BT Daily: Does God Like Camping?
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BT Daily: Does God Like Camping?

[Steve Myers] Are you a camping fanatic? We’re at that time of the year, it’s beginning
to cool down. And it can be just beautiful when you get
out there under the stars. But maybe you’ve wondered, “Does God like
camping?” I think there’s a passage in scripture that
says, “Yes, He does.” It’s in Psalm 34. And Psalm 34, He tells us very clearly that
He does enjoy it. He says this, “The angel of the Lord encamps
all around those who fear Him and delivers them.” Now, if you looked up that word encamp in
the Hebrew, it literally means to pitch a tent. So imagine that if you can just open your
imagination just a little bit, that when we’re going through life, and we are dealing with
the challenges that face us, we’ve got a God that pitches a tent all around us. And He protects us from the weather and the
rain and the challenges of life. And it says, “He delivers us.” He delivers us. And this has an interesting connection all
the way to the end of the book that, ultimately, we know God, the Father, is going to dwell
with us. And that dwelling is like camping. It’s like pitching a tent abiding with us,
being together with us. And so we have that consistent message throughout
Scripture, that even now, God oversees our life, encamps around us, to help us, protect
us, and deliver us. As we look forward to that ultimate time,
when God the Father will be with us and tabernacle and dwell with us and camp with us, forever. That’s BT Daily. See you next time.

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