British Food – Beef And Horseradish Sandwich Picnic Idea
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British Food – Beef And Horseradish Sandwich Picnic Idea

Welcome to British Cook. Today we are doing British Royal Picnic Sandwiches In this video specifically. We’ll be covering the beef and horseradish sandwich. I Know it doesn’t sound complicated get this method right and you’ll never try any other way [INTRO MUSIC] I bet you didn’t know that the sandwich is actually a British invention. How cool is that? invented by the 4th Earl of Sandwich in the 1790s this extremely wealthy Earl had been spending a lot of time spending a lot of money doing a lot of things He shouldn’t be doing He requested that some cold beef be brought to him Between two pieces of bread and thus the traditional British sandwich was born. If you want to know how to make a delicious crunchy Beef and horseradish sandwich just like this one, a huge mnster keep watching [SUBSCRIBE NOISE] Previous to this bread was mainly used as what they call a trencher Which is when you have a big piece of stale bread you’d eat your food off it like you would a plate and then you’d either eat the Trencher the bread the stale bread feed it to a dog or give it to a poor person like a kind of disposable plate I guess. and when I say poor person, I mean there were people staving on the street everywhere So the sandwich became very popular the aristocracy at the time by the 1800s Sandwich shops and sandwich bars started popping up in London a bit like today really everywhere They were the most popular thing it was available. It was affordable by then It was the thing to have, have yourself a nice fresh sandwich. Even Royalty eat them. I’d also like to say thank you so much for all the support in my last video I’d love to make more videos of that as I said it comes down to time and that’s what I’m trying to do my Patreon, so if you want me to make more videos like that, please join my patreon Please support me and get some awesome rewards and maybe you wn this? So if you want to join the British Cook patreon community click the link that’s coming up right there Where is it there anyway for $5 a month, it’s like buying me coffee if you enjoy what I do.Thank you so much. Freshly baked oven fresh bread Doesn’t everyone love the smell of bread and this is just a lovely thing to be making in the morning If you want to know how to make bread at home I’ve got an amazing video where I’ll show you how to make bread just like this No kneading, not hours and hours of proving not complicated. Very simple So if you want to see that video on how I make bread, there’s links that coming up right now This is going to be so delicious So I’m gonna cut the bread with this old knife Look at that lovely crumb, lovely aeration nice and crispy on the outside, make your bread at home. That’s so easy. [cooking noise] Just Look at it lovely. At this point, I guess you are all thinking. Well, I seen a sandwich being made before It’s about the order it goes on the bread. Trust me. It makes massive difference It’s like a scone tastes completely different with cream on top as it does so jam on top So get this in the right order. Butter always start off with nice good butter I do funny enough have a video on how to make butter at home Should you wish to check out if your breads cut like mine and is slightly bigger you want to keep the biggest part as a base and this for the top get your butter and Absolutely slam that on there lots of butter it’s going to be delicious next up so lots of salt quite a lot of salt Good grinde of salt in there and these are sort of tips. You won’t find anyone else telling you about [SUBSCRIBE NOISE] Next up beef in my mind the worst thing you do with a sandwich. It’s not put enough filling in it [COOKING NOISE] Four slices so we’ve got this lovely big base here and we’re gonna absolutely
cover that with horseradish sauce Horseradish sauce and the trick to this basically is that you smother on okay. So you want lots and lots of horseradish Really cover that in sauce horseradish is a root that grows I guess in all over the place really probably Europe as well. If you like I think is really hot You can make your own horseradish at home and that can be really really quite fiery Next up pepper, we want to get a lot of pepper on top of there as well. Good grinding of pepper on top of that horseradish There’ll be some people that say that you want the horseradish on the bottom as well But you don’t you want the horseradish when you bite into it to squeeze out the top of your mouth and really give it that kind of hot horseradish delicious taste. So grab yourself nice sharp knife and we should have cut through this have a quick look at this beef and horseradish sandwich Absolutely amazing. You can make this yourself at home. So easy just follow the steps to I gave you and it won’t go wrong delicious And don’t forget I love you all. Thank you so much for sharing for subscribing for liking and leaving me comments Thank you so much for me British cook. Good. Bye


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