British Royal Wedding Wimbledon Picnic With Clotted Cream Cake Idea
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British Royal Wedding Wimbledon Picnic With Clotted Cream Cake Idea

If you want this one-off embroideried British Cook apron, the one I’m wearing right now this one keep watching I’m giving it away. Hi, it’s British cook. Welcome to my British Royal Wedding Wimbledon Picnic [INTRO MUSIC] [CAR DRIVING NOISES] What I’ll be doing over the next week or so is a whole load of different British picnic ideas Traditional things that we eat at home things like beef and horseradish sandwiches Strawberries, Still lemonade, Egg and cress sandwiches Cucumber sandwiches, mini pork pies, clotted cream. Homemade jam, scones and so much more my version of British coronation chicken a classic Royal dish so tasty so good absolutely delicious in sandwiches in salads or in a baked potato Can you imagine how good this tastes! Absolutely delicious Welcome to Cornwall Hey it’s British cook what a fantastic Time of year, the sun’s finally coming out. Prince Harry’s getting married. Wimbledon is coming up Let me show you how I make my British Royal Wimbledon picnic ideas If you want this one-off Embroideried British cook apron. The one wearing right now this one keep watching. I’m giving it away Not just the apron, a lot lot more too! keep watching to find out how. I’m amazed and humbled by the response of had some People on my patreon. So thank you so much – Brittany Hayes fudge lover Lauren Boyce Helen Reece, and of course Mary Lou farnsworth. Thank you all so much Even better I’ll be unlocking all of my posts on patreon until the end of June So if you join patreon you see everything I post until the end of June Also at the end of June I’ll be choosing one of my patreons to give this away to my apron the one I’m wearing. I’m gonna send out someone no matter where they are in the world and a little present – as a thank-you Joining my patreon community cost of just 5 dollars per month. That’s not buying me coffee a month if you enjoy I do So if you want to take part in my Patreon community and be part of this giveaway, click the link that’s come out there or over there There or there there’s also links to my patreon community in the description and in the first comment down below Check it out. Any problems drop me a message. No worries. I really hope I can see you there. All of the recipes I’m going to be making for this British cook Royal Wimbledon Picnic Idea series I’m going to be in a playlist playlist will be available on my social media So if you’re a find me search me on FB. Thank you very much for me British cook to all of you. Love you all. [EXIT MUSIC]


  • British Cook

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  • Pam Duthie

    Good timely idea for a royal wedding picnic (although Im avoiding all the wedding stuff personally but its deff trending)

  • Kevin Byrne

    You own a Jaguar?
    Until now, I'd thought that you were a struggling Cornish producer of cooking videos.
    Well, I look forward to seeing dressed in a top hat and morning coat.

  • Barnabas Lawson

    I was in Windsor the day you posted this, on the Friday before wedding. I wasn’t that excited about it all, but watched the Service on YouTube today and enjoyed it. Great idea for the picnic. I watched this the first time sat on a picnic blanket having tea in front of Windsor Castle on the long walk. 😁🎊
    I just came back now to comment. 😁

  • LosingDrea

    Always good to see you my friend. I thought you had changed where you lived, Kitchens all look the same there? Been busy but trying to catchup where I can. ❤️

  • ShinKyuubi

    Now I'm no car guy..seriously among my family I'm of the mind "car gets me from point a to point b in a decent amount of time with no breakdowns and I'm fine"..but that is a really nice looking car. My aunt probably wouldn't agree much but then again she has a particular love for a particular model of cars..which at this early hour I can't remember off the top of my head. She does go to car shows though so she knows quality cars when she sees them. Me I just like cars I find nice looking. Also the food looks good and I've been meaning to get one of those big ass picnic baskets day in between paying the bills.

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