BTS pop-up store opens in Gangnam
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BTS pop-up store opens in Gangnam

now a BTS pop-up store has just opened
in Seoul’s Kangnam district naturally such an event has attracted thousands of
BTS fans or army as they’re known from not just here in Korea but from around
the world I’m glad to say our eat youngin is there to check it out so
Kyung in I imagine it’s pretty chaotic with fans there right now hi mark I’m
standing in front of the house of BTS BTS pop-up store that is located in the
center of Kangnam and as you can see I’m surrounded by a massive crowd lining up
to get into the store and some people have been camping out all night and some
people have come as early as 5 a.m. just to be the first to get into the store
and now they have finally started going inside as the doors open at 10 a.m. and
now the store takes over an entire building that has four floors including
the basement the color of the building and the main theme of the pop-up is pink
it is inspired by the cover of the Bands latest album map of the soul persona
that includes the smash hit boy with love inside BTS songs are pumping out
including the new remix of their hit songs you can also experience the
virtual world with in BTS music videos and of course you can buy lots of BTS
Goods foods and drinks Bickett entertainment says is all about giving
fun dynamic experiences to everyone including BTS fans and I’m actually
joined by one of the visitor who’ve been lining up for hours hi what did what
time did you come here we got here like at 7 a.m. what are you looking forward
to the most from the top of store the products the experience you know
receiving the love that they sent to the fans all over the world what makes it
unique the beach’ stands out to you the fact that they stand out to every person
individually and they talk about a lot of taboo issues that it’s like that
really hits home thanks for the interview I hope you enjoyed the pop-up
show now before coming to Korea the pop-up store has been set up in cities
in the US the UK and France in conjunction with the bands World Tour
people there described it as being like a mini concert where they sing and dance
along together and also these are networking places for army from all
around the world and we know they have a strong sense of community
and loyalty the organizer says the sole pop-up store is an upgraded version of
the previous ones and it will be open for 80 days much longer than the
previous ones this all I have a back to you mark


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