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Bubba J | All Over the Map | JEFF DUNHAM

(Festive music) – So what do you think
about Dublin so far? – Oh, uh, duh, this is the land of beer. – That’s right? – I know we’re going to Israel soon, but, while we’ve been here in Dublin I’ve seen pubs everywhere, so I’m pretty sure this is the Holy Land. (crowd cheers and claps) (Bubba J giggles) And this is the biggest
Alcoholics Anonymous meeting I’ve ever been to. (crowd laughs) (festive music) – So Bubba J, do you know
where we are exactly? – No, no (garbles). – Abu Dhabi. (Bubba J giggles) (crowd laughs) – What? (crowd laughs) – Abu Dhabi. – You’re drunk (giggling). (crowd laughs) – Really? – [Jeff] Yeah. – Say it again. – Abu Dhabi. (Bubba J laughs)
(crowd laughs) – I thought that’s what
Fred Flintstone says when he’s excited. (crowd laughs) – No that’s Yabba Dabba Doo. – It’s pretty close. (crowd laughs) Abu Dhabi Doo! (crowd laughs) – That’s nice. (crowd cheers and claps) (Bubba J giggles) (Upbeat percussion music) – You know Bubba J,
Joanburg is a lively city. – Oh, yeah, unless you get shot. (crowd laughs) – Did you know that South
Africa has the largest brewery in the world? (Bubba J gasps) (crowd laughs and claps) – The largest brewery? I’m gonna write a letter. My dearest wife, for reasons you will of course understand, I am never coming home. (crowd laughs and whistles) So after you become a
citizen of South Africa, how long does it take for
your skin to turn black? (crowd laughs) These guys are early on too, I think. (big band music) – So, this has been a fun tour around (slurring) everywhere we went. I loved Singapore, it’s
my favorite European city. (crowd laughs) – Do you know they have a
“Save Water” campaign here in Singapore? – Oh, well, I know, so today
I drank 18 beers instead. (crowd laughs) You’re welcome. – Right. (crowd laughs and claps) – So what’s different
here than where we live? – Well, I think religiously there are a lot more Buddhists here. – Buddhists? They all wear boots? (crowd laughs) So what do they do? – For one, they believe in reincarnation. – Reincarceration? (crowd laughs) – You get out and suddenly
you’re right back in. (crowd laughs) – No, reincarnation, that you can have entire past
lives you don’t even remember. – That happened to me yesterday. (crowd laughs) What’s you name? What? (man in the crowd speaks) (Bubba J garbles) I’m sorry, say it again,
slower and louder. (man in the crowd speaks) (Bubba garbles) (crowd laughs) I think I broke my tongue. (crowd laughs) Is there an American version of that name? Like Ralph? Let me try it one more time, say it again. You watch closely ’cause
it’s not me fuckin’ up. (crowd laughs and cheers) Okay, say it again. (man in the crowd speaks) (Bubba J garbles) (Bubba J garbles) Oh, so sorry. (crowd laughs and claps) So (garbles), (crowd laughs) shut up. (crowd laughs) What’s your job? – Telecom. – [Bubba J] Telecom? – Yeah. – Oh, you’re the guy. Can I help you with your problem? (crowd laughs) – So, (garbles), what do you do? (laughter) It’s going downhill, isn’t it? – Yeah. – So you’re on the
phone going what’s wrong with your phone, I can
(bleep) you up even more. (crowd laughs) Don’t tell anyone I’m trying to get porn. Can you help me? (crowd laughs) (Bubba J mimics ejaculation noise) Never mind. (crowd laughs) I just got caned. – I know. (crowd laughs) (Whoosh)


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