.>>Yes, you’re welcome.>>I appreciate it.>>Thank you so much.>>You’re welcome.>>Yes, you’re welcome.
It was nice meeting you guys.>>Nice meeting you.>>You guys want a picture too?>>Yes.
>>Yes.>>All right.>>So cute.>>All right.>>Thank you so much. Sorry to bother you again.>>All right, guys.
It’s okay.>>Thank you. [SOUND] [MUSIC] I feel like our date is
very much like parenthood. Loud, not exactly what we thought,
a little frustrating. Now those are the negatives of parenthood.>>Hold on she’s like painted
parenthood on a very negative way.>>[LAUGH] Yeah.>>The worst parts of parenthood
are much better than this day.>>I wish I was cleaning
birdies dirty diaper right now. I’d be a lot happier. [MUSIC]>>Sweet basically,
sometimes this happens to you.


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